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La Fuente Hollywood


La Fuente Hollywood Review

Since 2014, La Fuente Hollywood has provided holistic treatment for men and women struggling with substance abuse and addiction in Hollywood, California. The short-term residential program is the first element of the comprehensive care plan La Fuente offers. Clients are provided ongoing affordable treatment which incorporates inpatient and outpatient services. The villa-style facility is located on lush, tropical grounds in the heart of Hollywood, providing a private environment while remaining closely connected to the recovery community of the area.

Accommodations and Food

Eleven men and women are housed in separate ends of the facility in dorms. Private rooms are only available for clients in detox. The establishment is well appointed, with ample room for private reflection and meditation. The grounds offer additional space for these activities in a peaceful environment. All meals are provided and prepared by staff. Clients can participate in the construction of their menu, with the help and guidance of a dietary coach. Personal electronics and smoking are not allowed.

Treatment and Staff

La Fuente admits clients after a comprehensive psychiatric and physical evaluation. This assessment determines the level of care needed, and special needs, such as detox. Medical detox is offered on-site, as well as medication management and dual diagnosis support for clients with co-occurring disorders.

Clients are admitted for a 90-day program, which begins with 30 days in residential treatment, not including four to seven days in detox. Each day begins with group therapy, followed by an individual session using a CBT approach. Clients are then required to exercise at the gym for one hour, six days a week. Afternoons are filled with life skills coaching, on-site 12-step meetings and psychoeducation classes. Time is also allocated for reflection, meditation, journaling and writing assignments.

The following 30 days are the intermediate stage, or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). This involves individual and group therapy daily; from 7 am to 1 pm. Groups focus on each client’s underlying causes and condition for addiction, relapse prevention and emotional issues. The final 30 days of the program focus on building the client’s sober community, and La Fuente works with local 12-step groups to ensure each client’s continued support for ongoing sobriety. Daily check-ins, curfew, drug testing and sober living housing are offered. Clients can continue to utilize the program’s tools during this time, for a period of up to 18 months, as they desire.

A psychiatrist, doctor, registered nurse, therapist, spiritual adviser and several LCDCs support clients. At least two members of staff are available and on-call 24/7.


A family program is offered for client’s loved ones. Group and couples therapy is available each Sunday.

In Summary

La Fuente Hollywood offers a highly structured and intensive treatment plan. The small number of clients allows for personalized treatment, and the daily activities and variety of treatment modalities ensure clients will tackle the underlying causes of their addiction, and offer them a good chance to find lasting recovery. Nutritional coaching and mandatory exercise also address the often neglected aspect of physical recovery, and ensure that clients will return to their outside lives with healthier habits. The detox, at $1,000 a day, is more expensive than many, but clients can participate in all the advantages La Fuente has to offer, and be accommodated in a private room.

La Fuente Hollywood Location

5720 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

La Fuente Hollywood Cost

$10,000 (30 days). Reach La Fuente Hollywood by phone at (323) 464-2947 or by email at Find La Fuente Hollywood on Facebook

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