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La CostaThe Basics

La Costa Solutions for Women is a sober living house exclusively for women in the upscale La Costa neighborhood of Carlsbad, California. Founded in 2009 by Patti Hopkins—a recovering addict herself—La Costa offers an all-inclusive sober housing experience for up to eight clients and is just a short drive to the San Diego County coast.

Accommodations and Amenities

With four bedrooms, each with two beds, La Costa promotes the idea that sharing rooms encourages healthy socialization and interactions with others and progress in recovery.

La Costa has a fully stocked kitchen equipped with new amenities and a communal dining room. A spacious backyard landscaped with lush greenery has a barbeque, a pool and a Jacuzzi. Indoor common areas are comfortable with homey, over-stuffed sofas, thoughtful décor, a sunken living room and a media room with large TVs. A house manger lives on site and is available 24 hours a day to help clients transition to the working world and connect them to community resources.

Meals are prepared by the clients and served communally. Clients may eat what they wish and specific dietary needs are accommodated. There is a running grocery list and shopping trips are once a week.

La Costa provides day services for clients looking for short stays (24 hours or longer). Day clients enjoy the same amenities and services as full-time residents and the program is popular among clients in the local area whose parents or spouses are out of town for a short period of time and who don’t feel comfortable being on their own. For full-time clients, there is a minimum stay of 30 days, though clients may stay for as long as they wish.

A monitoring program is available for clients who need drug testing and support, but not the full structure of the sober living house. In this program, clients are regularly drug tested and breathalyzed and are required to attend AA meetings. Monitoring program clients also meet with the house manager once a week and are required to attend a Big Book morning reading two to three times per week. This program also requires clients to have a nightly “check-in” phone call with the house manager.

Rules and Regulations

La Costa requires clients to be involved in a 12-step program and actively work with a sponsor. The house provides transportation to and from community 12-step meetings and has a meeting every morning for clients to share readings and meditate on an excerpt from the Big Book. Clients are required to participate in nightly breathalyzer and drug testing.

La Costa requires that clients have active and busy lives filled with AA meetings, employment and outpatient programs. The house manager meets every week with each client to help them stay organized and support recovery.

Clients who don’t work, go to school or attend an outpatient program are required to volunteer regularly in the community. La Costa connects these individuals with local charities for service.

The house has a curfew of 11 pm and does not allow overnights. If clients are regularly coming home late or not doing well at work, the house manager may change this time to help them get their life in order. Clients are also required to help with chores around the house and keep their living environment clean.


Clients at La Costa are provided with a membership to a local gym and two local yoga studios.

For clients seeking outpatient programs, La Costa collaborates with a local treatment center—True North Recovery Services. Treatment includes support for co-occurring disorders, Motivational Interviewing (MI), CBT, EMDR and group therapy.


La Costa is a comfortable sober living option for clients seeking a supportive women-only home with a strong focus on AA and the 12 steps. With a house manager who encourages active lifestyles, clients are guaranteed to have their comfort zones and boundaries challenged—an important part of recovery. La Costa is also a good fit for individuals with co-dependency issues to overcome, a unique focus in the world of sober living homes.

La Costa Solutions for Women
6539 Cornitia St
Carlsbad, CA 92009

La Costa Solutions for Women Cost: $3,000 (30 days). Reach La Costa Solutions for Women at (619) 857-1723 and by email at [email protected]. Find La Costa Solutions for Women on Facebook and Google+

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