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Kusnacht Practice, the most expensive rehab in the world, is located in Kusnacht, a small suburban town just north-east of Lake Zurich, Switzerland. Unlike any other treatment center out there, Kusnacht Practice treats only one person at a time. Treating roughly 20 but no more than 30 clients a year, Kusnacht Practice introduces residents to their program by having them greeted by their own personal driver and therapist at the airport.

Accommodations and Food

Kusnacht Practice provides clients a variety of housing options, including penthouses by the mountains, apartments with similarly stunning views, lake-side villas and even a castle. Within these accommodations, there are a variety of selection and themes. The design and interior of these temporary homes come fully-furnished with modern furniture; overall, the ambiance is elegant, tranquil and zen.

Depending on clients’ choice, their space may include a balcony overlooking Lake Zurich, a remote pool room above the picturesque landscape, living rooms complete with leather couches and high-definition entertainment systems and modern, full-service kitchens. For those who don’t want to stay at any of those locations, Kusnacht also houses residents in the Dolder Grand, Zurich’s most magnificent hotel, which is located on a hill with a spectacular view of the city. Clients at the Dolder Grand will still be provided the same level of service and discretion as they would if they’d stayed in one of the other residences.

All clients are pampered by their personal butlers, and are also each provided a gourmet chef to cook anything they’d like at any time of day. Chefs work with on-site nutritionists to ensure that all meals are appropriate for each client’s nutritional needs.

Treatment and Staff

Kusnacht provides a developed plan for clients made of an eight-hour schedule that includes biochemical restorations and one-on-one counseling with a team of licensed counselors, addiction therapists and psychiatrists. The Kusnacht Practice does not believe recovery is possible or stable without an intensive chemical balance correction, so investigating the root of all mental or psychological disorders is imperative.

The team is made of 16 professionals with one licensed counselor, three addiction therapists, two psychiatrists/psychotherapists, a clinical researcher, an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, two regional directors for the Middle East and Russia, a marketing manager, two butlers and two fitness coaches trained in personal fitness and yoga. The butlers formerly worked in hotel and flight management, with additional experience serving royal families and celebrities. The staff can accommodate English, French, German, Russian and Mandarin speakers.

Kusnacht Practice’s inpatient program uses traditional counseling and hard science to help its residents. Their top priority is a biochemical restoration, which involves correcting brain chemistry and central nervous system imbalances through laboratory tests, detox, nutritional dieting and supplementation with vitamins and Amino Acid Therapy. Lab tests are performed in order to get the exact levels of each client’s range of proteins, vitamins, hormones, acids and minerals. A doctor goes over the results and creates a tailored plan of dietary supplements to make up any deficiencies. Each client is also assessed for mental health, which includes more lab tests and meetings with an assigned therapist.

Typically, clients will be on an eight-hour schedule that works towards their path to recovery. A large portion of that time is dedicated to talk therapy, though it’s still flexible depending on the client. Overall, Kusnacht’s therapy focuses on personal development, future aspirations and history of abuse. Additional strategies include CBT, EMDR for trauma, hypnotherapy and 12-step facilitation. Holistic treatment practices like acupuncture and yoga are also customized for each client. Kusnacht avoids using prescription drugs during their treatment process, as they believe in treating the underlying causes for their clients’ addictions through their somewhat alternative methods.


While much of Kusnacht’s program would generally count as “extras,” their most prominent bonus is perhaps the extent of their one-on-one care.  In addition to the previously mentioned personal butler and chef, each client also has a personal trainer and yoga instructor for the physical side of treatment; all exercise plans are also customized.

While Kusnacht only treats one client at a time, their practice is open to family members as well. For an additional cost, a client’s loved ones may also experience the same luxurious stays and services. They also offer a VIP concierge service to fulfill any requests, whether that means personal shopping, fine dining or arranging for private jet or yacht charters. Kusnacht provides air-ambulance for emergency transports as well; clients can be picked up from anywhere in the world. The air-ambulance comes with its own skilled team of medical professionals, including at least one nurse and medical doctor.

In Summary

Kusnacht Practice truly takes luxury recovery to a new standard. That being said, one of the most effective aspects of treatment is introducing suffering addicts to others in the same boat and allowing them the opportunity to heal together. But if there are people out there who want to go it alone and are willing to spend $100,000 a week, Kusnacht would be the spot.

Kusnacht Practice Location

The Kusnacht Practice AG
Zollikerstrasse 60
8702 Zurich-Zollikon

Kusnacht Practice Cost

$300,000-$400,000 (30 days). Reach Kusnacht Practice by phone at +41 43 499 60 50 or by email at treatment@kusnachtpractice.ch.

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