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Klean Treatment CentersKlean Treatment Centers Review

For the most part, Klean Treatment Centers seems like a pretty fair bargain for those seeking low-end treatment in the Pacific Northwest. The rehab, which is headed by CEO Andrew Spanwick, currently operates facilities in Astoria, Bellevue and Long Beach, Washington, as well as its headquarters in West Hollywood, California. The first two are outpatient only, while Long Beach and West Hollywood both offer residential treatment.

Accommodations and Food

Accommodations and food service are more or less the same across their different centers; there are both private and semi-private rooms (though clients will have no more than one roommate) with queen size beds and peaceful light blue and off-white interior design. West Hollywood’s co-ed inpatient center has 26 beds available for those 18 and up, and offers door-to-door transportation for those who join its programs. Another perk: it’s pet friendly.

Food service at WeHo is catered; the Long Beach location has an on-site kitchen and serves up healthy meals.

Treatment and Staff

Klean inpatient programs last between 30 and 90 days and outpatient programs are 12 weeks; weekly sessions vary by outpatient track and by facility. All of Klean’s centers specialize in both chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders, have on-site detox services and are based on the principles of the 12 steps.

Different methods of recovery include meditation, hypnotherapy, CBT/DBT, nutrition groups, spirituality workshops, yoga, group and individual therapy (although only three of these one-on-one sessions are promised a month—it’ll mostly be group). Educational groups covering basic sober life skills and relapse prevention techniques are also a major part of the approach here. Family therapy sessions are available as well but only on request; likewise, Klean will help arrange interventions for families that need them too, though this generally happens by referral.

Klean Treatment’s various hubs each have a multidisciplinary staff that includes social workers, substance abuse counselors, therapists (all Master’s level or above) and house nurse practitioners. Though it maintains a low staff-to-client ratios, it has received some alumni complaints about disorganization, management issues and a lack of medical personnel. Still, it’s important to remember that Klean is a high profile rehab (CEO Spanswick appears on TV and hosts a radio show with Pat O’Brien) and the better-known a treatment center is, the more likely it is to court complaints.


While Klean is a clinic that seems to put treatment above leisure, it does have on-site gyms at its various locations for residents to blow off steam. There is also a rotating schedule of sober activities every week for those in treatment and an active alumni network that gets together for campus visits, sober events on Sundays, BBQs, meetings and so on.

In Summary

There aren’t many low-end-to-mid-range rehabs in the LA area and that alone makes Klean unique. Those looking for Southern California (and Washington state) treatment at this price point that emphasizes both therapy and the 12 steps may well find themselves able to get clean here.

Klean West Hollywood Location

850 Hilldale Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Klean West Hollywood Cost

Klean Treatment Centers Cost: $5,000-$15,000 (30 days, partial scholarships available). Reach Klean Treatment Centers by phone at (888) 601-6040. Find Klean Treatment Centers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

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  1. What a shit show. This company has some far out and off the wall ideas. They make it like an adult pampering center (the clients readily admit they love that because..well..why not get pampered!)

    I can only say: Long Beach, WA. is in a financial mess at the moment and people are quitting, the phones are out because the bills have not gotten paid. Staff’s checks are bouncing. Worst mistake I made thinking they could help anyone.

    There are good people in the center. But those employees can only do so much if they don’t know if they can pay their bills. Most make $14/hour or around that and it is not cheap to live in Long Beach.

    Also, Addicts are getting access to iPhones and not required “only call” during set times (despite everyone swearing there are set times). I witnessed the clients texting and phoning whenever and where ever they wanted to. The phones accepted and sent texts and the clients shared the phones (again because the main lines “were out” due to technical issues. Centurytel confirmed that the lines were fine).

    Also, I want to say that the level of medication being given is NOT helping the clients who now are simply substituting one drug for another. These “techs” are not doctors. The ‘doctor’ is a 1x a week person and if anyone has been behind the scenes knows that addicts are in need of experienced oversight dam near minute by minute! The violations and policy/procedural deviations are massive for CARF.

  2. Janet Warren
    Thanks to Klean I’m still happy Klean and Sober and all Staff James Amanda a lot of people ….have had close contact with in past. I’m clearing something’s up. I’m happy for you James and blessed when you called me sweetheart and calm loving and at time I had the worst Detox. Was mad at one-time and I’m so happy feel loved and hope that domino effect…..happens. It’s when we get one Clean and at Klean I’m seeing a change in people. We are not done in this process for the rest of our lives. You awesome James, Joe, Amanda the director and so proud of these and all in recovery. May we all have the peace here. In page 417 read we need too. I’m still reading and can help too. Find the peace in these books of AA and NA. Cannot make too many comments about this book NA because I read the AA book but a recovering addict. And had that major Spiritual Awakening. Work the Steps……Stay in a program. I’m feeling this Awakening and it is Real. Happy though I’m responsible for just me no one else. Thank God for Klean your”e going to love Sober. Was so enjoying the Westholly group in my attempt to get Benson’s out of my system. I’m blessed and so happy. I love James though I was clearly mad I’ve been set free of those feeling and frankly James is the Most important person to me this day and will be always. Thank you James. Love you So much and your sweet loving attitude makes me so happy as I look back You are my Heart. I’m at peace. Love to Klean. Thank you all…..Janet Warren

    • I’m surprised when I’ve come here……..I’m still clean even thou spouse is still in his affliction. My Mom died this l last June when I had to out of five kids the youngest lay her at rest! What a shame my siblings two from addiction have to laid at rest. My opinion only ….it gets better people clean is awesome. Myself after year’s of sobriety and being a poet I’ve even had poem’s excepted in book. But did not have the most important one published I wrote it for us all…..I ‘relapsed by justifying it by a Doctor gave it to me. No it’s really important to listen to Klean. You’re going to have feelings. Can be misunderstood …..I did get an awakening bringing me to rem my life is worth living clean. My poem…..God guide the path you ‘m made for us to follow. I’m not going to finish that. But say to you all seeking help Klean wants to. Bless you all……

  3. Janet warren on

    West Hollywood……is a awesome treatment center. I will keep this short and sweet. I loved staff Joe was a favorite of mine though they all have your life in the best interest when you detox you have feelings now and when using these were numb. Sorry that you few feel a negative response to people that know what your going threw. They listened to me when I spoke and I love each and everyone. Believe me I had feelings of regret when there…..knowing I was detoxing and your not always going to agree with all in life. Go on heal and recover …..I too help people recover now I was in there seat…….open-minded please good people there ready to help and be there for you in your weakness ….be blessed!

    • Klean West Hollywood,
      James I have spoken to you many times. In the last contact we had you compared me to someone on PCP……now I’m Going to clear That comet and fact is here. Don’t like being lied to. When at home after my detox at Klean in California I new I was lied to and know that the Call centers in theses facilities are less then honest. If I was not lied to I would have agreed with this program. Okay getting back to PCP and me is this…….I had a 🙂 rain injury done to knob e in 2014 and still healing. You don’t know a person’s story nor do you care. I know there is a kick back from all whom come in thru call centers. I for example Drank Alcohol for only 5 month’s after being rapped by my best friend that Over dozed him and myself. Sad I was not drinking or doing drugs as I thought. But was given BHO and lost 8 hours of my time because this man had part in a Cannabis shop where they do help people with cancer and autism. Shame on you for trying to get me to go to W,State when I asked for help. What you heard in me after stay was frustration. This was not my first time and some only get one chance. I had even helped a young lady from being dehydrated from a med given to her that made her get sick for hours and hours. We brothers and sisters in recovery need to remember our selves not compare nor judge. Now going b back to call center where I got rid of alcohol people where told there was a pool there. Yes there was it was Palm Beach Florida…..But it was full of sand. This got allot of people to the center and frustration they had feelings of betrayal. I honestly told them your here for you not pool nor fun. You have this awesome place and peoples that love you Stay get well if you regret call me and tell me off. Truth it was a Nice Retirement Village. The pool was there I would say but it full of sand to protect you from dying while you detox. Yes it was made into a Volleyball court which I thought was a great idea. To the Best of all people I can go on which by now some of us know this …..but I end by this. Keep the truth involved in the recovery process. Stop lying to people to have them seriously let down. Maybe in a time that does not need to be messed with. Keep it Real.

      • When writing for Klean I was able to let each person their own experience. Not mine…….in Klean Wash their staff keeps it Real. Sorry for I’m writing on a tablet. I have desktops in all rooms and choose a tablet over them. So my writing has been challenged by spell check changing a few words. But my point was easily gotten. Was going to keep me thoughts to myself. Now I repeat myself…..I am very let down by a comment about myself which is not True. Call center keep it real and keep your story’s to your self. What has happened to Klean? Even Long beach Washington they have let go of valuable staff. One lady years ago was just a intake staff. I told her my story by the way. I had hypnosis therapy where I was able to tell my story. It was put down on legal forms and my case with my best friend was over. They courts sealed my records I won. By this time I was grieving for the loss of my best friend. He had talented his life over the pain he put me and my family over. I grieved for the man. Not the man that drugs made him a monster. Friends for 17 years. Now I let Go Let God. Do we all know about a higher power. If your Gods a tree and that works for you then we all understand about AA and NA. Where I even in my own pain I’m able to direct people to stay in their recovery. Its one person at a time. I Am a recovering Heroin Addict of proudly 37 years. I had to give it thought to how many people I have not been completely truthful with. I’m proud. I have a seizure disorder due to head trauma and also suffer from PTSD. I am a rebel and the medication which is mind altering I won’t take it. If I do I’m afraid of the abuse of this medication. Now writing on a Tablet …..repeat. Bamn. Now remember spell check is messing with this writing. Bamn. No cuss words my word is Bamn.

      • Klean Treatment Center ……West Hollywood . Writing on. Tablet which I chose over Desktop. Stop Diagnosing people till fully detoxed my Tablet changing words. I am asking for people to know this. Six months into your sobriety you need to be. Then Clear Diagnoses will be found. No Matter your Drug. Be firmly in A Program of AA or NA. Then work the Steps. Be mindful of others and Run a Honest Program then you might have That Spiritual Awakening that is in that final step. People ask me which Step I’m on …….Clearly have done a full Twelves Step program which I will do for the Rest Of My Life. Done in this ….
        All get a individual experience. Then when you have this keep in the program. Stay always in The Big Book or Choose the NA book that can and will set you free. I am ending this here. I detoxed from Benzos which is a very long Detox. Stop look and listen to someone that has years in theses programs which again is me as well. I run a Honest Program in and out side those rooms and pray for the sick and suffering in and outside those rooms. May you find peace here. Close.


  5. Ryan Tuminelli on

    I would have to agree Klean treatment facilities in West Hollywood is horrible. The level of staff is rude an their clinical director Joe is more than Rude he should would for a state prison. The rest of the staff are not helpful and treat you like a child. They will take away your phone and laptop, so good luck trying to use that. I would not recommend this place at all!

    • People in Klean love you only my opinion. We resist new things and behaviors are too our Addictions. Today I’m in Christmas Season some of the Hardest times for me and others but clean. May you all know reaching hand to you….

      Janet Warren,I too can help you to get to Klean but take No credit for you’re coming ..


  6. These people are simply horrid. They mistreated my friend who was in the middle of withdrawal, lied to her in order to get her to pack her things and get checked into a hospital under the false pretense of a “routine overnight eval”, and then left her there with nowhere to go and no way to contact anyone. She’s currently at an inn for the night (she had to walk, the doctor had no choice but to discharge her) but no one at the clinic is accepting her calls. She is a hundred miles away from all her friends and family here in Seattle, and none of us know what’s going to happen to her.

    Is this really how you want to be treated when you’re feeling suicidal, deep on the throes of substance withdrawal? The staff at Kleen Treatment should be deeply ashamed and horrified at how they treat their patients. If you or a loved one is taking the first giant step towards getting treatment, stay as far away from this clinic as humanly possible.

    • What ever happened with your friend. My wife left Saturday for this place they picked her up and I have t heard from her since. How long before you can call home.

      • Have you heard from her yet. My husband is there currently. He was able to call from there phones after a week, but he’s at 11 days today and emailed me that he wants me to pick him up. He told me they act very weird when people leave earlier than 30 days. I’m not sure what to do at this point.

    • I’ve been there 2 times no sucsess staying clean. Not because of KLEAN because I’m not strong enough to do it I guess. If your loved one was suicdal they did the right thing and legally they are obligated too do that. God for bid if your loved one actually did attempt suicide and succeed they could face a lot of problems and ultimately it would be a unnecessary tragic loss. They have over night staff but it’s only 2 technicians in charge of keeping everything under control and there’s over 20 beds if the place if it’s full. Somebody suicidal and in the middle of withdrawal they needed to be watched non stop and not left alone the staff simply can not give the proper attention needed while running the rest of treatment center overnight. during the day there is a full staff of 4 or more techs, multiple therapist and the whole clinical staff. If they had to lie to get your loved one to the hospital in my opinion is worth it, it could of saved her life which is ultimately why they are in rehab. There’s a lot of moving parts to all of this. Take it from a addict you never know EXACTLY What happened unless you were there. When your a addict which like I said I am a addict going through withdrawal your far from mentally stable add severe depression on top of being sick we don’t see things with the best clarity and we are unpredictable and our minds are a bit distorted. when your are thrown into s treatment center in a new city/state, with 20 plus people you don’t know, and your in the most vounerable state you ever been it’s scary, it’s hard, and these kind of situations are to be expected. Excuse my grammatical errors I’m typing on s terrible little phone. I also hope none of this came across mean. I stayed there 114 days I can say they have amazing people working there sure not every single one of them are perfect but from my experience and the 20 people in treatment with me at that time would say the same thing. I’m 23 and addicted to OxyContin and have been since I turned 20. It’s the most miserable hard thing me or my family has ever gone through I hate myself and what I’ve done My family and I want a get clean badly but I’m terrified to try and fail again.. I just wanted to briefly explain my situation so you can understand I’m a addict just like your friend and this isn’t coming from some random jerk online that had no idea what they are taking about. With that all being said I hope nothing but the best for tour friend and I hope she gets clean and stays clean until the very end and has beautiful, exciting, and fulfilling life.

      • Janet warren on

        Brandon…that was well spoken. Thank. You for your positive out look that in my opinion probably helped others. Your right we get caught up in blame at times. Truth is in recovery …….you will make,and keep those thoughts you shared and know your strong ..
        Stay clean and once again thank you for your important input for Amelia. Klean is open to new ideas I believe that …
        I too was there and we all do not agree. I help others recover get along with others …..after arriving home I realize someone had taken more then a few important things got upset ..

        Then I remember in recovery …….those who are not running a honest program …..

        Need truth …
        Same time they need to come to this in there time asked for my things that I seen there not to be taken. Arriving home I seen as I said a lot was gone and had to stop that think and forgive. Long story ….
        Peace to you Brandon you will make it ..

        I liked when you spoke about your time..


        Wow that made me feel as if your going to come out of that mess of addiction ….

        To recovery it will come ..
        I’m proud to hear you take families feelings in account and hope at this time you are clean! The best to you and family and too please excuse..writing I’m too writing on a kindle and typing is a challenge.

    • Janet warren on

      Amelia……Sorry for the miss understanding klean was trying to help your friend. Is she back in Seattle ? They are good at what they do I send people there all the time. Why did your friend not go to long beach wash? Sorry for the typing I’m using a kindle which I choose over a desk top. Please know I got miss informed info from the call center. Not Dr koes fault nor klean staff. When detoxing we blame the world for what has happened to us. I did it too….but I waited to write any thing till I was in recovery once again. I too help people recover by a voice and someone that will listen. I hope all is well! I mean this from the bottom of my heart I feel for you. I am hoping she or he is still clean …

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