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Kingwood TexasThe Basics

For more than 10 years, Kingwood Pines Hospital has offered behavioral health treatment services in the Houston suburb of Kingwood, Texas. While an inpatient program for those facing mental health issues is available, residential substance abuse treatment services are limited to acute detox of five to 10 days. Other programs for adults include a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). All substance abuse treatment services utilize a 12-step approach. Kingwood Pines offers “no-cost, no-appointment needed” assessments for evaluation of services needed, 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Accommodations and Food

Any inpatient Kingwood Pines services are provided out of 116-bed hospital setting. Clients stay two to a room and share bathrooms. All meals and any necessary medications are included in cost of stay.

Treatment and Staff

After a three to five-day detox, Kingwood Pines clients may choose to extend their inpatient stay for another five to ten days. During that time they continue being monitored by the nursing staff while taking part in group, individual and family therapy at a frequency mandated by their assigned counselor.

The Kingwood Pines PHP provides a daytime therapy option for patients who are stepping down from inpatient services, or do not need acute-level inpatient care in the first place. The PHP group meets five days each week from 9 am to 2 pm. Included in the cost are psychiatrist visits, medication management, medication education groups, process groups, and individual therapy—which clients attend at a minimum of once a week.

The IOP offered by Kingwood Pines allows for shorter days than PHP, with sessions of three hours of group therapy per day, three days a week. Groups are offered Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 6 to 9 pm. The IOP usually runs 28 sessions. An on-site 12-step meeting is available on Wednesday evenings.

Any doctor fees accrued at Kingwood Pines (not including psychiatric visits) are to be paid separately. When near completing a treatment program, discharge planners help clients find something longer term, if necessary. Treatment is managed by a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals, led by psychiatrists. This includes CSACs, CSWs, licensed vocational and registered nurses.


Meetings are held with family, significant others, and if appropriate, employers to strengthen patients on their road to recovery.

In Summary

Kingwood Pines Hospital has served the Houston recovery community for the last decade. Though its inpatient services are limited, less acute options are available and on par with any other substance abuse treatment provider. What’s more, the shorter term commitment and per day method of charging clients may actually be exactly what some of those who seek treatment need.

Kingwood Pines Hospital
2001 Ladbrook Dr
Kingwood, TX 77339

Kingwood Pines Hospital Cost: $750 (per day, inpatient); $200 (per session, outpatient). Reach Kingwood Pines Hospital by phone at (281) 404-1001. Find Kingwood Pines Hospital on Facebook and Google+

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  1. On Friday, I made the most horrible decision of MY LIFE when I brought my 14 yr old daughter here. I was in an emergency situation & was referred to them by the suicide hotline. I mistakingly believed this pill pushing, malpracticing doctors, insurance hungry quack shop could help my child. I should have know when I first walked in from the smell it was not going to be good. Since I was desperate I continued on to admissions, which took over 4 hours to complete. They told me all this would be was a 24 hour hold, BIGGEST FATEST LIE! Little did I know I was signing my child away. The conditions are horrible, the staff (with the exception of Unit Nurse Kim and Mr. James) are atrocious & have an ”I don’t care, I’m just here for my check attitude”. No compassion at all. They treat you like you are in a prison.

    After visiting my child who had been in there less than 12 hrs I knew I had to get her out. The stories she told me about the conditions, how most of those girls do not need to be there, the pill pushing they do to them to sedate them was heartbreaking. My kid who has never been diagnosed or on any medication before was recommended a sleep aid, an anxiety pill & a depression pill. She’s only 14 and knew that was not right & way too much!

    Little did I know what that process of getting her out was going to be. They fought me tooth & nail to keep MY child. They initially said she was suicidal, but after 12 hrs she had yet to be seen by a doctor or given any “recommended” medications. They were basically milking my insurance to prolong her stay. I had made plans to take her elsewhere, as this was only supposed to be a 24 hr temporary situation until I was able to come up with a plan of action. Let’s just say I had to involve 3 HPD officers (2 of them Sargents) and the help of my attorney for them to release my child. The officers must have known about this place before, because the Sargent said if they do not release your child to you by the time they promised call back dispatch and personally request him to come back out because she was getting out one way or the other.

    My child and I have vowed to get this place SHUT DOWN immediately. There is no reason this should even be an option for assistance for your family member. Come to find out in addition to these reviews, they had 2 sexual assault allegations for minor teenagers at this facility. The doctor she was referred to over medicates his patients. They are only open to get your insurance and the states money. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR LOVED ONE! This is just Day 1 of my fight to get them out of business!

  2. This is the absolute worse place to be in the staff are so mean towards the patients they don’t answer questions and abuse those who need treatment. A girl was vomiting because of her gal bladder and a guy had to be taken to the hospital for copd at the last moment. It’s absolutely filthy with scorpions, flies gnats and roaches. They do clean but not the trash and they use such harsh chemicals it’s hard to breath. The staff will yell at you and it’s so boring only allowed to color and watch television. And if you want to get out they cut the phone line. I was very disrespected there. I hate this place. Ps if you have spiritual views prepare to have them bashed I’ve also heard this place is built upon a satanic church.

    • Rebecca, as a former staff member, I would not allow my dead dog in the door of this place. This place should be turned into the state for fraudulent activity. The nurses and other staff are worked to death, no breaks, no down time, just constant constant running. They have NO time for patients. Many med errors are made here, doctors demand cash from patients prior to care. The financial department comes onto the unit to collect cash. There is little therapy. It is like a locked up box that they put people in, collect their insurance money and then all of a sudden, the day the patient’s insurance runs out, they are cured and ready to go home. Stay far far away from this place.

  3. Anne Treadwell on

    I wrongly judged Kingwood pines, based on phone calls from my suicidal daughter. The went on and on about how horrible it was…..that they were mean, that the people there were dangerous. She begged men to get her out, and I bought into it. However, after 5 days, she is a much happier person. We are so concerned about the cost because she only has Medicare Disability. It only pays for 5 days, and they won’t release her until Nov.1, maybe!!! She signed a paper upon admission and neither one of us read it due to thee stress and trauma we were both under. She is on payment plans with about 4 doctors and can’t afford anything, so I don’t know what will happen on that score, but, she is much improved. I am now thankful that we took her there.

  4. Renita Mitchell on

    I am so grateful that I don’t work for Kingwood Pines hospital. I had the most horrible experience at this place, I can’t even express in words. Their customer service was horrible the second shift secretary had no compassion for her job. She had the worst attitude that can be displayed, just an unpleasant individual. The service was horrible, the staff was horrible and the place is horrible, I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. I was threatened by staff that if I took my daughter out of their faculty they would call CPS and they did because I didn’t believe in their practice, this is just a horrible, horrible place.

    • I just recently admitted my daughter the the hospital yesterday and was told the same thing regarding CPS, therapist told me that that would be neglect and if would have had the chance to research the hospital I would have tried to find another. I would have to admit that the staff is horrible and I agree with you they suck. They can not even look you in the I when they talk to you. And if you ask me the place is ran more like a prison. my name is roderick j. white I would like to find out more information.

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