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King-StoneThe Basics

Founded by James Kingston, who is in recovery, King-Stone Sober Living operates five gender-specific sober living houses in Riverside, Moreno Valley and Hemet, California. The houses all offer clean, modern accommodations and are strategically located in close proximity to 12-step meetings and public transportation.

Accommodations and Amenities

One Riverside location features a five-bedroom house inside a gated community. Men are paired in comfortably furnished bedrooms. Amenities include Cable TV, a spacious backyard, a swimming pool, a computer with Internet access, central air and heating. The downtown Riverside Victorian house has seven bedrooms, with two men per room. Amenities include Wi-Fi, an outside patio with barbeque, Cable TV and a house computer for residents to share.

The Moreno Valley house for women is a two-story pink structure with brown trim. There are nine double-occupancy rooms, and each bedroom has a private bathroom. Amenities include Cable TV, computer with Internet access, central air and heating, and a shady backyard patio area. The Hemet location for men is a two-story house with 13 double-occupancy bedrooms. The gated property features central air and heating, Cable TV and Wi-Fi.

Smoking is allowed on all the properties outside in designated areas. Clients are responsible for their own food, and meals are prepared in fully equipped kitchens. The houses have live-in managers ready to provide support to clients.

Rules and Regulations

Clients must have completed detox prior to admission. Weekly requirements include attending three 12-step meetings a week, performing household chores, working the program of AA/NA, getting a sponsor and participating in-house meetings. Length of stay is determined per client’s needs and any form of feasible income is acceptable, including SSI, unemployment and disability.

King-Stone Sober Living provides a relaxed and family-style environment, with the hope that clients will become part of the community and want to go to meetings on their own free will, not because they are required. While the house practices a 12-step protocol, there is the belief that AA cannot be forced on people and that a client must develop the willingness to stay clean and sober on their own.

Random drug and alcohol tests are conducted, but King-Stone Sober Living does not immediately throw a client who tests positive out in the street. They attempt to help a person who has relapsed, rather than practice a tough love policy. At King-Stone Sober Living, there is no set curfew time with the belief that providing an atmosphere that provides the freedom that parallels regular life will prepare the client for a better eventual transition back into society.


As a member of the San Bernardino Sober Living Network, King-Stone Sober Living meets specific standards set by the network for cleanliness, safety and ethics.

In Summary

King-Stone Sober Living provides a safe and serene environment allowing clients a chance to pursue the 12-steps on their own accord. For those requiring intensive structure, this sober living house might not work because the atmosphere is designed to provide clients the freedom to make their own decision. However, clients who are highly motivated and seeking an opportunity to feel a sense of family while they work their steps, this would be a good fit.

King-Stone Sober Living
4889 Streambay Ct.
Riverside, CA 92505

1821 10th St.
Riverside, CA 92505

24419 Myers Avenue
Moreno Valley, CA  92553

25967 S. Yale
Hemet, CA 92544

King-Stone Sober Living Cost: $500 (30 days). Reach King-Stone Sober Living by phone at (951) 323-2938. Find King-Stone Sober Living on Google+

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  1. James Kingston is one of the most evil, demonic people I have met in my life. If you are demonic, this is the place for you.

  2. I was just recently kicked out of this house because I told my counselor that I wouldn’t be able to make it to out patient groups anymore. So when the landlord James came over he started cursing up a storm at me like “Get the f*** out of my house, you don’t want to go to out patient then get the f*** out, I’m going to “sock” you in the face, ect…” Now he completely had the right to kick me out yet he was very unprofessional, if he had came at me with I different tone then maybe I would have been a little more compliant and at that point of being there I was fed up with all of his greedy penny pinching, lying, coniving, slimy, snake like ways to act like he was a good little recovering addict that he was. Lmfao far from it. I had to actually dial 911 because I could tell what he was trying to do, him knowing that I was an aggressive person, just wanted to have me throw the first punch that way I would end up in jail and make my greedy heartless counselor happy.
    He runs complete flip houses. His house on 10th street is the worst and drug go in and out of the house like crazy yet he does nothing about it. His Orange street house which is the most expensive a month running $650 a month is infested with bed bugs, and the house I was at on Streambay Ct, have black mold under the kitchen sinks, EXTREMELY over crowded, there’s 13 people living in a 4 small bedroom house. If you have ever been to jail and like bunkies then this is your house. The outside fence’s, that leads to the street, lock is broken had I have been getting my counselor to ask James to get it fixed and almost a month and a half later still not fixed I have had to jump over the gated communities walk numerous times to get into the house. I have pictures and videos of me jumping over the wall to get in and pictures of the black mold. If you are interested in seeing them please leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Thank You for your time and you’re welcome for informing you to not waste your money on an addict who doesn’t care about your well being just your money.

  3. Been in the Hemet house for nearly 3o days now. I have had no issues with bed bugs, theft or mismanagement. this isn’t my first experience in a sober living environment bit I will say its by far the best. I encourage anyone who is hesitant to check it out and see for yourself. I’m glad I did. I did another review but it wasn’t successfully submitted so please excuse if this appears to be a duplication.

  4. it’s about your recovery, stop looking into other people’s life , James has more then 15 years clean , he dealt with his reckless past , now he is repeating the benefits of being sober / clean and running a program, i was at the riverside house for more then a year and James’s helped me a lot, with rent with work , he just see’ s through people’s bull and doesn’t have time for that , the house gave me the foundation i needed , been sober for 3 yrs and 3 months

    • It’s good about you being sober him too. All addict’s need a lot more than just meetings, like good psychological help. Addiction is a psychological problem. Must get to the root’s of why ppl started using, just meetings doesn’t make ppl stop using. Just living in a house doesn’t cure addictions. Too bad houses don’t have in house professional to really get help, at least once a week for each person. At $500 a person @ each house, equals a lot of $$$ a month James rakes in. Electric, cable, gas? Trash, toilet paper, paper towels & water bill doesn’t cost thousands a month for one house. $$$$ hungry!

    • You sound stupid, I You just dont know I give it 45 days before you see the difference then let us know what you think. I am now sober but no thank to him.

  5. I sent pictures of bed bug bites to James, owner of hemet house where all bites happened & of course no reply & continues to be totally unprofessional, has no conscience. Of course not even giving a copy of the signed contract . WHAT the heck is wrong with this guy?????!!!! Been trying for months to get it and partial refund!

  6. Unlike all the other comments I didn’t not have an issues during my stay in the Kingstone Hemet houses. I was there for recovery. The owner James Kingston ownes a construction business that’s good for him and it shouldn’t bother be a concern for tenants. Many people own different types of businesses. If you are looking to stay clean and sober Kingstone Recovery offers many houses that can assist you with a good environment. If you mind your own business and don’t involve yourself with others drama these houses can be for you. As for the previous comment about 53 bed bug I find that very unlikely that you counted 53 bed bugs biting you and were able to see them.

    • Patricia Wynn on

      Your review is from someone directly personally involved with owner & house & I know that for a fact. Ppl have big mouths & 2 actually keep me informed of things. No one said I counted the bugs! Or saw them on me. Pictures of all bites were taken of the nasty bites! So read the post again so u can comprehend reading skills. I counted 53, DR. Counted 71 from head to toe all around body & pictures taken. James not giving partial refund back is a solid point of being money hungry & not just @ that house & problems. Leaving early was necessary like DR. stated also. Have pictures & videos of bugs on mattresses.

    • Patricia Wynn on

      Your review is from someone directly personally involved with owner & house & I know that for a fact. Ppl have big mouths & 2 actually keep me informed of things. No one said I counted the bugs! Or saw them on me. Pictures of all bites were taken of the nasty bites! So read the post again so u can comprehend reading skills. I counted 53, DR. Counted 71 from head to toe all around body & pictures taken. James not giving partial refund back is a solid point of being money hungry & not just @ that house & problems. Leaving early was necessary like DR. stated also. Have pictures & videos of bugs on mattresses & all pictures & videos being used by top ppl against James to get partial refund owed AND the signed copy of agreement/contract that he also refuses to give. ANY GOOD sensible biz owner would take care of simple requests, he won’t so what’s that tell any SENSIBLE person?

  7. A female friend of mine has been in the Hemet house for some time now and I had her read these reviews also then she said everything is true. I I’m a female also and wanted her opinion before I chose the Hemet house are the Moreno Valley or Riverside house that the owner James also owns. I’m definitely not going to any of those houses I’m going to find one that does not have all of the problems from A to Z. I don’t need more pressures in my life than I already have then it sounds like there would be a lot there.

  8. Bed bug bites on

    All of James facilities AR filled with bed bugs. He refuses to give a partial refund because I absolutely had to leave after 1 week because of having 53 bed bug bites! He also has been refusing to give the copy of the signed contract have been trying to get it for more than 2 weeks. He also has been refusing to tell me his last name something is very fishy about him and his facilities in Riverside Moreno Valley and Hemet California. Beware beware!

    • I have had the same problems especially with the Hemet house. Owner James secret last name LOL and Larry who so-called babysits the people in there, try to cover up all of the problems and more than just that including stealing food and Larry does nothing about it of course. I’m glad I got out of that damn place way too many weird things going on and probably in the Riverside and Moreno Valley houses also.

      • For those that want to know James last name is the Kingston and added an E to his last name for the kingstone sober living house. I found out he also owns a construction company in Chino California called James kingston. Suspicion that he added an E to his last name when he didn’t have to or did he? In order to own a construction company and now sober living houses

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