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United Health Services’ KeyStone Center has been providing residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment for adults  in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, since 1985. Located only five miles south of Philadelphia International Airport, the facility provides individualized treatment plans, using a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment to evaluate each client’s specific treatment needs with a focus on co-occurring disorders.

Accommodations and Food

Residential treatment takes place in a beautiful Victorian mansion built in 1891. The estate boasts tree-lined grounds and an expansive campus that is listed in Delaware County’s Historic Register. The three-story manor house hardly resembles a rehab. At capacity, it houses 130 residents, men on the third floor and women on the second. There are three to four residents to each room with dorm-style showers and restroom facilities. All rooms have twin beds with nightstands, desks and shared closets—decor is warm and homey with matching curtains, comforters and linens. All counseling offices, therapy rooms, nurses’ station, dining area and detox unit are located on the ground floor. There is also a TV room, which is off limits until afternoon and evening free time.

Meals are prepared by staff and served buffet style in the main dining area. Some dietary requests can be accommodated but must be discussed during the admission process.

Treatment and Staff

The six-bed detox unit is conveniently located next to the nurse’s station on the first floor so clients can be medically monitored 24 hours a day. KeyStone Center uses the drug Subutex for detox, and the process takes anywhere from three to seven days before clients, in most cases, move into the residential treatment unit.

The inpatient program varies in length, but there is the traditional 28-day option. Treatment care plans provide a systematic approach to dealing with difficult situations, past and present stressors and adjustment to sobriety. Board-certified psychiatrists head up the KeyStone Center treatment teams, each with years of experience treating individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders. Psychiatrists are available for consultation six days per week and are on call 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The rehab’s philosophy is that unrecognized or inadequately treated psychiatric illness is a major barrier to achieving a lasting recovery from drugs and alcohol. The treatment teams use evidence-based therapeutic strategies such as CBT, relapse prevention techniques and/or Motivational Interviewing (MI). Working as part of a multidisciplinary treatment staff, the psychology department also helps to coordinate the need for other services such as psychiatric evaluations, dual diagnosis support and family therapy. The focus of the counseling staff is to identify stumbling blocks to abstinence and build a foundation for learning based on the Stages of Change Model.

Residents have a full, busy schedule, with breakfast at 6:45 am and the first group at 8 am. Each day, they participate in a core therapy group as well as several educational seminars, lectures and experiential task groups. Group therapy topics include relapse prevention, introduction to the 12 steps, anger management/coping skills and relaxation techniques. Clients have individual therapy once a week with additional sessions added depending on the individual assessment. Residents attend onsite AA and NA meetings four nights a week. Family program is on Wednesday evenings from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. Visiting is on Sundays, and is permitted after one week in treatment.

KeyStone Center also has two outpatient program options. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is three days a week for three-hour sessions. Sessions are divided by topic with a break every 90 minutes. Clients see their individual therapist once a week and are encouraged to commit to at least four weeks of treatment. The outpatient program meets twice a week for one hour. This option does not include individual therapy, but sessions may be scheduled at the client’s discretion. The program typically lasts six to eight weeks.

In both IOP and outpatient, group size is limed to eight people. Outpatient services are offered in Ambler and in Brookhaven, both about 30 minutes from the main facility. Like the residential facility, both locations are historical landmarks. Counseling and group rooms are serene with comfortable seating and plenty of natural light.

Each residential client has a case manager, a counselor and a therapist. The ratio of clients-to-caseworkers is 25-to-one, clients-to-counselors is 10-to-one and each therapist is responsible for 10 people. All therapists are Master’s-level and all counselors have at least a bachelor’s degree in addiction studies. Along with counselors and therapists, the KeyStone Center employs licensed support staff, most of whom are in recovery themselves. There are usually around 13 clients per tech, depending on the census.


KeyStone Center offers a young people’s track, both residential and outpatient, for clients between the ages of 18 and 26. Using a similar approach to its other services, this specialized program focuses on “failure-to-launch” issues—how substance abuse stops clients from maturing and how trauma at a young age often leads to addiction.

In Summary

KeyStone Center looks like a good place for people suffering with difficult dual diagnosis issues and chronic relapsers who just can’t stay sober—they have the resources to help complicated cases figure out their underlying issues. Being such a large program can affect the level of personal attention, though. There are a lot of clients at KeyStone Center, but there are also a lot of highly educated professionals employing evidence-based practices to recovery at an affordable price point. And living in a historic mansion is a pretty cool perk.

KeyStone Center Location

2001 Providence Ave
Chester, PA 19013

KeyStone Center Cost

$11,200 (28 days). Reach the KeyStone Center by phone at (800) 558-9600 or by email at [email protected].

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  1. my son was here for about 2 hours before being rushed to the hospital with a fractured skull and had to get emergency brain surgery,i was told he fell and as a precautionary measurement they sent him to the hospital,this happened on January 19th,when i went there on the 20th they first told me he wasn’t checked in their,then said oh yeah the boy in the parking lot,then told me they didn’t have his belongings,after i left to go back to the hospital,they called me a half hour later and told me i can pick up his belongins.dont trust this place if you really care about your loved ones,anyone with information about this incident please leave a reply. thank you

  2. This place is a jail rehab. Was visiting there and a fight broke out between two girls while visiting. Some of the staff have no manners and are ignorant and rude at times you ask questions and they don’t even know what’s going on. It’s suppose to be a 24hr facility staff is no where to be found at night, you can roam freely late at night. They do not separate patients ( ones who are mentally unstable) from regular patients. Male and female patients are in each other’s rooms. You do not get 12 steps here don’t waste your time.

  3. Gerald Carpenter on

    All though the description of keystone was very fake, overcrowded, run down, no resources. Over all the bottom of the worst that you can possibly go for treatment. But you dont go to treatment for a damn vacation bad things will happen anywhere its all what u want to get out of it.Not many people stay sober after going here but i did because i took it serious and i am truly grateful to keystone. My counselor. Roberta was amazing. I think she was very passionate about her work and the care of her clients. If it wasnt for her help i would have left. It has been an experience that i will never forget!!! Thank you to all,it was a dump but u have to not forget where you came from and make the best of what is offered by them…….I am so grateful for roberta and all of keystone.

  4. I have been at this facility about a year and a half ago and was unable to stay clean once I left. When I tried to come back, which was over a year later, they said I wasn’t aloud back and I have yet to receive a reason why. I kept to myself and did nothing wrong! If you know me, you know I am a quiet, very respectful person and would never disrespect my elders! My counselor Kathy, was completely disrespectful when I tried asking her a question. Her excuse was “because she was stressed out”. If you are that stressed, than maybe you cannot handle your job at a stressful environment. I believe because I made a complaint on her, she made it personal that she does not want me back! While I was here, there were girls stealing eachothers dirty underwear and I also had an expensive jacket stolen from the laundry room. Your items are NOT safe here! There are also a lot of people here because they are homeless and don’t really want to get help! I felt like it was high school all over again. And there is a separate smaller group upstairs who have private insurance that get better treatment, while they throw all of the other kids who they consider all “thieves” and look down upon in groups of 50-100 people to get treatment! It’s hard to believe until you experience it. This place is a joke and they never once helped me even look for my jacket. I would have only went back given the fact I would have gotten decent treatment upstairs with all of the stuck up people but at-least I would have gotten help. Since the counselor Kathy wants to make things personal and not give me a second chance to get help because she is stubborn and can’t handle her job, I guess I won’t be going back but at least people know what to expect when going here!

    • Patrick Langworthy on

      I agree with much of what you describe, i just wanted to clarify a couple things for those who may read this in the future.

      First, the upstairs group, freedom group, gets a horrible name there. Being put there is not really based on your ability to pay insurance or otherwise. I was put there because there was room. I did have private insurance, but it was out of network and contributed minimally. There were people there with me who were on medicaid and private insureance.

      Most likely you thought these things because its a huge subject of the gossip between patients. There are always negative rumors about freedom group. The two groups downstairs almost always think it a money thing and that the residents are snobs. What it is, at least partially, most residents downstairs arw state funded. A majority are mandated to be there. Have larger criminal histories etc. The ONLY real difference is the size of the group, everything else is exactly the same.

      I also had Kathy. Personally i loved her. She can be sarcastic and come off as if she has an attitude. If one doesnt understand her, its very easy to think she is just a b*tch. Kathy got sober under harsh circumstances and doesnt coddle patients as many counselors do. Knowing the other councelors as well, Kathy one of the best there is anywhere. Many patients (not necessarily you) really act like bratty spoiled kids. Not just there. They try to find any negative thing and focus on it. Mostly it isnt on purpose. Its really a result of an addict fighting treatment. Happens all the time in all rehabs.

      For those who may have Kathy in the future. Dont take anything personally at all. If she has some sort of issue woth a patient, valid or otherwise. She will absolutely make that known directly. Best thing to do with her is to focus on her message, not so much her delivery. Throw the sarcasm or whatever right back at her. She will respect that and it like brings out a new kathy who will go abobe and beyond for you. Become very dedicated to the patient and will fight hard to help in any way she can.

      Other than that, the place is a sh*thole really. There is a “mansion” but you only sleep there and is absolutely nothing special. Its not on an estate as described. Its not in a nice area at all. One of the worst cities, crime wise, in PA Very often cars come around and drop off drugs. In 7 days there i personally witnessed that a handful of times. Avoid the place if thats an option

  5. Salihah Poole on

    Hi I need help putting my husband on a rehab that he can stay,get all the help he can my name Mrs.Poole,his Mr.Poole he won’t do it on his own,Im afraid that something is foing to happen ro him,I cano live with that so this is why I’m asking for yall help.

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