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Torrington ConnecticutThe Basics

Located about 30 miles west of Hartford in Torrington, Connecticut, Key Recovery Homes provides gender-specific sober living for men and women. Founded in 2010 by Michael Venghaus after his own experience of being in an unpleasant sober living home when he was new to recovery, he felt that it was important to provide high quality housing for recovering alcoholics and addicts. His goal is to provide a place for them to build a strong foundation in recovery, as well as have a chance to rebuild their lives. Venghaus has seven years of sobriety.

Accommodations and Amenities

Key Recovery Homes has ten homes, and accommodates 50 men and 50 women. The houses range from quaint Victorians to whimsical Cape Cod style houses. The interiors include wood floors, spacious rooms with eclectic furnishings and windows that provide ample sunlight. Clients typically share double-occupancy furnished rooms, but some singles are available based on seniority.

Residents are responsible for their own groceries, and meals are prepared in fully equipped kitchens. Amenities include Wi-Fi, cable TV and laundry rooms. Each residence has a live-in house manager.

Rules and Regulations

Typically, clients have undergone primary care at a drug rehab, but occasionally newly clean and sober individuals are admitted, provided that they have undergone detox. Approximately five percent of residents are criminal justice clients, with three beds allotted for women, and two for men.

At Key Recovery Homes, clients must participate in the in-house aftercare program, which takes place at the main office. Aftercare cost is typically covered by insurance. The program includes individual and group therapy, and is facilitated by LACDs. Individual therapy focuses on a plethora of issues, ranging from eating disorders to providing dual diagnosis support and recovery coaching. The groups focus on relapse prevention, gender-specific issues and life skills.

Additionally, clients must attend a minimum of six weekly 12-step meetings, until they acquire employment. After that time, they must attend four AA/NA weekly meetings. Men and women who receive SSI benefits are encouraged to remain productive, and perform community service, if they are physically able. Residents progress through various levels during their stay. During the first 60 days, residents are breathalyzed twice per day, and have a 9:30 pm curfew seven days a week. As they progress through the program, the curfew is extended to 11 pm, and finally, they are on their own, but they are still held accountable for their actions.

Random drug testing is also conducted, and at Key Recovery, residents who have relapsed are evicted from the premises.


Other services besides housing, include a yoga program, life planning, money budgeting, and resume building. Key Recovery provides an assistant manager training program for a select number of clients who have been with the program for three months, are in good standing and have completed aftercare.

In Summary

Key Recovery is a wonderful opportunity for clients who want to engage in an aftercare program, work on a 12-step recovery protocol and live in a unique, East coast sober living home. While clients progress through different levels, and gain more independence plus practice life skills, they still have a strong and supportive community to lean on.

Key Recovery Homes Main Office
33 Prospect Street
Torrington, CT 06790

Key Recovery Homes Cost: $650 (30 days). Reach Key Recovery Homes by phone at (855) 334-6731 or by email. Find Key Recovery Homes at LinkedIn

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  1. Key has opened doors in my mind as to how to approach something that seemed too daunting to take on—recovery—for me in the past. I am learning important recovery tools and building resources to assist me in staying clean my whole life, which I took advice to apply one day at a time.

    The sober living homes in Key are highly supportive of the 12-step approach to recovery and attract people in all different stages of the program. They will not turn you away, and this has, for me, boosted camaraderie among my peers. Because of the work done here, I have been successful at rebuilding and developing support and mending my strained relationships. Give it a try, and keep working in yourself. It’s worth it.

  2. I would recommend sending your children elsewhere. Key recovery is very good at putting on this big caring front when in reality they won’t even go to your child’s funeral after they died while living in there houses. They make huge changes without letting there residents know. They have no care in the world about the people living there. If someone is drunk they send another fellow addict out to get them off the property and deal with the cops instead of doing it themselves, as well as making a freshly clean alcohol dumb out someone else’s booze they had in the house after relapsing. It’s all about money. No care in the world whatsoever about the wel-being if they’re residents.

    • Key care has been the best thing that has happened to me. I managed to ruin my life with addiction. Key care has built structure and guidance in my life. I am fighting for the custody of my three years old son and this has been the best place for me to be. I have the supposed of the girls, the general manager Deb, they offer one on one counseling’ along with three different groups a week to help process all of this. I know I would never have gotten throu the past nine months clean and sober if I wasn’t at key care. It’s time for me to transition into my own place and honestly it’s hard to go. This place has been my safe place. I’m above and beyond grateful for key care. This place has given me hope for a new future.

    • Deb/GM Key Recovery on

      I am very sorry that this comment reflects on Key Recovery as not caring for its Guests. I will address the funeral comment in stating that we had extended our condolences to this Family in the only way that was possible due to a timing issue, also to state that this is a very personal matter and it is very inappropriate to assume that anyone does not care due to not being able to physically attend. Secondly the facts are incorrect on other issues stated here and I would be happy to discuss one on one with this individual the chain of events and the resolutions taken on each.

  3. My parents have a daughter and my daughter has a mother and it’s all thanks to key recovery. They saved my life along with many, many others. They have the perfect structure as well as freedom that is needed to learn how to live right after a rehab and/or detox. All of the people who work here are beyond amazing and helpful. I’ve learned so much including how to live right, work a 12 step program, have boundaries and structure, and be a healthy, happy part of the community. The groups, counseling and staff could not be any more helpful and caring. If you are trying to save your life or a family member, I would GREATLY recommend looking into key recovery. They really and truly care about helping save as many lives as they can.

  4. Meghan Powers on

    Key Recovery saved my life! The staff were compassionate, but firm when rules were not followed. I learned structure and how to be a responsible adult. I had to go to meetings, get a sponsor and follow a 12 step program.The houses are beautiful. I had a really positive experience staying with Key. I am now sober 3+ yrs and still keep in touch with staff. I highly recommend Key Recovery for follow up care!! Loved it!!!!

  5. Raquel bennett on

    They should be shut down n arrested for the false pretense n failure to protect clients not enough attention brought to all the over dose death that occur at key n how they’re actions n lack of greatly contributed to my friends death ! They are not licensed staff except nurse all staff are in recovery yet most have relapsed while still working with us n it’s just swept under rug I beg people please do not put your life n trust in key n research n ask people about any sober living programs before going !!

  6. They operate unprofessionally and borderline criminal. Places like this give sober homes a bad reputation.

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