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Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles


The Basics

Based out of the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles is an avant-garde, outpatient behavioral health facility that provides treatment for clients suffering from severe mood disorders and chronic pain. Unlike many outpatient programs which include intensive regimens or therapy, Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles simply provides a safe and tranquil environment where clients can be medically supervised while they receive safe ketamine infusions.

Treatment and Staff

Before treatment begins, clients meet with the staff to explain their medical history and to get an initial assessment. On-site detox services are not available as the program is not oriented towards participants struggling with substance abuse. Programs are available to clients struggling with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and OCD. Though psychiatric referrals are not necessary to receive ketamine treatments, those who participate do need to have pre and post-surveys done by a mental health professional who can ensure they are getting appropriate care.

In general, a full course of therapy through the clinic consists of six intravenous infusions done over the course of two weeks. Each session lasts approximately an hour, during which all participants are supervised by the clinical staff. Once the chemical is administered, clients are encouraged to relax as it takes effect. The staff at Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles consists of MDs, RNs and additional administrative staff.


The facility also offers a 10% discount for veterans and active service military members, as ketamine infusion therapy has also shown promise for clients struggling with PTSD symptoms. There are also no legal age limitations on those who can receive ketamine treatments.

In Summary

Overall, Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles is a unique program which offers a potential option for clients with chronic physical pain or severe mental illnesses. Although medical research on the efficacy of ketamine in treating mood disorders is in its infancy, the organization reports that more than 80% of their clients have experienced significant relief for their treatment-resistant symptoms. While it is a niche option, those with severe depression or anxiety who haven’t found relief through traditional therapy may want to consider Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles.

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles
11645 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 852
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles Cost: $600-$750 per psychiatric session; $1,800 (chronic pain session); varies by insurance. Reach Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles by phone at (310) 270-0625. Find Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Yelp

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