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Palm Springs CaliforniaThe Basics

Ken Seeley is the founder of Intervention 911 and one of the most widely-known and respected interventionists in the country. Headquartered in Palm Springs, California, Seeley and staff interventionists work with clients throughout the world. In addition to clients with substance abuse and addiction issues, Seeley also treats those suffering from process addictions including gambling, sex addiction, compulsive eating as well as co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Seeley is a Registered Addiction Counselor (RAC), Board Registered Interventionist Level II (BRI-II) and Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC). Staff credentials include BRI-Is, CATCs and LCSWs. Seeley offers clients an entire continuum of care in his affiliated organizations; those seeking post-treatment sober living may find housing through Ken Seeley Communities and Ken Seeley Rehab provides comprehensive residential treatment. Additionally, an outpatient facility is planned for later this year.

The Background

Seeley, a former methamphetamine addict, became sober in 1989 and has been dedicated to the recovery field since. He was one of the original interventionists on the A&E television show Intervention and has made appearances as an addiction expert on a range of television shows including CNN’s Showbiz Tonight, The Nancy Grace Show and Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Seeley also authored Face It and Fix It, a guide to helping addicts overcome the denial keeping them from recovery.

The Approach

From his own long-term struggle with addiction, Seeley understands that recovery takes years to solidify and can manifest in many ways beyond alcohol and drugs—including food and work addiction—during early sobriety. He and his team have developed a five-year healing plan, the Recovery Advocacy Program (RAP), a multi-phase process that aims to transform roles within the family system that contribute to addictive behavior and by establishing clear guidelines and goals for recovery.

The first of four phases of The RAP is the intervention itself. The second phase is residential treatment and the third is sober living and outpatient treatment. The fourth and final phase is monitoring, peer support (12-step meetings) and ongoing individual therapy until the client has maintained a total of five years of sobriety. Seeley also helps place clients in detox and works with families to find the residential program best-suited for their needs and financial considerations. He works with families to create unique treatment plans and assists in finding peer support meetings in their area.

Seely and Intevention 911 also employ specific intervention services to meet the unique needs of adolescents. Additionally, the Executive Intervention program caters to high-profile clients who may need additional considerations in regards to travel and confidentiality.

Seeley is also affiliated with Interventions 4 Christ, a Christian intervention service.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Interventions 911 also offers aftercare services including Life Skills coaching, a monitoring program and the services of Recovery Aids—recovery professionals who help clients and their families transition to daily life after residential treatment.

Ken Seeley has been working in the recovery field for over 25 years assisting clients at every stage of their journey. Seeley has also been unusually candid in revealing how his own sobriety has been challenged by process addictions following his battle with substance abuse. His personal path has taught him the importance of long-term recovery planning, the first stage of which is an effective intervention. In an effort to support clients maintain lasting sobriety, Intervention 911’s Recovery Advocate Program is a family-inclusive program that takes clients from intervention through their first five years of sobriety.

Ken Seeley
Intervention 911
1425 South Via Soledad
Palm Springs, CA 92264

Reach Ken Seeley and Intervention 911 at (866) 888-4911. Find Ken Seeley on Facebook

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