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Keith Fierman, Interventionist


[block]14[/block]The Basics

Keith Fierman, is a CADC and Board Certified Interventionist with a home agency called Intervention Service in Birmingham, Alabama. Traveling all over the country to work with clients and their families, Fierman’s clients sometimes include well known musicians and actors. He is one of the Betty Ford Center’s preferred interventionists. In addition to substance abuse treatment, Fierman also provides help for those struggling with eating disorders, sexual addiction and gambling.

The Background

Fierman has more than 17 years of experience working in the addiction recovery field. He is currently the Director of Public Relations and Family Support of the Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah as well as CEO of his own practice. After referring many clients to Cirque Lodge through the years, Fierman relocated to Utah with his wife, where they both are on staff at Cirque Lodge. He also speaks nationally and internationally about the importance of addiction treatment and the role of family support in that treatment experience and recovery.

The Approach

Families looking for help can reach out to Fierman directly or through a treatment facility. Fierman then holds a conference call with the family members to gather information about the background of their loved one’s addiction. Following the initial consultation, he travels to wherever the clients live to meet with the family members in person to discuss the details of the intervention process and what they can expect the day of, typically allowing a couple of days to prepare. This involves sharing treatment facility options and transportation details.

The day of the intervention, the family and Fierman present the agreed-upon options to the client. Fierman then makes arrangements for a sober companion to accompany the client safely to treatment and follows their progress while in treatment.

Fierman employs different crisis intervention techniques including the Field Model or Motivational Interviewing (MI), but does not use confrontational tactics during the process. He firmly believes and imparts to the family members that coming from a place of love is much for effective than from a place of anger or blame. He also offers counseling services for the family and resources for support, like Al-Anon.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Fierman supports long-term recovery for clients by assisting in finding aftercare options for clients which may include a sober living facility or an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in their area that works for them.

With solid experience and a very high success rate with his intervention work (nearly 97%), Fierman is affiliated with some of the best substance abuse care facilities in the country and is able to match the right treatment approach to the individual.

Keith Firman
Intervention Services
4126 Autumn Ln
Birmingham, AL 35243

Reach Keith Fierman by phone at (205) 533-2489 or through email at [email protected]. Find Keith Fierman on LinkedIn and Twitter

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