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kairos-community-trustKairos Community Trust Review

Kairos Community Trust is an affordable network of residential treatment centers and sober living homes all dedicated to helping the addicted population of London get back on its feet. Founded 21 years ago by a priest and civilian as one modest property, the operation now runs four treatment centers and 28 halfway houses across the city. The combination of resources, from detox to aftercare, translates to an array of recovery options, depending on each individual’s needs and goals.

Accommodations and Food

There are two options for residential treatment. The detox house is funded by housing benefits and is called Linden Grove. There are 24-single rooms, of which 16 are adjoining suites with bathrooms attached. Furnishings are simple with only a twin bed and dresser in each bedroom but comfortable. Men and women (who are often homeless prior to admission) are served home cooked meals at round tables in a mess hall type setting and have access to an on-site exercise room. Linden Grove is walking distance to Karios’ outpatient program, discussed in more detail below.

There is also Bethwin Road, a residential facility more similar to a traditional rehab and available for admittance only after detox. Up to 16 clients may live in this Victorian style home in the Camberwell section of London. Clients here undergo a twelve-week program that is 12-step in focus. As part of treatment, the residents help run the house, aiding in cooking, cleaning and other communal responsibilities.

Once a client transitions out of detox and then rehab, he or she has the choice of living in one of Kairos 28 supported living homes, all family-style houses ranging in size from four to 11 bedrooms.

Treatment and Staff

Kairos aims to foster a safe and friendly atmosphere wherein addicts can start to put their lives back together and identify the contributing factors to their chemical abuse. There are a total of 36 people on staff (care managers, doctors, community psychiatric nurses, probation officers and social workers) and 25 volunteers. Linden Grove is staffed 24/7 and doctors are on-site as needed to monitor detox for clients. When clients begin detox at Linden Grove, they are assigned a support worker to handle all administrative-type issues like funding applications or legal issues. Clients at Bethwin are assigned a counselor upon admission.

At Linden Grove, the focus is primarily detox and stabilization. There is no one-on-one therapy beyond sessions with the aforementioned caseworker but there is an introduction to 12-step programming and ready access to mental health specialists and aftercare. The focus is on getting on one’s feet again to be a functioning adult in society, though clients living at Linden Grove have access to Kairos’ Garden Day Program. This is outpatient treatment, available Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 3 pm. Located on the ground floor of a former bodega shop and garden, this 12 week program offers 12-step guidance (clients must attend at least three meetings a week), weekly one-on-one therapy and a structured curriculum, completion of which is celebrated with a graduation celebration. Group therapy is the bedrock of the programming and beyond just the peer support and empathy that comes with that, residents experience together: relapse prevention training, life story workshops, meditation and recreational activities. A communal lunch is provided daily for Garden Program participants.

Bethwin Road has a stronger foundation for therapy and therefore a slightly more selective admissions process. Clients participate in daily group therapy and weekly individual counseling. 12-step groups are strongly encouraged but not mandatory and not held on-site. Clients participate in relapse prevention education, art therapy, life skills training and even holistic treatments such as acupuncture and meditation. Visits from clients’ families are encouraged and allowed. Families also have access to their own counselor through Kairos.


Clients at all of the facilities are led in healthy social activities and can take day trips that include camping in the countryside or outings in the city. In addition the residential program offers art therapy, mediation and acupuncture and the Linden Grove detox has an onsite exercise room.

In Summary

Kairos Community Trust feels more like a family than a facility. The community involvement through volunteers and the large number of sober living homes makes it seem like help is always just around the corner. There is not much emphasis placed on treating mental health disorders but for people in the throws of addiction who literally have nowhere else to turn, this affordable treatment center is worth exploring.

Kairos Community Trust: Head Office Location

235 Valley Road
London SW16 2AF

Kairos Community Trust Cost

2,050-3065 Euros [$2,288-$3,417, per publishing day exchange rate] (28 days). Reach Kairos Community Trust by phone at 020 8677 7292 or by email at [email protected]. Find Kairos Community Trust on Facebook

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