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Joshua House


The Basics

Michael Voss, a CADC founded Joshua House in 2003 in Tucson, Arizona. After seven years, Joshua House relocated to its present location on Geronimo Avenue in Tucson. Joshua House provides Christian-based sober living for men in recovery. Voss believes for some recovering addicts and alcoholics, the concept of “powerlessness” does not work, and rather, by finding salvation in Christ, men in recovery become empowered, and gain the ability to creating drug and alcohol-free lives.

Accommodations and Amenities

The converted motel includes six units and each has a three-bed capacity. The average number of men living at Joshua House is between 12 and 14. Each furnished unit includes two bedrooms, a dining room, spacious living room, a full kitchen, backyard and a bathroom. Cable TV is included in the monthly cost. Amenities include an outdoor fire pit, gas grills for barbecuing, a laundry facility, a billiard table, common areas and an outdoor gym with weights. The men purchase their own groceries, and prepare their own meals. Voss, a Master’s-level CADC with over 20 years of counseling experience is available every day in the front office with his companion Micah, the drug sniffing dog.

Rules and Regulations

There is a 7 pm curfew on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays so the men can attend on-site Bible study, AA meetings or a co-dependency group, which are scheduled at 7 pm on those days. On Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays the curfew is 8 pm. Residents must attend one Bible study, the House meeting and one 12-step meeting on a weekly basis. Typically, during Bible study, Voss picks a story from the Old or New Testaments. After the story is read and discussed, the men share and connect their personal experiences to the story. The Bible is used as a healing tool. While finding an outside sponsor and attending 12-step meetings off the premises is encouraged, Joshua Houses’ main focus is for the men to build a relationship with Christ.

Clients are responsible for performing daily household chores. If approved by their parole officers, men owing community service work off their hours at Joshua House. Residents are subject to random drug and alcohol testing. Micah the House’s drug detection dog lives on the premises. Clients can’t feed, pet or tease Micah. Those who do are subject to immediate eviction. The weekly cost is $165, and a 30-day cost is $550. While the rent is cheaper on a monthly basis, most clients pay weekly. The monthly rent is due on the fifth of each month.


On the nights when there are no meetings offered, men get together and shoot pool. Other pastimes include barbecues and local AA events.

In Summary

While those who are opposed to Christian-based recovery will want to keep looking, men seeking an affordable sober living with a sense of fellowship may appreciate Joshua House. What it lacks in frills, it makes up for in faith. Men seeking Christian-based sober living in Tucson will find this to be a great fit.

Joshua House
3028 N Geronimo Ave
Tucson, AZ 85705

Joshua House Cost: $550 (30 days); $165 (weekly). Reach Joshua House by phone at (520) 512-8448 or by email. Find Joshua House on Google +

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