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John T. Mather Memorial Hospital


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Founded in 1929, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital offers reasonable medical care to residents of Long Island, New York. Multiple renovations and new services have been added since they were founded, including an outpatient chemical dependency program.

The goal of outpatient treatment is to provide affordable and individualized treatment to addicts and alcoholics with the help of medical and addiction professionals. Following the addiction-as-a-disease model, the program provides strong emotional and psychological support to help their clients’ recovery. Psychiatric treatment for those with a dual diagnosis is also available.

The program offers a sliding payment scale, and a Charity Care program may cover the entire cost of treatment if the client meets the income requirements.

Treatment and Staff

Clients undergo a detailed assessment to determine the severity of their substance abuse. Detox is not offered at the facility, so those with acute physiological dependency must handle this first phase elsewhere. Individualized treatment plans are created from the initial assessment, which leads to either outpatient or intensive outpatient therapy (IOP).

The outpatient program consists of individual and group therapy one to three times a week. IOP clients are required to attend three-hour sessions three times a week for around six weeks total. After those in IOP finish their program, they typically step down into the regular outpatient groups.

In addition to group sessions, individual therapy occurs once or twice a week depending on each client’s needs. Groups cover addiction therapy and psychoeducation. Clients are also encouraged to practice the 12 steps, though this is not mandatory. Those with a dual diagnosis, or those who need an initial psychiatric evaluation, can meet with a psychiatrist for an assessment and medication management.

Groups are offered both during the day and in the evenings, so those who work or attend school can still get treatment without disrupting their routines. Sessions are held Monday through Thursday between 9 am and 9 pm, Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

A family program is available through groups and individual counseling; therapy for significant others is offered as well.

Staff members consist of LADCs, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. Each client is assigned their own counselor and group sizes typically run between 10 and 15 people.

In Summary

For those who have not entered the acute stages of addiction or who don’t require detox or inpatient treatment, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital’s outpatient offerings for addiction are a good option. The lower level of care won’t disrupt clients’ daily routines, but it still offers psychiatric care and a strong foundation for recovery.


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  1. Dr. Moe, Dr. Larry, Dr. Curly- If Mather Memorial Hospital In Port Jefferson NY gets any worse you may soon here this over the speaker system. My daughter has been left in pain for more than 8 hours while they tried to “find” one of the heads of Pain Management. Isn’t somebody supposed to be available somewhere 24/7? The next day she was told she was being released, then told she must stay another day, then told she was being released, then told she might have to stay until the 5th day due to the holiday. They just did not seem to be on the same page at any given moment. I am not being picky here. There is a Huge difference between preparing to leave the hospital and putting your life on hold for 5 days. So my daughter calls me crying and asking me for help. I am just out of surgery myself and can’t get over to Mather much as I wanted to but I called Patient Advocate to see if I could politely ask for help. Anita H. was Useless. She showed up at my daughter’s room when my daughter was having some tests done, Supposedly waited 30 minutes and left. Hey Anita, aren’t your computer systems set to tell you where every single patient is at every single moment ??? What’s with going to empty rooms. I mean I understand getting paid to sit and read a magazine and billing for patient relations is a pretty neat scam but really, some people actually need help. So after hours of this sort of nonsense I call and demand to speak to Anita’s supervisor was put through to Laurie. She listened to my request for some help and how my daughter has been in pain for 8 hours and she says, hold on, and promptly disconnects me. So I wait for her to return my call and I get nothing. So now I called back agitated and operator want to put me back to Anita the Useles and I tell her Anita has indeed been useless and she suggests Laurie again, I said Laurie can’t seem to work a phone you want me to put my daughters life in her hands? So, having done my homework on Google I ask to be put in touch with the President’s Office, Mr. Kenneth Roberts. I get put through and surprisingly he answers himself. So I apologize and quickly tell him that my daughter has been in pain for over 8 hours and I can’t get any help and guess what he says? How did you get this number? I said the operator gave me 631-965-0908 when I told her my problem. He says again, “How Did You Get This Number” and I say to him” I just told you that my daughter has been in pain for over 8 hours and all you can ask is how I got this number?” He hung up on me. I was furious now and for the next 24 hours made more calls until finally Mr. Roberts calls me back and says the reason he hung up on me was that he was using his phone (the one I assume is used for emergencies like mine) as a GPS and that is why he hung up on me. So I guess he drove for 24 hours straight and then decided to return the “emergency” phone call. Angry as I was, it was going on 48 hours with no help for my daughter so I explain the situation and he says he needs to look into this and will get back to me. Silly me. I thought Mr. Roberts (Shemp) was actually an honest, caring, diligent and compassionate human being who understanding that another human being in his hospital is in pain and needed help. I Was Wrong. I called after 2 hours to find out if he had found out anything and was told Mr. Shemp Roberts went home for the holiday weekend some time ago. What the hell, my daughter is in pain but Shemp doesn’t want to miss that hot dog and hamburger.
    After finding out he went home to enjoy his long weekend I realized my daughter was in serious danger and had to embark on a series of 50 calls or more, many of which were put through to security who was angry at being interrupted in the middle of a donut and he hung up on me. I was physically unable to get over to the hospital so I had to risk even being arrested and continued to call until I finally got put through to the Nursing Supervisor – Steve who was most understanding and helped resolve my daughters problems. Thank you Steve. Unfortunately Steve does not run Mather(3 Stooges Memorial), Kenneth Shemp Roberts runs it and when they finally released my daughter and assured her that her medication was called in and ready at CVS the truth was, my daughter went there not feeling well only to find Nothing Had Been Called In. She was hurt and angry and called me crying about this awful experience. She also told me the girl in the bed next to her got a written prescription for 12 Times the dosage she was supposed to get which had she not noticed would most certainly have killed. So are you going to put your life into the hands of the staff at the 3 Stooges Memorial Hospital?

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