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John Brooks Recovery Center Review

Located in Atlantic City, John Brooks Recovery Center has been offering free substance abuse treatment to the residents of New Jersey since 1969. Named for its founder, a recovering heroin addict and ex-convict who served as the executive director for over 25 years, John Brooks has helped tens of thousands of people find recovery. With four locations, it provides residential treatment for men and women and outpatient services, including Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Accommodations and Food

The residential housing is split by gender, with 82 beds for men and 29 beds for women. The converted office spaces are set up in a traditional treatment center fashion. Dorm-style bedrooms are shared between two clients, featuring twin-sized beds, small dressers and desks. The buildings offer small workout rooms, dining halls, offices, therapy rooms and common areas with TVs. Smoking is permitted in designated areas outside, during break time.

Three meals a day are provided for residents by an institutional food service company. Meals are served cafeteria-style in the dining hall. Options are hearty and nutritious, with generous portions. Dietary requests can usually be accommodated. Coffee and tea are provided and snacks are available in the afternoons and evenings.

Treatment and Staff

John Brooks Recovery Center offers residential treatment, a women’s day program, intensive outpatient (IOP), outpatient and a medication-assisted methadone program. Most of the treatment is long term, although duration depends on the individual’s needs.

The long-term residential program usually lasts for three to six months. Treatment is gender-specific and includes individual counseling once a week, daily group counseling, stress management, interpersonal communication, independent living skills, parenting skills, HIV/AIDS education, 12-step meetings and relapse prevention. Groups focus on coping skills, health, trauma and anger management. Evidence-based models such as CBT and DBT are used in both a group and individual setting. Clients are required to attend three off-site AA/NA meetings per week and are encouraged to get a sponsor.

Once the residential program has been completed, clients can step down into the IOP program, which meets three times a week, for three hours at a time. During this time, clients take part in group therapy, individual therapy once a week and educational lectures. IOP groups typically have between 10 and 15 clients per session.

The women’s day program is a specialized form of IOP that meets three times a week, for three-hour sessions. This service consists of transportation, on-site childcare, case management—for those who have pending criminal charges or are involved with children’s services—and all of the therapeutic services included in the traditional IOP.

The outpatient program offers support once a week, for three-hour sessions. The length of time spent in this program depends on the individual. Outpatient group sizes are usually around 20 clients at a time. Clients in all outpatient programs are required to attend at least two AA/NA meetings per week and have an attendance card signed.

The methadone maintenance program offers medication to help with opiate withdrawal, as well as weekly group therapy and a monthly individual therapy session. Medication is dispensed Monday through Saturday.

The clinical staff of James Brooks consists of certified substance abuse counselors (CSACs), nurse practitioners, social workers and visiting physicians who donate their time on a weekly basis.


Testing for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis is available on site.

Project ROW is a recovery on wheels program that uses a specially equipped bus to provide methadone/Suboxone detox and maintenance medications in Atlantic City neighborhoods. The unit is outfitted to include a doctor’s exam room, medication dispensing area, lab station, case management area, lavatory and patient waiting area. The clients who receive this medication are also required to attend group and individual counseling at the main facility.

In Summary

The John Brooks Recovery Center offers affordable, community-based support during each phase of recovery. Thanks to government funding, their services are completely free to low-income residents of New Jersey. Through evidence-based treatment and a strong focus on the 12 steps and relapse prevention, long-lasting sobriety is achievable for those from all walks of life.

John Brooks Recovery Center Location

1315 Pacific Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

John Brooks Recovery Center Cost

Free. Reach John Brooks Recovery Center by phone at (609) 345-4035. Find John Brooks Recovery Center on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. scott leimsider on

    was just in john brooks not the best place defiantly old and dirty i was a good client followed all the rules and was trying to work on my self the staff there is defiantly racist towards white males there staff walk around thugs and act they only like the thug clients not the clients that want help i walk out i a fit of anger cause Mr green would not take the drug test that he wanted so bad i had to pee and he refused i had to wait my turn i could not hold it any longer i begged to give it and flipped out so i left and after a hr i relaxed i wanted to go back cause i made wrong decision to leave that way and he refused to let me back even after i begged i made a wrong choice do to anger but they dont care about clients especially white clients i wanted help he could of let me back but he rather help the ones who cause trouble not the good clients.

  2. Worst place ever I went in they told me I had to go see a doctor and get medically cleared to make sure i could start treatment did that right away the doctor called them and sent a letter they made my apointment made me stand infront of them and call all my doctors and have them cut me off all my merdications so I did that thirty minutes later they tell me they are refusing me treatment because iam seasoned and was trying to play the system all I was asking for was the counsling I was already on suboxone just needed to classes they used the excuse they thought I was using xanex i begged them to drug test me they argued and refused treatment I would of been ok with them refusing treatment if they would of just gave me a drug test so I could prove there were no xanex in my system i gave up at that point I never seen any one get refused treatment half the people I saw in there getting methadone are still on drugs and fail drug test weekly and there never kicked out this was in april well since I was denied i continued to do what I was doing which I no is my fault but one month later I overdosed was found at the last minute 3 shots of narcan to wake me up crashed my car and am now facing 10 years in prison for assault buy auto this place should be shut down they tell your buisness in front of everyone pretty much told me I am a low life i am playing the system I would not have called all my doctors and told them I was abusing my meds if I didnt want help I would have just kept getting them its a shame this is why so many young teens and people are overdosing or committing suicide its so much easier to just keep getting high nj needs more programs and john brooks needs to hire people that care

  3. This place is hands down the worst place ive ever been to for treatment. I went in for a 6 month long term treatment. Within the first 2 days i was treared like an animal and accused by my counselor of drug seeking. He said that i wasnt there for treatment i was there trying to get free drugs. Yeah. I need 35 mg. Of methadone to get high. I went in with a severe heroin habit. I was totally comitted to getting better and was told that i was a piece of shit and migjt as well quit now ans stop wasting everyone’s time. On the first day i was forced to take a mile walk down the boardwalk. Its a nice thing for the clients who have been there clean for months. But me. 1 day clean. Dope sick and warned that if i dont go id be written up. The staff is totally racist. Shmitty. That piece of shit. Is the most miserable unprofessional person there. There are a couple decent workers there. But if your white and not homies with everyone there. They treat you like a scumbag. There isnt one professional working there. If your looking for treatment and recovery look elsewhere. They have no recovery there. Good luck. John brooks recovery center is the worst place ever. Period.

  4. Liars and scam artists, dirty, infested…. call them on stolen property and they pass the buck… terrible.

  5. John brooks tells its staff to increase the methadone from 40mg to 80mg as soon as possible to get them hooked on methadone so john Brooks continues to receive their funding and keeps the patient level in high numbers.

  6. Absolutely one of the worst places I have ever been on planet earth… Worse than third world countries I have been to. Staff and workers are def racist, food is terrible, mice and roaches everywhere, place is as hot as an oven…ironically there is no ac in AC. I highly suggest you to stay away from this place you will go in disease free and leave with hep c b and a…

  7. elisa hertzan on

    John Brooks calls itself a dual diagnosis treatment center, however my loved one was not administered an assessment as required upon intake. As a result, she never received the medication or care she needed. This treatment center is ill poised to care for anyone, much less anyone dually diagnosed.

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