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JK Integrated Health


The Basics

Situated 25 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles in the neighborhood of Woodland Hills, JK Integrated Health is a boutique treatment facility that specializes in the care of clients struggling with a variety of conditions including alcohol and substance use disorders. Founded in 2009 by Dr. Joy Kong, JK Integrated Health has treated hundreds of clients using integrative, holistic programming rooted in cutting-edge scientific innovation. While initially focused on exclusively mental health issues, Dr. Kong’s practice has expanded to a general health and wellness center using a bio-psycho-spiritual model. The organization seeks to provide preventative treatment that goes beyond mere symptom relief and identifies the underlying root causes. Twelve-step recovery is not a component of the programming.

Treatment and Staff

Clients entering treatment undergo an extensive assessment to help the staff determine the most effective customized care plan. Every client is seen as unique, with a unique history, genetic coding, hormone variations and micronutrient requirements. JK Integrated Health believes that there are typically between five and 10 underlying causes to an illness, and the right science-driven treatment methods can provide long-term sustainable results. To this end, Dr. Kong utilizes a multi-faceted treatment approach that integrates an array of innovative methods including targeted nutritional therapy, electromagnetic frequencies and IV nutrient and stem cell infusions.

The facility believes in the strength of preventative and regenerative medicine. To this end, JK uses a micronutrient exam to determine how best to use essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids in your white blood cells. The treatment team also performs hormone testing often overlooked by conventional medical practices. Hormones that have an integral role in client’s mood, immunity and heart health. In addition, Dr. Kong places a premium on nutrition, exercise, a healthy attitude as well as an improved bacterial composition that boosts brain function and prevents chronic illnesses.

JK’s holistic approach also includes the testing of toxins like pesticides, formaldehyde and benzene as well as heavy metals like lead and mercury. Once identified, clients undergo a subtle detox process to rid the body of unwanted toxins. In addition, JK utilizes stem cell therapy to provide opportunities for healing in a range of diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimers as well as autism.

JK Integrated Health is the private practice of Dr. Joy Kong. She is a member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and certified in the use of addiction medicine.


JK Integrated Health also provides a treatment for weight loss that considers psychological factors, nutrition, hormones and environmental toxins. Through the establishment of a new balance, excess weight is successfully lost.

In Summary

JK Integrated Health goes beyond symptom relief care and treats the underlying causes using state of the art scientific methods like micronutrients, stem cell rejuvenation as well as hormone and genetic testing and a metal detox. For clients seeking cutting edge outpatient services using innovative scientific methods, JK Integrated Health is a great option.

JK Integrated Health
5850 Canoga Ave, Ste 400
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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