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Jersey Shore University Medical Center


The Basics

Located in Neptune, New Jersey, Jersey Shore University Medical Center is an addiction recovery program with outpatient services. Because it’s located within a state-of-the-art hospital, there are a variety of medical services at hand, providing a safe starting point for sobriety.

Treatment and Staff

For those who have been arrested for a DUI, this facility offers a 16-week DUI program. Other services include an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), individual therapy and a family program. Evidence-based techniques such as CBT and DBT are used in both group and individual therapy. Detox is not available on site, but referrals to nearby facilities are made if necessary.

The IOP program requires participants to meet three times a week for two hours at a time where they participate in some combination of group therapy, individual therapy and educational lectures. Groups are offered at various days and times to accommodate clients’ varying schedules. Topics include relapse prevention, an introduction to the 12 steps, coping tools and life skills. During education time, clients are informed about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, as well as the addiction-as-a-disease concept. Group sizes usually range between 10 and 20 people and the cost for each session is $45.

Individual counseling is available to those who need one-on-one time with a substance abuse counselor. These sessions are usually one hour in length, allowing the client to explore their addictive behaviors. The cost for each session is $90.

Family therapy sessions are available for the client and their family members, allowing the family to work on communication, boundaries and trust. There are also educational groups for families that are designed to educate them about the nature of chemical dependency, how to deal with the recovery process, and codependency. Family therapy sessions cost $180 and each family education group costs $220.

The staff includes several certified substance abuse counselors.


The state-approved DUI program is offered two nights a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 pm to 8 pm. The topics are similar to those discussed in IOP, except this program includes a victim-impact panel. During this presentation, those who were injured in DUI accidents or had loved ones killed or injured speak about the crash and how it has impacted their lives. The purpose of the program is to help DUI offenders realize the lasting and long-term effects of impaired driving and to prevent future offenses.

In Summary

Jersey Shore University Medical Center offers an affordable, no frills addiction recovery program. Clients are guided through therapy and education as they work toward understanding their addictions. The involvement of family members can also help those in recovery to start off on the right foot.

Jersey Shore University Medical Center
3535 Route 66, Bldg 5
Neptune, NJ 07753

Jersey Shore University Medical Center Cost: Depends on program. Reach Jersey Shore University Medical Center by phone at (732) 643-4400. Find Jersey Shore University Medical Center on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. t
    This place is a disgrace. My sister was admitted and released with a drug for depression with no treatment and no apparent communication with me , her sister, when they said they would, after waiting for days with an answer. I waited patiently while they lied for days about returning phone calls. I can’t believe this goes on. Disgusted, frustrated, and not finished with some type of retribution!! Do Not Send A Loved One HERE!!!

  2. My husband is in the Rosa Pavillon voluntarily for mental illness he feels he suffers. Today they had a group meeting with Sannie Corman. Apparantly, during the meeting she called the patients “crazy”. My husband was very offended by that along with some other patients as well. She was also supposedly rude, condescending, mean, and disrespectful to the patients and my husband. I am not sure how professional she is being that she is dealing with mentally sick patients that are there for support and help. I am very ashamed and embarrassed for your hospital and staff that you would allow such behavior by a supposed specialist.

  3. Nanci Kowalsky on

    My husband and I have been sitting in the waiting room after being checked in for three hours already. I asked at the desk just now how much longer because my husband has a crushing migraine and needs assistants soon. I was told another four hour wait. Some people have left because of the wait. I know that they are busy and people are injured etc. But there could be a working TV. Or water to say the least. I’m afraid to leave my husband to get a drink or use the bathroom. This is the most aweful experience to date. I hope someone pays attention for the patients that come here in pain. Some comfort at least would help. I have used JSMC for years and I am rethinking this decision to use another hospital after we leave. (Hopefully). Maybe after being here all day and into the night, someone will listen and change the protocol of running this hospital. More compassion and better service. We pay a “FORTUNE” for our insurance. I guess we would be better not having any at all. 🙁 such a disgrace when not anyone pokes their sweet little head out and updated people in pain. I’m done and so sorry for the people in here that feel the same way!!!!

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