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Jeremiah’s Inn


Worcester MassachusettsThe Basics

A social-model transitional care program, Jeremiah’s Inn provides peer-oriented experiential learning for men recovering from substance abuse and addiction. Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, the services are offered only to state residents. Men participate in rigorous schedules that include a variety or treatment modalities overseen by a case manager. The program is suitable for those seeking a sober environment in which to transition from primary, residential treatment to independent living.

Amenities and Food

Up to 29 men share dorm-style rooms furnished with bunk beds on the upper level of the Jeremiah’s Inn building. Though the rooms, bathrooms and living areas are shared, they are comfortable and meet basic needs. Privacy can be sought in the library. Breakfast and lunch are self-serve, while staff prepares dinner with client assistance. All food is supplied and men have access to a house phone, laundry facilities, clothing and hygiene items.

Rules and Regulations

In order to be eligible for residency, men must be over 18, have a documented substance abuse diagnosis, provide a current bio-psycho-social assessment and at least 30 days free of substances to be eligible for entry. They must also be in stable physical and mental condition with a willingness to participate in a highly structured program of recovery. Applications are reviewed by the case management team. If approved, the next step is an interview. Interviews may take place in person or over the phone. After a successful interview, applicants are placed on the waiting list.

Treatment is made up of four phases and clients must complete specific activities and receive permission from their case manager to move from one stage to the next. Some of these include sharing your story in front of the house, chairing a meeting and being a buddy for a newer resident. Though usually completed in six months, prolonged stay is allowed for those that need additional support. Each phase imposes specific curfews and schedules, with the first allowing only supervised leave from the facility and expecting attendance at all on-site group meetings, and the fourth requiring attendance at only one weekly meeting and allowing one overnight and one weekend pass a month.

Group therapy occurs on-site several times a day and clients must be on time, refrain from eating and speaking out of turn. Though many topics are discussed, relapse prevention is given particular focus. They must also attend 90 recovery meetings (12-step or otherwise) in their first 90 days. Men are expected to keep their rooms tidy, complete assigned chores, act with courtesy and employ good manners at all times. Education, vocation, job seeking and life skills training sessions assist with the transition to independent lives. Limited employment through the facility’s Nutrition Center may be offered to some.

Meetings and clinical services are provided on the lower floor so shoes and shirts must be worn by residents while in this area. There is no smoking anywhere on-site; substance use, threat or act of physical or verbal violence, destruction of property, theft, lack of payment and possession of contraband items will all result in immediate eviction.


The Nutrition Center provides meals for the homeless and healthy eating education throughout Massachusetts. Residents at the Inn benefit from nutritional counseling, cooking classes and access to a community garden through this program. Legal assistance, housing, dental and healthcare services are provided through the community and clients with co-occurring disorders receive ongoing, supervised medication management.

In Summary

Men in Massachusetts can access a structured, supportive transitional program at Jeremiah’s Inn. With the nominal fee substituted with food stamps for those unable to pay, ongoing case management and access to an array of community resources, residents lay a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Jeremiah’s Inn
1059 Main St
Worcester, MA 01603

Jeremiah’s Inn Cost: $300 (for 30 days). Reach Jeremiah’s Inn by phone at (508) 755-6403 or by email at [email protected]com. Find Jeremiah’s Inn on Facebook

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