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Jeff JayThe Basics

Jeff Jay is the founder of Love First in the Detroit neighborhood of St. Clair Shores, Michigan. This organization that provides substance abuse intervention, recovery mentoring and professional training. Jay and his wife, Debra Jay, co-authored Love First A Family’s Guide to Intervention. The Jays, along with their team of six clinical interventionists, are based in various cities including Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Sacramento, California, New York City and Lisbon, Portugal.

Jay is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP), a Board Registered Interventionist (BRI) and a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP). Jay specializes in complex and difficult interventions for clients with severe mental health and co-occurring disorders. Additionally, he does interventions for clients with gambling, eating disorders and sex addictions. Recovery mentoring, a family program and specialized services for clients over the age of 55 are provided.

The Background

Jay founded Love First in 1993. Besides providing professional services, Love First offers a plethora of online resources, educational videos and a blog. Jay openly identifies himself as an alcoholic during lectures, and is an advocate of the 12-step philosophy of recovery. Additionally, his own journey from alcoholism to sobriety is the highlight of his memoir, Navigating Grace published in 2015. He volunteers his time as a recovery mentor and a 12-step facilitator at Cappuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit, Michigan. He has appeared to discuss recovery on CNN, PBS and The Jane Pauley Show.

The Approach

Jay and his team are detail oriented and thorough with interventions. Initially, the process begins with gathering between three and eight people who are important to the client. These participants must express willingness to follow the directions. A prep meeting is set up. During the preparation, a detail person and a team chairperson are designated. Participants are told that they must not alert the client to the intervention plans, since Jay’s style uses a surprise approach.

With the guidance of the interventionist, participants are encouraged to share how they have tried to help the client, but ended up as enablers. Each participant addresses the negative consequences caused by the client’s addiction in a one to two page letter. Letters are read and edited prior to the intervention. Financial resources are identified for covering the treatment costs, and appropriate residential treatment or detox facilities are evaluated. Jay provides referrals for the facilities he feels will best suit the client.

Dates, times and places are set for both a rehearsal and the actual intervention. A treatment center is chosen, and an appointment for admission is made. Airline reservations (if appropriate) are made, suitcases are packed and a plan is made to ensure that the client shows up at the intervention. A designated person is assigned to drive the client from the intervention to treatment. A list of the client’s prescribed medications is compiled.

The intervention is rehearsed, and seating arrangements are made. Discreet parking spots are located. Participants discuss the order in which letters are read, and the chairman’s introduction and statement is scripted. Objections and answers are reviewed. Participants must arrive at the intervention locale 30 minutes prior to the client’s arrival, unless the intervention takes place at the client’s home. In that case, the participants arrive as a group.

After the intervention, a participant calls the drug rehab’s admission staff and informs them whether or not the intervention was a success. All letters are collected and given to the client’s intake counselor. Participants enroll in the family program, and are urged to attend Alanon.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Love First offers recovery mentoring which assists a client who has been released from treatment. This includes escorting the client to 12-step meetings. The rapid release program provides mentors who show up at the client’s home immediately after a relapse. The mentor actively works one on one with the client. A 12-step recovery protocol is assigned, and the mentor accompanies the client to meetings, and helps the client find a sponsor. Love First offers other customized programs designed to help families, as well. Jay is empathetic to his clients’ needs as well as being a professional with amazing credentials. Love First sounds like a good fit for those seeking a high quality intervention.

Jeff Jay
c/o Love First, Inc.
23411 Jefferson Ave, Ste 110
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

Reach Jeff Jay by phone at (888)-220-4400 (US Eastern time zone) and +1(586 ) 217-5092 (outside US) or by email. Find Jeff Jay on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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