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Jade Wellness CenterThe Basics

With two locations in the Pittsburgh suburbs of Monroeville and Wexford, Pennsylvania, Jade Wellness Center offers outpatient services and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for addiction. It is one of the few outpatient providers in Pennsylvania that offer Suboxone maintenance, Vivitrol and ReVia services, Antabuse, and Subutex for pregnant or breast feeding women. All medication-assisted treatment is combined with therapeutic services. The facility uses evidence-based techniques, to help clients learn new coping skills and ways of behaving.

For Lucy Garrighan, Jade Wellness Center’s CEO, the journey with addiction treatment began long before she founded the center in 2010. After struggling with her two sons’ drug abuse and, ultimately, losing her oldest, John, to the disease of addiction, she decided to help others in the ways she wished her son could have been helped. JADE, derived from the first letters of each of her children’s names, John, Jamie, Abbie, Dan and Emma, is Lucy and her family’s way of keeping the memory of John alive.

Treatment and Staff

Jade Wellness Center offers a variety of outpatient services. With a mix of 12-step philosophy and evidence-based modalities such as CBT and DBT, therapists work closely with clients to help retrain their thinking. Each program typically has between eight to 13 people at a time, keeping things small and intimate. Prior to entering the program, clients must undergo an initial evaluation to determine what kind of treatment is needed.

Jade Wellness Center offers several options for MAT recovery. Vivitrol injections are used to treat addiction to alcohol or narcotic drugs and prevent narcotic addiction relapse. The Suboxone program involves medication either given on-site or as a take-home, with the dosage tailored to each patient. The dose is tapered until the opiate dependence is eliminated. Jade Wellness Center also offers specialized treatment for pregnant opiate users that includes prescribing Buprenorphine. They work with each client and their ob-gyn to devise the best plan for them and their unborn child.

Each patient’s doctor and clinical team works together to customize an individualized treatment plan. Jade Wellness Center recognizes that, while medication diminishes cravings, there are underlying concerns that drive a person to be drug dependent. That is why they combine medication assistance with therapy.

Most medication-assisted clients begin with the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), which meets Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, with a curriculum based on the 12 steps that includes daily group and individual sessions. Clients who complete eight weeks of PHP and are stable on their meds can be considered for a step-down to IOP.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) meets three days a week, for three-hour sessions. Clients are required to attend one hour a week of individual therapy, in addition to group therapy. During group time, clients explore topics such as relapse prevention, introduction to the 12 steps, coping skills, trauma, codependency, anger management and processing. This program usually lasts for 12 weeks, although it can be longer, depending on the individual.

The outpatient program meets twice a week, for two-hour sessions. It follows a similar structure to the IOP, with a little less intensity. Outpatient includes group therapy only, with a greater focus on relapse prevention. The length of this option depends on the individual’s needs. The principles of the 12 steps are discussed during group therapy. Clients are also strongly encouraged to attend AA/NA meetings in the community.

The staff includes physicians, nurses, certified addiction therapists and counselors.


Bi-weekly aftercare groups are available, free of charge, for those who have successfully completed any of the Jade Wellness Center’s programs. The organization also recognizes gambling as another serious addiction many are facing today and has certified gambling addictions counselors on staff for treatment.

In Summary

Jade Wellness Center offers affordable outpatient services. For some, medication in conjunction with evidence-based techniques is exactly what they need to learn how to change their thoughts and behaviors. Through the application of the 12 steps, a sense of serenity and trust can be established. Overall, this is a good starting place for sobriety.

Jade Wellness Center
4105 Monroeville Blvd
Monroeville, PA 15146

101 North Meadows Dr, Ste 234
Wexford, PA 15090

Jade Wellness Center Cost: Varies by program. Reach Jade Wellness Center by phone at (412) 380-0100. Find Jade Wellness Center on Facebook

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  1. Best treatment center for outpatient opiate addiction. These people care so much. Great doctors. Dan runs the facility and he really understands the disease of addiction. Nowhere can compare.

  2. So I’m not sure how people find the time to sit through 4 hours of group therapy 3 days a week? I take care of my two young children and I work 6 days a week. I went to Jade hoping to get on a sub taper and eventually get a Vivitrol shot. I was told I would have to commit to group therapy 3 days a week if I wanted to see a doctor and receive treatment. They made sure they billed my insurance and got my $60 co-pay before explaining there program to me. Waste of time ! Place is a Joke!

  3. I have heard nothing but great things about this treatment center from so many people now in recovery The staff is incredible. You sure you reviewed the right place

  4. Most incredible treatment enter for opiate addition. I have never felt so cared about with my addiction. This place is the real deal. Doctors have great knowledge of addiction and will spend time with you. They take the time to listen to me and have a team approach. The young supervisor – I think he rums the center named Dan knows so much about addiction and no matter how busy he will stop and help anyone. I have had the best year of my life since going to JADE. Family run and these people care!

  5. I had a loved one at this rehab and can go on record that they do not push medication. However, the world that we live in is medication assisted treatment is harm reduction and it helps people. Jade offers low dose Suboxone and vivitrol, a non natcotic. From day one your told the goal is to be off of medication but they are there to help in the mean time. And they did help my fiancé and so did the staff of jade. It’s unfortunate others did not have the same experience becaus this place has a lot to offer if you are ready and have an open mind. And Ron, congrats on your sobriety. I know what my fiancé went through and you worked hard for it so do not let anyone try to take that from you. God bless!

  6. With their help I have been sober since June of 2015. In that time I’ve seen many, many people’s lives change for the best as they courageously battled addiction. Dan Garigan lost his Brother, His Mother-a Son, and his Sister- a Brother. Their wanting to reach people and help comes from their grieving hearts and not their pockets. I don’t know the reason for your tainted and hate filled version of what transpires at Jade. I normally ignore posts that are in no way fact based but this one deserved a spot of my time and hope that it will inspire someone to seek treatment instead of your attempt at tarnishing a place and the people who have helped so many in our community find peace. That said, I hope you find your peace by deciding to climb mountains instead of putting everything around you down in your effort to stay on top.

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