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Jackson Area Council Review

Licensed by the state of Tennessee, the Jackson Area Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (JACOA) offers residential, transitional living and outpatient services. Created in 1964 by three citizens in the Memphis suburb of Jackson, Tennessee, JACO recognized the growing need for substance abuse treatment in the community. The facility treats addiction and co-occurring disorders. The program now serves all counties in western Tennessee, providing inpatient treatment for 500 men and women annually and specialized treatment for pregnant women and IV drug users. It believes everyone deserves a solid shot at recovery and no one is turned away due to lack of funds.

Accommodations and Food

The main 32-bed Jackson Area Council residential facility is for both men and women, housing clients in a traditional rehab set up. Bedrooms are shared between two clients, featuring twin-sized beds and minimal decoration. The treatment building also offers therapy rooms, a common area, a dining room and offices. Smoking can be done during breaks in designated outdoor areas.

The 34-bed Montgomery Hall and Senator Bobby Carter House transitional living programs for men and the 10-bed women’s Tinker Hill House transitional living program provide housing to help clients reintegrate into the community. These converted homes, in the downtown Jackson area, feature kitchens, living rooms, shared bedrooms and dining rooms.

All clients are provided with three meals per day. Options vary on a daily basis, with favorites being pizza, spaghetti and hamburgers. Coffee is provided in the mornings and snacks are available in the afternoon. Special dietary requests can usually be accommodated. Clients in the transitional living homes take turns helping with meal preparation and kitchen chores.

Treatment and Staff

Jackson Area Council offers residential treatment, transitional living and outpatient services for men and women. The main residential program has a nine-bed social detox for both men and women that usually lasts three to five days. Clients have the option to transition to an inpatient bed when they have completed the process.

The residential program offers 24-hour support for substance abuse and co-occurring issues. Treatment is rooted in the 12 steps and clients spend 30 to 90 days immersed in daily group therapy and AA/NA meetings. Weekly individual therapy and family therapy are also important components. Group topics include anger management, accepting responsibilities, parenting education, stages of change, the 12 steps, finances and nutrition education. Evidence- based techniques such as CBT and DBT are also used in both the group and individual settings.

Clients in all programs are required to attend daily AA/NA meetings. Participants have a chance to immerse themselves in a healthy, recovery-based community, learning about the steps in depth during meetings and service. While sponsorship isn’t required, it is highly encouraged.

The transitional living programs offer stable, sober accommodations as clients transition back into real life. During their stay, daily group therapy is provided and daily meeting attendance is required. The typical length of stay is around six months.

Jackson Area Council also offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that is nine hours per week. This includes some combination of three-hour sessions of group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy. The topics are similar to those of the residential program and clients are required to attend three AA/NA meetings per week.

The staff includes a psychiatrist, certified substance abuse counselors and social workers.


The family group therapy sessions educate family members about the nature of addiction, as well as offering information on coping skills, boundaries and healthy ways of communicating. This weekly group happens every Thursday evening for an hour and participants can be no younger then 12.

Jackson Area Council offers education, screening and treatment for DUI offenders using the Prime for Life evidence-based program. Job placement and vocational training services are provided toward the end of a client’s treatment plan.

In Summary

Rooted firmly in the 12 steps, the Jackson Area Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency provides clients with a strong foundation for recovery. With a variety of programs and housing options available, this organization is achieving what it set out to do. People from all walks of life can come to this sanctuary to find sobriety.

Jackson Area Council Location

900 E Chester St
Jackson, TN 38301

Jackson Area Council Cost

Free. Reach Jackson Area Council by phone at (731) 423-3653. Find Jackson Area Council on Twitter

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