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J and J Sober Living


The Basics

J and J Sober Living offers transitional housing to men and women who are in the early stages of their recovery in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona. The clients reside in upscale accommodations while attending regular 12-step meetings and preparing to return to their communities with a strong foothold in their new life of sobriety.

Accommodations and Amenities

There are two sober living houses, one for men and the other for women. They are two story, spacious homes that can accommodate up to eight clients. The bedrooms are large and fully furnished with full beds, dressers and nightstands. The kitchens are fully stocked and all linens are provided by the facility. The entire home has Wifi, and in the living room there is a TV that comes with cable. Additionally, there is a house computer that all clients have access to, and a washer/dryer on site. These houses are situated in residential neighborhoods that are close to public transportation and local 12-step meetings.

Rules and Regulations

Any incoming clients have to enter into the program clean and sober for 30 days, and be between the ages of 18 and 65, in their first year of sobriety. During the intake all potential clients are given a drug screen and asked about their medical history and current medications. Within the first two weeks of living at the facility clients have to get a full time job, volunteer or attend school for at least 40 hours per week. In addition, they have to attend a minimum of four AA or NA meetings and obtain a sponsor. At the beginning of the program, clients have to have their meeting attendance signed off.

The program requires a minimum of three month’s stay, with the opportunity to extend up to a year. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is overseen by staff, and referrals are provided for clients who are seeking an outpatient program while living in the sober residences.

Initially there is a curfew that clients have to adhere to, and as they move through their program they get more privileges and overnight passes. Daily chores need to be completed and room checks happen regularly. There are no overnight guests allowed at the homes and no one who isn’t sober is allowed on the premises.


Depending on the housing placement, clients have access to a swimming pool, fire pit, and game room with a pool table.

In Summary

J and J Sober Living is a standard, structured living situation for those who are new to recovery. There are rules that every client needs to follow, and if those are broken they are asked to leave. This program requires accountability and a willingness to participate in one’s own recovery. This is a good place to start off living a sober life.

J and J Sober Living
835 W. Warner Rd, Ste 101-260
Gilbert, AZ 85233

J and J Sober Living Cost: $775 (per month). Reach J and J Sober Living by phone at (480) 748-0356. Find J and J Sober Living on Facebook

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  1. Daniel John Murphy on

    This is sober living housing despite the insistence of the J&J management and business owners that its a “program”. 1 house meeting and a minimum of (4) 12-step meetings per week don’t constitute a program in my opinion. The house in Gilbert is located in an up-scale neighborhood ( $500 -550K avg. house price) The house is immaculate and that’s the #1 priority of the management & business owners, APPEARANCE.( The house is not owned , it’s a leased property) I would best compare it to living in a model home of a new subdivision. The arrangement of the furniture and some of the rules favor appearance over tenant ( or “program participant” in J&J lingo.) It’s very much a “sterile” environment devoid of any feeling of “Home”. They spell it out to very clearly in their contract that “you’re not a tenant and it isn’t your house”. The business owner, Jeff Marsh will exercise his right to evict you w/ no notice when he’s in a foul mood because of extraneous problems / stressors related to operating the business. That was my experience with him, I can’t say he does so as standard practice. I was sober the entire time I was a resident, attended every house meeting, attended more than the minimum number of 12 step meetings on a regular basis, did my assigned chore w/out complaint approximately 90-95% of the time (its an honest program- besides a floor doesn’t need to be mopped 365 days per year.), worked the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous ( not J&J Sober Living Inc.) with a sponsor that I still have today. Trevor Klick the house manager lacks any type of education,leadership, management or interpersonal skills that would normally be requisite of a house manager (or “program director” in J&J speak) He had a suspicious habit of “sneaking” -( he had an automatic garage door opener) in through garage and immediately holing up in the downstairs bathroom for an hour or more at a time. There’s a steady stream of 20 somethings fresh from rehab that use the place as a revolving door ( No less than 20 -25 of them cycled through in the 4 months of my occupancy. The bottom line is that if your looking for a high -end residence and wiling to pay more for it ( to share 1/2 to 1/4th of a room) then J&J is for you. However, with that luxury comes micro-management from the business ownership who maintain a 4 -5 hour a day presence in the house (adult baby sitting) who subjectively evaluate the degree to which the house chores are done to their satisfaction ( Buddy’s no “buddy) . Additionally, there’s a house manager and 2 assistant managers that are also residents (or “program participants”) The assistant managers work shifts to further micromanage after the ownership presence has departed. However, their pathological need for surveillance is best demonstrated by the Video/Audio camera that the ownership / management can log on to remotely and watch in real time. So, that’s the over powering message/philosophy that J&J Sober Living Inc “Program” is sending, “BIG BROTHER’S WATCHING.”

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