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Ixande Review

Ixande is an addiction treatment facility located in Cape Town, South Africa. Since 2010 Ixande has offered a “one stop shop” approach to addiction treatment with detox, residential care and outpatient with sober living services. Ixande uses an abstinence based treatment model with a program built on the foundation of the 12 steps. Participants can expect programming that incorporates AA/NA, evidence-based protocols and extensive holistic experiences and activities.

Accommodations and Food

The residential facility is located in Kenilworth, a quiet suburb of Cape Town. The facility itself is a 20 bed Victorian-style home in a private and secure neighborhood. The interior and exterior of the home is lovely. The dark wood structures outside of the home are covered in bright green vines, and the inside is bright and cheerful, while relaxing and serene.

Clients share their fully furnished bedrooms with one or two other people, and are provided with twin beds, dressers and closets. The house is where all treatment takes place. There are also several common spaces for recreation, relaxation and programming elements.

The grounds contain a beautiful garden and gazebo, and a sparking swimming pool in the back.

Clients enjoy home cooked meals in the dining room three times per day. The staff prepares cuisines from all over the world. There are also healthy and tasty snacks readily available.

Treatment and Staff

The program at Ixande is not only for substance abuse, but also for co-occurring disorders and behavioral health concerns. As a result, the treatment team can address eating disorders, sex addiction, gambling addiction and codependency.

The minimum length of treatment is 28 days, including detox, however Ixande recommends that clients stay for three to six months with the option to extend if necessary. After the medical detox process is over and clients have successfully gone through withdrawal, the residential phase of treatment begins. Because treatment is different for every client, the initial assessment determines what the best protocol is in terms of group interaction and therapeutic approaches and activities. Ixande employs interactive recovery methods during group therapy, individual therapy, psycho-education, and stress management.

There are gender-specific group sessions, along with goal setting, health and wellness, psychodrama and art therapy and family impact groups. Clients attend lectures and recovery planning sessions. They address any trauma or grief and loss during their weekly workshops.

There are five on-site addiction counselors and social workers, two program directors who are therapists that specialize in addiction, and a medical staff that includes physicians and nurses. There are also client care staff members who oversee the day to day operations in the house.


Clients are able to exercise frequently during the residential program. There is on-site yoga and Reiki, and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE). Day trips to hike along the mountainside or visit the beach offer clients bonding and socializing opportunities outside of the facility.

There is a monthly family program that takes place over a weekend as well as conjoint family therapy sessions.

In Summary

Ixande is an open and warm treatment facility that provides a safe place for addicts to heal. The facility itself is very soothing and calm, giving clients a comfortable environment to navigate the beginning stages of their recovery. Above all, Ixande is committed to giving their clients the best possible treatment in a lovely location at the lowest cost possible.

Ixande Location

Ixande House 25 Gibson Road
Kenilworth 7708
Cape Town, South Africa

Ixande Cost

40,000 Rand ($2,780.70 USD, per publishing day exchange rate) (28 days). Reach Ixande by phone at +27 21 761 7348. Find Ixande on Facebook and Twitter

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