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Into Action


The Basics

Based in Oklahoma City, Into Action is a transitional living environment dedicated to motivating men in early recovery to maintain their sobriety. The facility uses a five-phase system to provide structured and stable living. Men are expected to commit to the 12 steps and the suggestions in the Big Book with the aim of developing their personal, social and spiritual lives.

Accommodations and Amenities

Located on a spacious lot, Into Action is a single-family home accommodating up to six men in two triple-occupancy bedrooms. Both rooms have bunk beds and a loft bed with a desk underneath, a dresser and closet space for clients to share. All bed linens are included, as well as a white noise machine and a vibrating alarm watch by request.

Each bedroom has an attached bathroom, with soap, toilet paper and towels provided. Adjacent to the bedrooms is an office where a communal computer is available with Wi-Fi and a printer for job search and resumes.

In the front of the house is the living room—the main social hub for residents—with a flat-screen TV, a sound bar home theater system, Blu Ray DVD player, a movie library and an Xbox/Playstation for gaming. Into Action subscribes to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Couches and a chair create a comfortable space for socializing.

The kitchen has all major appliances, utensils, cookware and cooking essentials available and there is an on-site laundry room with washer/dryer and laundry supplies.

The house has a large backyard with a lawn, a BBQ and a fire pit. Patio furniture provides additional space for residents to socialize. There is a carport for residential parking and several bicycles are available for additional transportation. The house is conveniently located within walking distance of meetings, job opportunities and outdoor activities.

Rules and Regulations

Into Action considers themselves a niche sober living environment, and only individuals who are extremely dedicated to maintaining their sobriety are encouraged to apply for residence. Potential clients must prove they have 72 hours of sobriety, be over 18 years old and be willing to stay for at least 90 days. Management also runs a background check on all applicants to ensure they are a good fit for the house. If accepted, an individual is introduced to Into Action’s five-phase system and learns how to progress in their recovery with each phase introducing more freedom as well as responsibilities.

Phase one requires individuals to become a more productive member of society by establishing a mailing address and getting a social security card and full-time job within one week of residence. Clients must collect five phone numbers from a local AA meeting and listen to a Big Book study tape all the way through. All new residents must attend daily 12-step meetings and be actively searching for a sponsor. Working the 12 steps with a sponsor must begin within 10 days and sponsors must agree to complete the steps with their sponsee within 60 days. Check-ins may be scheduled to ensure that homework and obligations are being met.

The curfew for the first phase is 9:30 pm. As clients progress through the phases, curfew increases by the hour until the final phase when curfew is removed. Individuals in later phases are  expected to set an example for new house members by taking them to meetings and keeping them accountable during house meetings.

Residents have more responsibilities in phase two. Curfew is lengthened to 10:30 pm and required meeting attendance is reduced to five meetings per week. Residents are given the code to access TV and gaming systems at their leisure and have access until 11 pm. One overnight pass is given per month and clients are permitted visitors every other weekend. Phase two requires clients to have a job, to be working with a sponsor and be progressing through the 12 steps.

During phase three, curfew is extended to 11:30 pm and residents are permitted weekly visitors and two overnight passes per month. The fourth and fifth phases gradually eliminate curfew and grant total autonomy to clients. Once men have proven their long-term sobriety, they must act as big brothers to new house members, setting an example and ensuring others are being held accountable.

All residents are expected to maintain a full-time job. Clients may attend school or volunteer as long as they are able to pay rent. All house members must also agree to regular and random drug and alcohol testing. While staff understand that some individuals require special medication, residents taking drugs that are high-risk for abuse will not be admitted.


Individuals who are interested in becoming an Into Action resident but who cannot afford the initial costs are referred to the Perpetual Action Assistance Program. Similar to “paying it forward,” residents who qualify must agree to pay back their subsidy from their earnings plus an additional $100 to help others who need assistance. Residents enrolled in this program must fill out 10 job applications from 8 am to 5:00 pm every day during the week and send cellphone photos as proof. The average length of time to find employment is anywhere from one week to three weeks.

In Summary

Into Action uses a unique approach to assist clients in maintaining their sobriety. Each house member must meet strict expectations to maintain residence—clients immerse themselves in the 12-step process, sponsorship, meetings and a multi-phase system that gradually helps them develop autonomy. Individuals with a history of relapse may find Into Action a viable solution to developing and keeping a sober lifestyle.

Into Action
6308 Saintsbury Ct
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Into Action Cost: $450 (30 days). Reach Into Action by phone at (405) 757-7671 or by email at [email protected].  Find Into Action on Facebook

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