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Located in Boise, Idaho, Intermountain Hospital provides crisis and inpatient treatment for adults and a specialized program for those over 55. Treatment is individualized to the clients needs and includes highly structured programming that is based on the Adlerian Approach. Treatment consists of daily group therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, individual therapy, exercise and psychoeducation. Intermountain Hospital has been serving the community since 1980.

Accommodations and Food

The adult programs known as New Start and Generations take place in a freestanding building on the main hospital campus. The hospital is on 10 acres of land that resembles a park in the middle of a bustling city. This facility can accommodate up to 30 clients at once in semi private rooms and shared bathrooms throughout the building, and though the rooms aren’t huge, they’re spacious and comfortable and provide dressers and shared closet space, and the facility provides linens and towels. This program is co-ed, but the men and women are separated during treatment and sleep on opposite sides of the building.

There is an on-site gym where clients can work out using free weights or a few cardio machines, and areas designated for relaxing, reading or meditating. There is also a dining room and TV area for weekly movie nights, and clients enjoy the facilities beautifully landscaped grounds during family visitation. There are no personal devices allowed on campus, like cell phone or tablets, and no Internet access during treatment. There is a floor phone that clients have access to during leisure activity times. There is a cafeteria with a salad bar and many drink options, and clients are served three meals a day. Kitchen staff prepares the meals that are menus designed by a nutritionist. Snacks are also available during down times, like fresh fruit or granola bars.

Treatment and Staff

The treatment is heavily based on education and utilizes many different therapeutic modalities in order to establish an individualized program plan for each client. The programs typically last between 21 and 28 days and can begin with detox, which is usually between three and five days depending on the substance and would take place at the main hospital on campus prior to moving into the inpatient phase of the program.

A daily schedule for clients begins with a 6 am wake up call and consist of up to six groups, including one individual therapy session, process groups and psychoeducation classes, journaling or assignments and daily on-site AA meetings. A thorough assessment before the client starts treatment can determine if psychiatric medications are also required, and for those with co-occurring disorders, medication management services are provided.

Therapy is a combination of different approaches, like Motivational Interviewing (MI), CBT, expressive and experiential methods, relapse prevention and coping skills. These programs are designed and executed by a medical staff and experienced addiction specialists, including Master’s-level LCSWs, CADCs, medical doctors, RNs and psychiatrists.


There are step down programs available at Intermountain that include an outpatient program or referrals to a longer-term residential treatment facility. Family and couples therapy is offered on an individualized basis.

In Summary

Intermountain Hospital aims to give their clients a jump-start into a life of sobriety through their education-focused programming. Though the stay is typically not very long at the facility there are plenty of resources available to help build and maintain a foundation for lasting recovery.

Intermountain Hospital Location

303 N. Allumbaugh St
Boise, ID 83704

Intermountain Hospital Cost

$15,225 (28 days). Reach Intermountain Hospital by phone at 208-377-8400. Find Intermountain Hospital on Facebook

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  1. Well, you know, I’ve been in Intermountain twice now, and my experience was nothing like what I’m reading in these comments. The staff was not just friendly but personally cared about me (you can tell when it’s real and when it isn’t), and they knew their jobs thoroughly, true professionals. When I had to return four years later, they remembered me and it was almost like reuniting with family. That doesn’t mean I plan on meeting them again anytime soon(!), but if you’re at all thinking you might need to spend time there, I want to be the sole thumbs up on their behalf. 👍

  2. Today I attempted to admit a family member who was attempting to admit herself voluntarily. First after several phone calls and told that her insurance would cover Detox and 21 day rehab we were informed that her insurance would only cover the Detox of about 4 days. An hour later we were informed that they would NOT administer her prescription pain medication during her stay. That they do not allow prescription pain medications.

    This was for the senior program. They wanted her off her pain medications which due to nerve damage she can not be without.

    The nurse told us that she would have to suffer without it and deal with over the counter medications. Thank God that I insisted on going into the triage with her because even with me in the room I had trouble keeping her calm.

    We had spoken with the “Administration” several times before setting up an appointment to admit my family member.

    NEVER take someone you love to this place

  3. “her boyfriend who is a controlling convicted felon and yet she was allowed to leave with him to never be seen since”….It was her choice to leave with him. Hospital staff has nothing to do with who you leave with. Choices are a great thing.

  4. “her boyfriend who is a controlling convicted felon and yet she was allowed to leave with him to never be seen since”….It was her choice to leave with him. Hospital staff has nothing to do with who you leave with. Choices are a great thing.

  5. P. T. Rathbone on

    I agree with all of the above.
    Our loved one left way worse off than when she entered treatment. We contacted the hospital staff about her boyfriend who is a controlling convicted felon and yet she was allowed to leave with him to never be seen since.
    I think this place is a compete ripoff. What can a Psychiatrist do in a 10 – 15 minute visit? Nothing!

  6. The staff is unprofessional and confidentiality breaches are common. There is blatant effort made to separate the patient from their family, even when family is supportive and helpful to the patient. Never, ever take a loved one here. They will leave worse than they came.

  7. The girl in billing named leslie talks about patients to her friends outside of the office and is very unprofessional I was there numerous times trying to fix my life again and she has drug my name in the dirt to her friends and mine because she knows me outside of intermountain hospital. She said things that got me dumped by my boyfriend and fired from my job! She should be fired for breaking the strict confidentiality agreement they have and take seriously there. She is very very rude and unprofessional!

  8. This is a place full of unprofessionalism and just absolute unecessary behavior- from the employees! We drove an hour to see a loved one and immediately they refused us because of our age- but let me tell you, I’m well over 18…by almost 10 years. We were there because we set up a visitation for my daughter to see her father. Without any tact, they then told my daughter, “NO”. She was obviously upset and none of us were allowed in after our surprised reaction to my daughter being snapped at. (Which was very calm, I may add.) These bitches need a grip and I am still shaking because of the way my daughter was treated and denied her father…with no reason nor compassion. Absolute bs, this place.

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