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Interlink Counseling Services


Interlink Counseling ServicesInterlink Counseling Services Review

For more than 20 years, Interlink Counseling Services has been offering what it calls a “continuum” of care to homeless veterans dealing with substance abuse problems and mental health issues. The program’s 74 percent completion rate is a point of pride for Interlink Counseling Services and they provide a myriad of options to ensure clients have every chance for a successful recovery.

Accommodations and Food

The main campus of Interlink Counseling Services is situated among restaurants and shopping plazas in Okolona, a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. The facility has more than 160 beds available in dormitory style and residents are served three nutritious meals per day. The campus includes a recreation area, a courtyard, access to laundry facilities and easy access to public transportation. Interlink Counseling Services is currently planning to  expand the campus with a building devoted to education and recreation and an additional 100 Sober Living apartments.

Treatment and Staff

The staff at Interlink Counseling Services is small but knowledgeable and well-connected. Working with other outreach resources in the area, they try to provide care for clients during their stay and beyond.

Interlink Counseling Services provides both inpatient and outpatient options, starting with their Landing Zone program, which offers inpatient, non-medical detox for homeless men. The program has five beds and is staffed around the clock. While the Landing Zone is specifically for men, Interlink Counseling Services’ other inpatient programs accept women as well.

Inpatient residential treatment includes traditional avenues such as group and individual therapy, as well as 12-step meetings. Residents each receive an individualized treatment and recovery plan. Educational classes cover chemical dependency, life skills and relapse prevention. There is also free time for personal activities such as reading, watching television and shooting hoops.

Clients who need something more long-term are assigned to Harmony House Residential Treatment for anywhere from three to six months. The focus at Harmony House is education, acceptance of addiction and stabilization of mental issues. Getting well is the resident’s full-time job while at Harmony House and there is no outside employment.

Interlink Counseling Services also offers the Genesis House transitional housing program for clients who have graduated from Harmony House. In addition to the education topics covered at Harmony House, Genesis House has a strong focus on reintegration, offering additional classes on budgeting, relationships and self-worth. Residents are able to have outside employment and can attend group meetings after work where they can discuss triggers or problems that might have shown up during the day.

Interlink Counseling Services manages an apartment complex in Okolona called Serenity Court for clients who have completed a treatment program and are looking for a sober living environment. Residents must participate in aftercare and case management to live at Serenity Court. A two-bedroom apartment costs $510 per month and comes with a washer/dryer hookup, courtyard and on-site security.

Another program offers outpatient family therapy and marriage counseling to help heal the entire family.


In addition to being provided with an aftercare plan, clients are invited back to Interlink Counseling Services to teach classes and help mentor new residents. The facility also hosts year-round fundraising events such as a motorcycle rally and bowling competitions that clients are welcome to attend.

In Summary

Interlink Counseling Services is an excellent choice for any veteran looking for help getting back on their feet. The organization’s campus fosters a strong sense of community and, whether clients stay a few days in The Landing Zone or 90 days at Harmony House, Interlink Counseling Services’ aim is to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Interlink Counseling Services Location

8311 Preston Hwy
Louisville, KY 40219

Interlink Counseling Services Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Interlink Counseling Services by phone at (855) 834-9008.

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