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Grand Rapids MichiganThe Basics

InterAct of Michigan, Inc. provides comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Michigan. Its Kalamazoo location offers Substance Abuse Management Module (SAMM), an award-winning co-occurring disorders outpatient program for those struggling with significant mental health diagnoses. InterAct has been providing outpatient support for co-occurring disorders for over fifteen years. In 2010, it received a Science and Service Award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) for “cutting-edge effective services.”

Treatment is evidence-based and clients participate in an individualized combination of group and individual therapy.

Treatment and Staff

The first step to treatment in the SAMM program is to attend four Stages of Change groups at the Kalamazoo facility. Groups are offered twice a week and are used to gauge each potential client’s willingness to apply themselves to recovery. Once a potential client has attended four groups, they then call Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health—the state agency that authorizes treatment in the SAMM program—for an intake interview which is used to determine if the client’s mental health diagnosis meets the severity for which the program was designed. If so, the client then participates in a series of medical and psychological assessments.

Next, a treatment plan is developed that includes group and individual therapy. Clients are assigned a case manager who helps them obtain housing, psychiatric and employment services. The duration of treatment is progress-based, with most clients graduating from the program within a year, though some take up to eighteen months.

The treatment team at InterAct includes LMSWs and CADCs who are trained to treat co-occurring disorders. However, since all clients have significant mental health challenges, the clinicians partner with nearby mental health clinics and psychiatrists for intensive dual diagnosis support.

Groups are available each weekday and include Awareness (a group for those in early recovery to learn about how addiction is affecting their life) and Recovery 4 Life—a group for those in later stages of recovery to learn about how to support their recovery outside the program. There is also a peer support group that meets weekly as well as a year-long DBT program.

In Summary

InterAct of Michigan, Inc. has built a nationally-recognized program for treating vulnerable populations with co-occurring disorders. InterAct carefully screens individuals to make sure they’re a good fit and then provides comprehensive multi-faceted therapeutic and supportive services, possibly making it a life-changing opportunity for those struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders.

InterAct of Michigan, Inc.
610 South Burdick St
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

InterAct of Michigan Cost: State-funded for low-income residents and accepts insurance. Reach InterAct of Michigan by phone at (269) 381-3700.

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