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Inspirations for Youth and Families


Inspirations for Youth and FamiliesInspirations for Youth and Families Review

Founded by Chris and Karen Walsh in 2007, Inspirations for Youth and Families is a nationally recognized and licensed residential treatment center for teens between the ages of 13 and 18 (and their families) who are struggling with drug or alcohol use, abuse or addiction. The goal at Inspirations is to provide the tools for addiction prevention, treatment and aftercare just minutes from the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Accommodations and Food

Teens of the same gender live together in supervised apartments located near the treatment center in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Bedrooms and bathrooms are shared between two clients, and apartments come equipped with kitchens and living room areas. Teens at Inspirations are responsible for their own cooking, cleaning, shopping and laundry.

Transportation to and from the treatment facility is provided daily. With as many as 50 kids in attendance at once, programming remains segregated by gender throughout the length of their stay. All activities, therapies, meals and down times are gender specific.

TV watching is allowed in the media room following treatment, but cell phones and computers are not allowed.

Treatment and Staff

Programming is based on the client’s individual needs and medical history. If it is determined that detox is necessary, arrangements can be made at the local hospital for this to occur. Individualized treatment plans are formulated by the highly credentialed staff on a case-by-case basis and dual diagnosis support is provided.

Inspirations’ 30 to 90-day treatment is 12-step in orientation and CBT and DBT therapy-based. Clients receive two to four individual sessions a week and take part in group therapy every day. Each therapist manages four or five clients. Classrooms and groups are double this size, though attendance varies based on individual programming.

Days are scheduled around life skills programming, recreational, art and music therapy, experiential and expressive therapy and psycho educational groups. Clients participate in anti-bullying seminars and domestic violence and addiction classes, often led by high-profile speakers. All students participate in Florida Virtual School during the week and in the afternoons are often taken off campus for recreational activities.

Though they are not required to get sponsors while in treatment, clients are encouraged to attend AA meetings both on and off-site and most days end with a meeting followed by free time and lights out.

The monthly family program lasts a weekend. It includes workshops for the teens and their parents to learn about addiction both together and separately with the counselors. The program includes lunch at the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel.


Baseball, yoga, paintball, horseback riding, beach outings, deep-sea fishing, the use of a neighborhood teen recreation center with a heated swimming pool, football and soccer fields and both indoor and outdoor basketball courts are all extras offered at Inspirations. In addition, there are trips to professional sporting events, museums, live theater and the local center for the performing arts.

In Summary

Inspirations for Youth and Families aims to empower teenagers through accountability, responsibility and real world interaction to seek sober, productive and fully experienced lives.

Inspirations for Youth and Families Location

1000 SW 10th St
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

Inspirations Cost

$12,000 (30 days). Reach Inspirations by phone at (954) 376-4783. Find Inspirations on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. i was cleint their for at least 8 months i had a good experince their lot of help from therapeaist and was treated well but also felt like family always felt welcomed.

  2. I stayed here for 45 days last year during the summer. I’d definitely say it’s misleading, Dr Hughes fills you up with bullshit, and the staff do not care about you but only about their job. I’m sure there are worse places than this but it’s literally like jail, and the girls there would steal my clothes and glorify drugs most of them didn’t change either (I was there for behavior not drugs) I wouldn’t recommend this place.

  3. Inspirations for Youth and Families is a one-ok-a-kind facility. Working alongside the team has been nothing, but passion and drive to impact teens around the world.

    Everything they do is to help teens restore their dreams and to save their lives. They have a full Inspirations Academy, accredited-day school, too-rated therapists, clinicians, treatment specialists and Doctors. Every member of the staff has been there for an average of at least 8 years and the owners are incredible people on a mission for change. You guys are great! I highly recommend Inspirations for Youth and Families!

  4. I am forever grateful for the amazing treatment provided by the Inspirations team. I sent my child here because we were dealing with problems at home. My son had major outbursts and would often lock himself in his room depressed. We couldn’t take it anymore. My wife and I decided to send him to rehab. When we looked we came across a number of centers, but what stood out to us was Inspirations incredible commitment and care in the process. Mark was amazing when he helped us first get approved and get set up to send our child. Then we were in contact with Dr. Hughes and we couldn’t be happier. I am so grateful. My son is back now and we haven’t seen the outbursts we had prior. He is far more relaxed, centered and now knows where he needs to attend his focus. If anyone is on the fence, I highly recommend reaching out and speaking with the staff. Thank you.

  5. My son went here for a chance to better his life and all I can say is they gave him the hope and inspiration he needed to finally get clean and I forever grateful. For years I have tried everything possible to help him see he was better then his addiction and it wasn’t till he walked through those doors the the finally listened. Thank you to all the staff I am forever grateful for your ability to give me my son back .

  6. Glenn Bennett on

    This place is a nightmare Myself as a grandparent put my trust in the Ceo Dr Hughes who came to my daughters house , to pick up my grandson, a matter of fact Dr Hughes is from Toms River NJ & I put my trust in him, as CEO Dr Hughes is very soft spoken, very wise & you have to trust sometimes, This was a big mistake, He can sell this place very well, & As of now I truly believe he has no idea of what is going on at the facility, My grandson was punched in the face, hit with a belt by other teens in this facility & for fair of being beat up at night he & another teen ran off, he was missing for 12hrs, I drove down there to pick him up, his face was black &blue, welts on his sides from a belt & arms were black & blue, place must be shut down. I want to meet with this Dr Hughes face to face, this is far from over ,

    • Marla Williams on

      This is a fake bad review. Don’t believe these lies. Look at the testimonials from former clients on the Inspirationsyouth website. Ask someone at Inspirations to speak with former clients. Inspirations has a high success rate. Anyone can google a CEO of a company and try to slander his name. It’s sad what competitors will do to try to get clients for their facilities. Do your research and you will see that Inspirations has helped thousands of teens over the past ten years.

      • The post by Marla Williams is the FAKE POST. I know for a fact that Inspirations has their staff write fake positive posts to discount all the negative reviews. They are scammers and only out for the money. JUST GOOGLE THE OWNERS – CHRIS AND KAREN WALSH. YOU WILL FIND OUT ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW – DRUGS, GAMBLING, CHILD ABUSE CHARGES! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.

        • Marla Williams on

          John who are you? I am standing by my real name. You only have one name on here and you may be an Inspirations competitor. It’s sad that these businesses will lie so that they paint a bad picture and rob parents of truly getting the help their child needs. I must say it. Most of these reviews are fake. Chris Walsh has been sober for many years and has encouraged youth who have issues overcoming addiction. Many of the teens enjoy speaking with him because they can relate to his experiences. Karen Walsh was never convicted of child abuse. It was actually a misunderstanding. The charges were dropped. There are no gambling charges. Find out the truth. Turn to a more credible source. Hear from the alumni about what they have to say about the program.

  7. Saved My Son on

    The first visit with my son was after he was in the facility for quite some time was a pleasant surprise. When we arrived at Inspirations we were greeted by a tech and a therapist. The tech was extremely positive and flat out told me that my son is a good kid. Shocker!!! His comment brought back the memories when he was a good kid and not addicted to drugs. The therapist jumped out of his office to speak with my husband. Talk about personal attention. This was on the weekend so we thought it would be quiet. Being from out of town we were unfamiliar with the area, but the therapist was so personable he recommended restaurants. The people at Inspirations are completed vested in what they do and it shows when you meet the outstanding staff.

  8. Joe Billinger on

    The first visit with my son was after he was in the facility for quite some time was a pleasant surprise. When we arrived at Inspirations we were greeted by a tech and a therapist. The tech was extremely positive and flat out told me that my son is a good kid. Shocker!!! His comment brought back the memories when he was a good kid and not addicted to drugs. The therapist jumped out of his office to speak with my husband. Talk about personal attention. This was on the weekend so we thought it would be quiet. Being from out of town we were unfamiliar with the area, but the therapist was so personable he recommended restaurants. The people at Inspirations are completed vested in what they do and it shows when you meet the outstanding staff.

  9. Happy parent on

    Words are not enough to express how grateful and thankful I am for all Inspirations has done for my son.
    After 77 days at Inspirations, he is a changed young man. The program helped me through the process from the very first day when I spoke with Mark, until the last day when Lopez and Denise were there to see him off. I know that they have all done a great job, not only because I can see the difference in my son, but because he says that he wishes he could go back.
    My son had been to two other residential facilities and never lasted more than a month. At Inspirations the staff, especially Lopez, and Denise, helped him adjust and feel comfortable. I knew he was well taken care off and looked after.
    I appreciate the work the educational, medical, and therapist staff have done for him. I can not believe that I am now living with the same child. Since he has been back we have had our challenges, but in all it has been smooth sailing.
    My son feels accomplished and motivated to do well and continue his education, not only for himself, but to go back to show Lopez and Denise his GED. There is not a day that goes by that he does not talk about the staff, his friends, down to the very kind and helpful receptionists.
    Thank you all for helping my child, for taking such good care of him and mostly for helping me become a better parent to him. I am truly grateful to all of you, and would recommend this program to anyone.

  10. Inspirations told me that they could treat my son who has bipolar disorder along with a substance abuse problem. All was well until Thursday. They Baker Act’d my son to the hospital. Ok. I get a call yesterday telling me that my son will not be accepted back into the program. Now, understand that I am out of town. When I called Karen at the facility, you want to talk about rude and unprofessional. She dumped me on someone else when I asked for assistance for getting another placement. When I called the hospital, they told me that Karen had informed them that I was coming to pick my son up because I found another placement. Where was I going to find another placement on a Friday! I called Dr. Hughes and he had the discharge cancelled. So now my child is stuck in Florida, probably feeling abandoned while I find another placement for him and is currently assisting me. They will tell you anything to get your child admitted and when they don’t want to deal with them anymore, they will use the Baker Act to dump them. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE! To just dump a child is UNACCEPTABLE!

    • hello eliabeth i am with ya!!!!!!!!!!!!! my son went there. i took him out after 3 weeks. he went missing on march 18 for twelve hours till the next mornin g. on website they say 24 hour monitoring what bs!!!!!!!!!!!! the second day another time my son calls me he walked off on the basketball courts with staff there. are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was gone forty minutes. i got no call he was gone. i called inspirations in a panic telling them where my son was. really!!!!!!!! twelve thous a month had to fly them here to get nson pay for a rental car thous bucks for intervention and u mean to tell me u cant chase a minor child or follow them if they walk off. im appauled and im not letting this go. the week before my son went missing i get a call from him and therapist three way call. my son is frantic saying hes scared and being bullied at nite. my son never took a sleeping aid. now there giving him one there. why!!! hour later i get a call from therapist saying to me heads up dt be surprised if youre son walks off and calls you tonite. i said are you kidding me how can that happes wheres the 24 hour monitoring. the clinical director karen calls me next day assuring me like the first time hes safe and dt worry. at this point i had a gut feeling he is not safe . march 18 nine thirty i get a call from dr hughes saying bad news youre son left with another boy. not a call from staff who mind you watched him leave. how could you watch minor chidlren walk off in the nite in the streets of florida and not follow them. i was told oh kids do this all the time hell come back. are you shitting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i njumped in my car and drove down to get him. i didnt know if he was dead or alive. they finally found him nine thirty next morning. when i arrived that late afternoon he had bruises on arm and face/ i pointed out to clinical director and therapist. they blew it off. the nice director who promises me two wks ago he was safe was very unprofessional and nasty. smoke in mirrors parents please do youre homework first. i am not a parent who will let this go. parents across the country are being misled with the website. its not 24 hour monitoring. youre minor kid could walk off in front of staff and they cant chase them. or if they defend themselves against a bully like my son told me they will get baker acted. reall nice. read your contracts and go there and take a tour before they pick up youre child. all about the twelve grand a month smoke in mirrors.

  11. I’m not sure why so many people have written so poorly about Inspirations for Youth and Families on here. I was so grateful for the help they provided my son I am currently commenting and reviewing every known place I can in order to spread their good work. I’m sure there are reasons why some people have been unsatisfied with their service. No place is perfect but neither is any teen. My son James was abusing marijuana and he was certainly no angel! Still under all the drug use, bad behavior and arrests/charges was a good person he just needed a bit more help. Inspirations and their team of therapists were able to get my son the help he needed and right in time too as unbeknownst to me he began experimenting with heavier drugs! I sent James for help with his marijuana abuse only to find out he was also abusing pills and other drugs in an attempt to cover up his emotional pain. With the family sessions we had weekly we were able to repair of relationship as a family and helped heal some of the lingering issues he had. Whether you choose to send your teen to Inspirations is up to you but I can honestly say I don’t regret and was met with phenomenal service.

  12. My friend went to Inspirations and came back a different person. She told me that the program was good but other teens would just complain to complain about things. She even told me once how a girl hid her clothes and then told her mom someone stole them so she could leave the program. I’m looking at all these reviews and comparing them to what she’s saying because I was thinking of going to Inspirations myself. In terms of kids running she told me kids do it all the time just so there parents can pull them out bring them home and even told me of a spot the girls would go to when they leave. Anyways i think everyone shouldn’t rush to conclusions because as a teen i know how to lie and manipulate my parents as i still do cause they STILL don’t know about my xanex use. Anyways if i decide to give Inspirations a try i’ll let you all know how it really is and if it really changes lives lol.

  13. Charlie Bleex on

    My daughter was 15 years old when I sent her to inspirations. Prior to going to Inspirations her behavior was so self destructive. I knew our family needed some serious help. Inspirations was our life saver. I believe with all my heart that their program saved my daughters life. It is two years since my daughter was there and she is now in high school and is an honor roll student. I thank God for inspirations! They are truly a blessing and would recommend anyone with a son or daughter suffering from drug abuse to call Inspirations and get some much needed help from them.

    • It is so nice to hear when a teenager found there way to go into a rehab for drugs and alcohol. I am a Nurse Practitioner and It was so nice to hear a patient tell me a story of a family that they know there teen went to Inspirations for Youth and Families in Ft Lauderdale. There teen came in with much needed help. This rehab helped the teen to become a new person and is now going to continue going to school and follow up with the great rehab of Inspirations. The rehab has great staff in all areas, all the time there is some form of activities, sporting events, learning to do things as fishing, going to the beach and there education program is excellent and recognized. I would highly recommend this rehab to any one in need if any of my patients ask, hearing from this long time patient of a very happy ending and saving a life! There is nothing more rewarding. Keep up the excellent work Inspirations for Youth and Families.

  14. Theresa March 07, 2016

    My daughter attended Inspirations For Youth and Families for a drug and alcohol addiction. She is definitely not the same person she was going into it. She is back to the person she was before “Loving, Caring and Funny.” She has learned a lot from being there. It is a family orientated place and everyone works together as team players. The staff couldn’t be more loving. I recommend any parent who has a teen suffering from drug and alcohol abuse to send their teen to Inspirations For Youth and Families.

  15. DO NOT send your kids here. They don’t care about the kids, only the money. The staff are not professional and the good staff don’t stay long. My son told me how the staff cursed at him and that they ran out of food every week. They are completely disorganized and and nobody seems to know what they are doing.

    • I am with you Mary. Don’t know how places like this are able to stay open. They do not care about the kids. And they will lie to you and tell you whatever you want to hear to get your kid in. I was scared for my sons safety. Kids are bullied and the staff do nothing. I mean, I sent my kid there to get help and he got bullied by kids and even the staff.

    • My daughter is there now and I just got a phone call from the hospital. Inspirations did not call me. She is telling me they yell and curse at her. Please let me know what they did to your child. Trying to figure out if I should go get her. Thanks for your time.

      • My daughter is there now and her and four other girls ran away last night ended up being raped and came back high. I got a call an hour after she had been gone. This is the most unprofessional facility I have ever seen .

      • After working with adolescences in treatment for over 10 years. When your child is in treatment they will say to the parents whatever they think will work to get them out,
        ” Parent beware”! I have seen parents take their children out and they end or dead or back into drugs.

        • this place is very un professional. and false advertising. my son went missing overnite in front of staff and they cant chase the minor child. are you kidding me! its not 24 hour monitoring. my son went missing twice!! thank god i took him out of there. not safe

  16. Hello, both of my teen boys have been to Inspirations and Inspirations saved their lives. There were both using drugs, drinking alcohol and being totally out of control. We set up an intervention there with Dr. Hughes to get the oldest son in then the younger one went willingly. Both boys completed the treatment and are no longer using drugs or alcohol and they are both now involved in sports for their high school. Thank you Inspirations for saving my boys and putting them back on the path to a wonderful life.

  17. HI, I am a parent who has a son who was starting down the wrong path, not to say he was a bad seed, far from it. just had his priorities a little mixed up and dealing with hormones. anyway I sent my 15 year old son to Inspirations for substance abuse problems and a little bit of anger issues, it was hard saying goodbye to him, to think I wasn’t going to see him for a few months made me feel like a bad guy at first. but you know I had faith in the program and hoped he would see the light. I was amazed when he got back how much he changed for the better. Inspirations has saved his future, I would recommend this program to anyone with a troubled teen.

      • Do not send your child. Mart is rite. They don’t give a shit My daughter is there now and has been missing with 3 other girls since 9pm last night. They are of no help and neither are the police. So I’m sitting in Massachusetts wondering if my daughter is dead or alive . Feeling so hopeless they can’t give u any direct answers, they beat around the bush. One of the girls went back to the facility and told them where they were and nobody from that facility or police went out to find these girls. So it’s now 7:30 am and she’s been gone since 9pm and I still have no answers. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD SONT DO IT 4/2016 and the Doctor who runs this shit show facility is a piece of shit. Haven’t heard from him since my daughter left in March. Please pray my daughter and these girls are ok

  18. I follow all Inspirations posts and blogs, and all the interesting things you do with the teens and have seen video’s on academic as well as day trips you take the teens to. It is incredible all the things that one Teen Rehab can do as well. I love to see all the pictures of your teens having fun and at the same time learning. I will be sure to keep your teen rehab in mind for any of my patients or if they know of any friend or love one in need of a drug/alcohol Teen Rehab. I am very impressed with your rehab and know that it has saved a lot of teens life.

  19. Concerned Parent on

    Thank you for your response. We are going to need to reconsider our options at this time. It’s pretty stressful to consider the process to begin with, let alone worry that my child could potentially be running around ft lauderdale if he made a poor decision to leave the campus. The outcome of that if attempted could be pretty dangerous.
    Thanks again.
    Good luck to all!

  20. A Concerned Professional on

    I am remaining anonymous because I need to make sure my job is still stable after this posting. However, I want to point out that this place has very little care taken for patient safety. Several kids are able to run away very easily, they are then ‘Baker Acted’ even though they do not meet criteria for having a Baker Act. They run away and then the staff will Baker Act the patient. But then refuse to take the patient back to continue their rehab after they are deemed stable by the baker act facility. So these kids are sent to a baker act facility (which can only legally hold for 4-5 days when the patient is stable.) That means that these kids are effectively homeless and a lot of times are out of state. These baker act facilities will then have to call these kids parents, and many times the parents didn’t even know their kid had run away at all. Honestly if you’ve been burned by this facility for anything like this start contacting other parents and form a class action suit against them for filing fraudulent baker acts. Honestly, I don’t know of any other recourse besides that. If you are thinking of this place stay away. There are many other adolescent rehabs out there, maybe not ones that have so much publicity as this one. But they are out there. (BTW if your child has a penchant for running away at home or is not wanting to go to rehab make sure to ask for a LOCKED facility. This place only has a lock on the main gate. That’s it, it’s very easy to jump over the fence to leave and come back.) I have worked at such a baker act receiving facility for the past 5 years, and it’s heartbreaking to have to call these kids parents and listen to a parent realize their child is effectively homeless and out of state, and not getting the help they need. Please parents, sue this company form a class action. I’m begging you.

    • My Granddaughter just ran away from there with three other girls, they have been missing for three days. This place has a seriously lack of security, YOU ARE DEALING WITH TROUBLE TEENS!!!! Security is must what the hell is wrong with your facility! I will bring a class action suite against this facility. Any parents out there in the same situation with this facility please e-mail me [email protected]

    • Concerned parent on

      We were considering sending our child here. Do there is no supervision here and they can leave at anytime?
      I was under the impression that it was secure and adults were monitoring the kids? This is scary!
      Please advise.

      • There is Supervision, however it is not a lock down facility. There is a gate that is locked but they can climb the fence, the girls were at an outing at the beach and walked away, they tried to talk them into coming back but that is it. They will not detain them in any way. The girls were found yesterday all strung out, my Granddaughter had to go to the hospital we are flying her back tomorrow.

      • Considering lawsuit on

        This is a horrible facility–don’t send your child here. I was sold a great story about how they help the kids etc…fantastic therapy options, great dining options, runaways are not often, patients treated with respect, outings, etc–sunds great right?

        TRUTH– I question if my sons therapist was even licensed–she is one step removed from an internship program, dining options–frozen food and slop, runaways 2+ per week from boys side alone. Sorry but this is not what we signed up for. Do yourself and you child a favor–keep looking.

        • Hi Lee- Have you had any contact with any of the individuals you have tried to get in touch with regarding the help you need? I have been considering sending my son to Inspirations, but do have concerns after reading the negative posts here. Please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you.

    • Kelly Austin on

      How do I do this . My daughter is there and I got the phone call last nigh at 9 pm and she is still missing with two other girls. I’m getting no were or no information from the facility or the police. Went she left in March she ran twice and I never received any phone calls . They just keep passing the buck. My daughter is still missing almost 12 and I’m a wreck here in Mass and can only think of the unthinkable. Please advise and help

      • How horribel! I hope your daughter is okay. I agree. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD THERE. Nobody there knows what the heck is going on and they don’t care either. Lie to you so you send your kid there and whatever happens, oh well. How places like this stay open I just don’t understand. My son ran away and nobody gave a crap. A bunch of idiots work there

      • Parent of missing girl on

        I just went through the same thing this week! Please get in touch with me asap! I dont care what time it is! Please!!!!

  21. My son is enrolled in the program and I can already see a marked improvement. He loves his therapist and really enjoys the techs. He is enrolled in their online academy and actually caught up with his school work. They take him out on lots of fun day trips. So far I am very happy I sent him to Inspirations.

  22. My daughter went to Inspirations she was a mess before she got there. When she came back I didnt even recognize her she is a different person. She’s loving, caring and enjoys being with her family and now interested in school and actually talking about going to college. I recommend any parent who has a teen suffering from drug abuse to send there teen to Inspirations for youth and families.

  23. Inspirations is a success on so many levels. Not only do I personally know people that have had a smooth recovery, but they also give back to the community. Inspirations promotes awareness and is truly passionate about not only every individuals recovery but they also help guide individuals after the process is over. Inspirations is the whole package and I highly recommend them.

  24. Please don’t send your child here! I really thought this would be a great place . The website was misleading… says there are lots of activities and all they did was go to the beach. The food is not good, they go to a church where they feed them inmate style. Inspirations does not pay for good nutritional food. They buy the kids hot pockets and other frozen foods instead of teaching them how to cook nutritional meals. I spoke to several unprofessional staff, a woman named Cindy.. well I was pretty appalled. We got our bill for this place and our portion is over $217,000. I just feel that for this amount kids should have had TOP treatment. But not so. My story is too long to post. But please don’t believe their website. When I agreed to send my son here, I was told my insurance would cover all expenses. Now I have this HUGE bill of over $217,000!

    • Tell me about it….they made my daughter sleep on the floor and no one could have given me a legitimate reason!!

      • Parent having doubts now on

        Can you please tell me the outcome? We were considering sending our son here. We are very apprehensive after reading these comments. How did things go with your child?
        Thank you in advance.

    • Hi,

      My name is Evan Allen, I’m a reporter with the Boston Globe. I would like to speak with you about your family’s experience at Inspirations. Could you call me at 617-620-9800 or email at [email protected]. I am happy to answer any questions you have for me.

      Thank you,

  25. This place is a complet mess!!! They don’t conduct a full body search apon addmit the second day I was there their was heroin avalible brought in by another teen the staff is inconsiderate of what you are going through they force the patients to write positive things on there blog. I saw a psychiatrist once duing my 30 day sta . There is absolutly no aftercare information avaliable i had to make outpatient arrangments myself. The therapist there are no help at all when you finally are able to see them.

    • Hi,

      My name is Evan Allen, I’m a reporter with the Boston Globe. I would like to speak with you about your experience at Inspirations. Could you call me at 617-620-9800, or email at [email protected]? I am happy to answer any questions you have for me.

      Thank you,

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