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insightThe Basics

Insight Services, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, offers outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)  for substance abuse to men, women and adolescents. It was founded in 2009 and moved to its current location in 2012. The substance abuse program is 12-step-based and offers dual diagnosis treatment to those with co-occurring disorders. Insight Services is within five blocks of several community services, including sober living homes.

Treatment and Staff

Clinicians at Insight use DBT, CBT, mindfulness training, yoga, neurofeedback, REBT and an adaptation of the Matrix Model. Adolescents may work with the Teen Matrix Model, which has been modified to include materials for teens and their parents or guardians.

Outpatient and IOP services are offered from six months to two years—the staff believes that the longer the client is in treatment, the better their chances are for eventual success. Clients are also free to transition down into outpatient care after they complete IOP.

Group sizes at Insight are 12 clients or less, with the exception of the education group, which can sometimes be larger. Aside from 12-step philosophy, staff also introduce their clients to SMART Recovery, though this is much less of a focus.

Each client receives individual sessions based on their needs. If they are in IOP, they receive at least two one-on-one sessions weekly, otherwise they get only one. IOP clients attend two weekly group therapy sessions while outpatient clients only attend one.

Insight doesn’t have a doctor on staff, nor does it contract with one. Those entering the facility in need of detox are referred to a nearby facility in Colorado Springs.

The staff-to-client ratio at Insight is one-to-30, based on the agency’s census. Staff certifications include LPC, CAC, LCSW, PsyD, CACII and RYT.


Insight offers a family program that consists of individual therapy with clients’ family members. Participants learn to change their behaviors to be more supportive of their loved ones in recovery. These sessions also provide a safe, confidential environment for family members to discuss how their loved one’s substance abuse issues have affected them.

While aftercare isn’t an official part of Insight’s program, outpatient counseling is sometimes used as an aftercare resource for alumni (as well as for alumni of outside inpatient programs). These sessions primarily cover relapse prevention, with the same scheduling as standard outpatient care.

In Summary

Insight Services offers a solid program of outpatient substance abuse services for those seeking outpatient care. It may not be a good fit for those seeking a more flexible program where they have more input in choosing what services they’ll receive, but those in need of structure should find Insight’s evidence-based approach refreshing.

Insight Services
212 E Monument St
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Insight Services Cost: Sliding scale (private insurance accepted). Reach Insight Services by phone at (719) 447-0370.  Find Insight Services on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Sherry L. Smith on

    I’ve attended Insight Services’s program for over a year. I am deeply unsatisfied! They do not make a distinction between people who are there voluntarily versus people who are there through legal mandatory obligation. They treat everyone equally like s**t. Insight Services has discriminated against me through my disability, as well as through truly-false positive test results for benzodiazipems. I was NOT taking them, I vow on my life! Yet, over a month past when I was given the medication in hospital, I kept testing positive for substances I was not injesting. It was so wrong! I was always honest with my therapists about my medical situation, because that’s the only way to achieve healing. However, they never believed me about not taking benzodiazipems, and were totally rallying against me and advocating I enter a rehab facility—when I REALLY WASN’T taking the meds! And I couldn’t afford the rehab, regardless!

    Insight Services was a horrible experience for me. The Director, Joanie Lewis, was completely hard-hearted towards my situation, and wouldn’t budge an inch. She broke the law and forbade my legal service dog, until she consulted her lawyer, who educated her that she couldn’t do that. She eventually apologized, but the damage was done.

    My therapy with Insight Services was sub-par. My therapist was focused on my current issues and not the root of my disorder. It often felt as though I was just laying the groundwork for a breakthrough, but we never achieved the actual “aha!” moment.

    If you have a choice of facilities, do not choose Insight Services! You will regret it.

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