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InSight Counseling, LLC


The Basics

Situated in the Overland Park neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas, InSight Counseling, LLC is a treatment facility that specializes in the care of clients struggling with eating disorders as well as individuals with co-occurring mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders. Founded in 1993, it provides individualized treatment that integrates a number of therapeutic methods including psychodynamic therapy, evidence-based models, holistic modalities and nutrition counseling. In addition, for clients in need of dual diagnosis support, InSight works with outside psychiatrists to facilitate medication management. InSight primarily offers customized outpatient therapies, education and nutrition counseling. The 12-step recovery method is not as aspect of the curriculum.

Treatment and Staff

InSight Counseling seeks to instill in clients a healthy and balanced relationship with food and exercise while boosting individual self-esteem. The facility treats clients with an array of eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, compulsive exercising, binge eating and body distortion and body dysmorphic disorder. In addition, InSight provides care for overweight and underweight individuals as well as those with diabetes, insulin resistance and co-occurring mental conditions like anxiety, OCD and those suffering from panic attacks. Clients beginning treatment first undergo a comprehensive assessment and evaluation that helps the InSight team design the most effective individualized care strategy tailored to the unique needs, goals and circumstances of the individual.  

To ensure a truly individualized treatment program, Insight offers a multifaceted approach to care the synchronizes a number of therapeutic methods including evidence-based, holistic, education and nutrition therapy. Clients engage in individual, group, couples family therapy. Licensed psychologists employ several therapies like psychotherapy, CBT, the Maudsley approach and psychodynamic therapy to uncover root causes in the psyche. The team utilizes exposure and response therapy, practices habit reversal and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) as well as holistic methods like mindfulness. Focus groups concentrate on body image, eating disorders and reshaping negative thoughts and behavior patterns. Clients work with nutritionists to rebuild their diet and relationship with exercise. In addition, Insight offers eating disorder prevention workshops that are open to the community.

InSight Counseling is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of licensed psychologists, CSWs, clinical professional counselors and registered dietitians. It collaborates with physicians and psychiatrists.


InSight offers the Maudsley family-based method that simultaneously educates the client’s family about the eating disorder and shows them how to better support their child while also instilling a healthier body image in the individual. Families learn better communication skills and the importance of setting boundaries.

In Summary

Located in Kansas City, InSight Counseling, LLC is an outpatient treatment facility that provides care for clients struggling with an array of eating disorders as well as co-occurring mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. With a team of licensed psychologists, social workers and nutritionists, InSight offers comprehensive, individualized outpatient programming that includes a plethora of therapies including psychodynamic, holistic and evidence-based models like CBT, ACT and exposure and response therapy. Clients engage in individual, group and extensive family therapy. For clients in the Kansas City area seeking a help with eating disorders, weight and body image issues, InSight Counseling is an excellent resource.

InSight Counseling, LLC
8400 W 110th St, Ste 610
Overland Park, KS 66210

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