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Located in a former bed and breakfast in Loveland, Colorado, InnerBalance Health Center (IHC) is a addiction rehab facility that offers a 28-day residential program, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), traditional outpatient and aftercare. IHC has a unique philosophy of treatment. Along with traditional kinds of therapy, all of IHC’s programs include Biochemical Restoration, an attempt to correct chemical imbalances that some believe are a cause of addiction. Along with talk therapy and emotional and lifestyle counseling, IHC promotes proper nutrition and vitamin, Amino Acid Therapy and hormone replacement therapies.

Accommodations and Food

The Cattail Creek Inn was a high-end bed and breakfast before IHC began using the property to house its clients. The bedrooms are large, and many feature private patios with mountain views. Each room has a private bathroom and most of the rooms are single occupancy, but there are a few double rooms.

Proper nutrition is vital to the core philosophy of IHC, so the menu at the program is very carefully planned, and includes gourmet organic meals. There are two registered dieticians on the staff at IHC, and the program uses the results of lab tests to pinpoint specific nutritional imbalances and then aims to correct them partially through a carefully planned diet. That means no caffeine and no sugar.

Treatment and Staff

The philosophy of treatment at IHC is to provide three avenues of care at once: talk therapy, emotional and lifestyle counseling and biochemical restoration. IHC’s main treatment modality of is DBT. Residential clients at IHC have individual sessions three times a week and attend a total of 80 group sessions over the 28-day course of treatment.

The IOP program provides the same level of care as the residential program to patients who don’t live on the property. That means a total of 80 four hour group sessions, although their specific time can be flexible depending on clients’ schedules. The outpatient program at IHC is a combination of group therapy and individual therapy. Outpatients typically attend 24 group sessions as well as meeting with individual therapists on a weekly basis. While IHC is not 12-step based, it supports and encourages clients to seek community based treatment, whether that’s AA, NA or another peer-supported group.

The third aspect of the IHC treatment strategy is biochemical repair. According to IHC, biochemical repair is the “missing link” to treating addiction. They believe talk therapy has only a 20 to 30 percent success rate when used as a single treatment strategy for substance abuse, but they’ve been able to achieve much greater success by combining it with biochemical repair. The first step to repairing one’s biochemistry is to identify imbalances. IHC does this through lab testing each client, and comparing the results with his or her reported symptoms and nutritional profile. Once the imbalances have been identified, IHC’s staff uses the results of these analyses to create an individualized biochemical restoration health plan. That means IV drips, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and hormone replacement therapies, as well as a healthy diet.

IHC offers no detox facilities, but can refer those who need them to suitable programs. It accepts clients with co-occurring disorders and will work with outside mental health resources when necessary. The staff at IHC includes two physicians, a psychologist, CSACs, Licensed Mental Health Counselors as well as staff members trained in Reiki, and Ayurvedic Medicine.


IHC’s program includes membership at a state-of-the-art health club with a pool, Jacuzzi, and personal training sessions available. It provides bicycles for clients to ride during their free time, and the property adjoins a public golf course, so clients can play a few holes between therapy sessions. IHC also offers clients field trips to places like movies, museums, cultural events and fairs.

All clients at IHC have lifestyle and emotional counseling sessions that cover nutrition, mental health, life coaching, spiritual counseling, family reintegration and Reiki. IHC offers residential, outpatient and IOP clients 11 hours of aftercare, which includes life coaching/biocounseling for 11 months following the completion of the program. It also offers a lifetime of weekly aftercare group meetings.

In Summary

The unique program at InnerBalance Health Center offers highly personalized substance abuse treatment in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. IHC’s focus on biochemical restoration through vitamins, supplements and good nutrition is fairly non-traditional, so a person looking for a more widely accepted kind of treatment should probably look elsewhere. However, clients seeking a holistic program with beautiful views and a caring staff will find this to be great fit.

InnerBalance Health Center Location

1414 W. 28th St
Loveland, CO 80538

InnerBalance Health Center Cost

$25,714 (30 days). Reach InnerBalance Health Center by phone at (800) 900-BALANCE (2252) or by email at [email protected]. Find InnerBalance Health Center on Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. InnerBalance staff and program saved my life, but only because I was willing to do the work. I would highly recommend the program. Did I struggle after the program, yes, but the staff at the facility helped me turn my life around, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

  2. I went to Inner Balance in July of 2017. I was on suboxone and wanted to get off of it. Inner Balance made it VERY clear that they are NOT a medical detox. So, if you want your comfort meds for opiate addiction GO ELSEWHERE. I came into the facility at a dose of 2mg. I had tapered from 8mg in the 4 weeks prior. I was basically in constant wd the entire time leading up to the 2mg dose. I was not expecting this to be easy. I anticipated a wd that would last weeks if not months.
    After giving Inner Balance $23,000 cash, they informed me that if I wanted to see their suboxone Dr., that it would be an extra $500. I did not opt to do that since I was already working with a suboxone Dr. and had done a LARGE amount of research on the neurobiology and psychopharmacology of suboxone in the brain.
    When I asked them about how I was going to get off suboxone they said they would do a taper over the course of 2 weeks (rehab was intended to be 28 days total) and take me off at a low dose. FOR ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANYTHING about the half-life of suboxone, you KNOW that tapering from 2mg to nothing in 2 weeks is virtually the same as jumping from 2mg. I wanted to be my sickest in rehab because at home I have 3 dogs to take care of and a job to work. Again, I wasn’t expecting this to be easy… but I wanted a good start.
    I had read reviews about Inner Balance and I read a review where someone said they went there with a pill addiction and came out with a nice suboxone habit in the long run. After talking to the owner about that comment, he claimed that people from competing rehabs write lies for reviews all the time. I got the idea that he was definitely wanting my money. I don’t blame him.
    So, in rehab I tried to stop taking suboxone after being there a couple days. I was going to rehab to get clean, NOT to continue suboxone.
    Long story short, I ended up in the ER with heart palps and a dangerously high BP. The ER Dr. gave me valium, clonidine, and trazadone to help with wd. aka “benzo protocol for opiate wd” INNER BALANCE WOULD NOT give me the valium to ease the wd because they claimed it was habit forming.
    ALSO, since I was dropped off at the ER in the middle of the night, when it came time for me to be picked up, the staff member on duty COULDN’T FIND THE HOSPITAL. There I was, in a foreign town, sitting on the curb at 2am, DOPESICK with no way to fill the RX. I waited on the curb for over an HOUR until the lady found me after repeated times calling her. $20,000 and your staff can’t find the ER?
    I hate bentos…. and don’t forget the alcoholics were getting their daily dose of librium. Later, Joe claimed that the only reason I went to the hospital was because I WAS DRUG SEEKING. Damn right I was drug seeking. There is NO REASON anyone should have to quit suboxone (one of the nastiest opiates out there cold turkey).
    So, Inner Balance said, tough it out. They had taken me off caffeine and sugar immediately so there were definitely effects from that occurring as well. They told me not to come off the suboxone and kept saying things like, “What happens if you can’t make it to group? What happens if you ‘go down?'”. I WENT TO REHAB TO GET OFF DRUGS. I NEEDED A PLACE TO BE SICK. Their solution: the hot sauna in the basement, healthy food, and that’s it. No sleep meds. Nothing.
    So, after the ER, I induced myself at a dose of .75 and it was BARELY holding me, but like I said, I wanted off.
    To make it short, I left rehab after a week, received no refund, but was offered therapy ongoing at no cost, and when I went back for therapy after taking myself off suboxone at home, the owner ASKED ME HOW I GOT OFF IT. I felt like saying, well for $23,000 I’d be happy to tell you.

    DO NOT GO HERE IF OPIATES ARE YOUR DOC. They are NOT equipped to deal with you. Go to West Pines. You might actually have a chance. The therapists at Inner Balance are mediocre at best. Oh, and take the fucking poppy wreath OFF the door of the house and get rid of the orange smelling bathroom spray that smells like suboxone strips. Give me a break…

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