Infinite Recovery: A Holistic Approach to Drug Rehab in Austin
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Infinite Recovery: A Holistic Approach to Drug Rehab in Austin


austin drug rehabFor an addict looking to get clean and sober there is no shortage of drug and alcohol rehabs out there. An Internet search will pull up many different options ranging from high-end luxury rehabs, to government funded treatment options. The availability of drug rehabs today is fantastic news for those seeking help. However, it can also make it more difficult to find a quality program that clearly states what it offers and specifically states what treatment looks like. There is something to be said for submitting yourself to the process of a program, demonstrating the willingness to accept whatever is offered, regardless of how emotionally and physically uncomfortable it might be. But despite sharing the commonality of dealing with addiction issues, we all have lives that are as unique as our own fingerprint or DNA.

is an  with a holistic approach. It could be an ideal option for anyone in need of treatment, regardless of what level of care they might be seeking. We spoke with Robin Lindeman, the Clinical Director at Infinite Recovery, about what makes Infinite Recovery’s approach to Treatment unique.

“What is unique about Infinite Recovery is the track that we provide,” said Lindeman. “Most drug and alcohol treatment are only inpatient. They are discharged and then they go back to life. The real work begins on an outpatient basis when they are learning to live life on life’s terms.”

As far as treatment options are concerned, Infinite Recovery has all the bases covered. Everything is offered—detox, inpatient, outpatient, aftercare, and sober living. Intervention, which is not always necessary but can sometimes be a catalyst to motivating someone to seek help, is also offered. This is a program tailored to the specific needs of each client, so entering one of the highest levels of care, detox or residential treatment, is not required for those who do not need or want those services.

Infinite Recovery emphasizes the value of 12-step recovery and introduces clients to its principles. It also encourages them to become involved in a 12-step fellowship. However, it couples this with its “8 Dimensions of Wellness.” These 8 Dimensions are a way to apply the holistic model of care to the addict’s life while in treatment, and to help them become more fulfilled as human beings. Each level of care focuses on specific “Dimensions” and when utilized in conjunction with the 12 steps, each complements the other.

The dual diagnosis component is also addressed at Infinite Recovery. Seeing a psychiatrist, going to meetings, and building a social support network can be crucial for someone who is dually diagnosed (dealing with a mental health condition as well as addiction). For many addicts and alcoholics, the drugs used were a means of coping with existing mental health issues. Infinite Recovery’s holistic approach to treatment includes providing the care needed to deal with mental health issues that may be present.

At many rehabs the treatment focuses heavily on removing the immediate problem, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and looking at the problems it has caused. But there isn’t as much emphasis on finding real, practical solutions to what may be a lack of basic tools for dealing with life. This is even true for many long-term residential programs, where clients live in self-contained environments amongst peers and have minimal contact with life outside of the treatment center. They don’t fully address treating all aspects of a person’s life, and some of the significant obstacles they will face to integrating back into the world.

Infinite Recovery acknowledges this issue and Lindeman commented that, “30-day spin dries are a fundamental problem in our industry. The importance of tailoring a plan unique to each individual and helping them identify sober social support is so important. There are a lot of moving parts that we address. For example, many young adults have no life skills. When in outpatient we work with them on finding a job, budgeting and life skills.”

Infinite Recovery’s emphasis on a holistic model that provides a shorter inpatient residential stay but a longer period of ongoing support during outpatient, aftercare, or sober living may make a huge difference for many individuals seeking treatment. The approach seems as if it could be particularly impactful for younger adults and those who have made multiple attempts at various treatment facilities without success. Austin has a huge recovery community and checking into Infinite Recovery could be a great new start for someone looking to make a positive change in their life.

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