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Huntington Creek Recovery Center in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania is a large scale co-ed facility serving adults who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Besides providing 12-step oriented recovery, Huntington Creek also offers experiential therapies that are proven to assist men and women break free from the chains of addiction. It is under the umbrella of Acadia Healthcare.

Accommodations and Food

All rooms are semi-private, each shared between two residents. Every client gets a twin bed, desk and dresser, and all rooms come with private bathrooms. The nutritious meals are prepared by an in-house chef each day.

Treatment and Staff

When necessary, stays at Huntington Creek begin in the recently renovated detox wing. Their detox program is medically monitored by around-the-clock nursing staff and has a total of 21 beds.

Huntington Creek believes in the disease concept of addiction and follows Hazelden’s Minnesota model, a highly 12-step oriented approach to treatment. The center has a medical doctor on staff who makes weekly visits and employs a 24-hour nursing staff, though primarily staff consists of counselors who work with clients one-on-one and in group sessions.

Residents are required to attend daily AA and NA meetings that are held in-house. The typical stay is 30 days, following which Huntington Creek provides a comprehensive program of extended aftercare that lasts between 90 and 180 days for a reduced cost. About half of the residents in the inpatient program participate in the aftercare, which monitors the progress of each client and sets concrete goals for their continued recovery. In addition to the obvious banned items at a rehab facility (such as drugs or weapons), electronics of any kind are not permitted on the premises.

In Summary

As part of Acadia Healthcare, Huntington Creek Recovery Center in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania is a large scale co-ed facility serving those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Besides providing 12-step oriented recovery, Huntington Creek Recovery Center is also an accredited school that makes sure residents keep up with their studies.

Huntington Creek Recovery Center Location

890 Bethel Hill Rd
Shickshinny, PA 18655

Huntington Creek Recovery Center Cost

$19,500 (28 days). Reach Huntington Creek Recovery Center by phone at (800) 582-6241. 

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  1. Some of the staff there are amazing, others are very rude. If you go in there for alcohol problems, this place is grreat. If you go in there for opiate problems .. you may run into a huge problem yourself. For opiate addicts, half of the patient gets tapered comfortably off of suboxone, while the other half are put on a librium (plus about six other meds) regimen, which does NOTHING for opiate withdrawal .. and you are left to lay there in bed while you suffer and feel like death. Meanwhile, while feeling like death, you are expected to get up and go to the gym for meals. If you miss the meals, you’re screwed for the day. They are very strict with the rules there in general. One lady yelled at me for sitting in the wrong chair when I was brand new. The staff also lies to you, and your family, which I found out once I was reunited with my family. They lied and told my family member I was too sick to come to the phone and talk to her, meanwhile when she came in my room and never asked me anything about going to a phone to talk to my family. The doctor there is a nasty woman who does not treat you as an individual, does not care about a word you have to say regarding you treatment, and basically dictates your meds how she wants. It’s her way or the highway. If it wasn’t for them taking me off most of my home meds which I genuinely needed (and didn’t abuse), and then not putting me suboxone on to taper me off of opiates like they did for 75% of the other patients, I might have had a better stay at Clearbrook. But the second I tried to advocate for myself, I was treated like dirt. Word of advice if you’re going there for opaite withdrawal… lie and don’t EVER tell them you’ve done a benzodiapine of any kind or you will be put on a useless librium regimen, plus six other meds that knocked me on my ass for two days straight, so basically I was left there to withdrawal but was so loopy I couldn’t do anything to make myself comfortable. I was more fucked up on the meds there then I ever have been on drugs on the street, and even though you have a RIGHT as a human being to refuse medications, one of the nurses hand fed them down my throat after I said I didn’t want them. Wish they would’ve just listened to me and treated me like an individual when it came to my meds because I would have really enjoyed the rest of my stay there.

    • This facility is no longer owned by Clearbrook. They have a new program just for us opiate addicts.

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