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Chicago IllinoisThe Basics

The Human Resources Development Institute, Inc. found its beginnings in 1973 when Vincent Bakeman and Doris M. Lomax met with other concerned residents of South Chicago in an effort to call attention to the lack of mental health services for African Americans. The organization of HRDI was forged to help provide addiction treatment, family services, HIV/AIDS prevention and education as well as child and family services. As a result of this endeavor, the Harriet Tubman Home for Women and Children was developed to provide residential substance abuse treatment for women including pregnant and postpartum mothers and their children. Specific HRDI programs—including the Harriet Tubman Women’s program—are licensed both by the Illinois Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse and CARF.

Accommodations and Food

The Harriet Tubman house is designed to accommodate clients and their children with all the comforts of living in an updated building. The facility was once a convent and has since been renovated into the residential treatment facility it is today.

Treatment and housing are in the same building for convenience and the safety of the children. The facility offers single and double occupancy rooms that may be shared by a client and her child. 15 rooms are available with 20 beds in total; five rooms are single occupancy and typically reserved for women with newborn infants.

The building has a media center, outdoor space with a play area for children and a large group room where most therapy is facilitated. Watching TV and playing games with children in common areas is permitted during specified times throughout the day and evening.

Meals are served cafeteria-style with healthy options for children and well-balanced meals for the mothers. Coffee and tea are available but sugary snacks are limited. Mothers are responsible for the care of their children at all times, but during group sessions the older kids in residence may be in the daycare area with staff.

Treatment and Staff

Harriet Tubman is a residential treatment program that offers round-the-clock care for women and their children under the age of four. Before a resident can begin treatment, they must first be screened over the phone to ensure they are a proper fit for the dynamics of the program. Afterwards, the client is brought in for a biopsychosocial screening to assess the acuity of their chemical dependency. Children as well as the mother are psychologically assessed for behavioral and developmental issues. In general, residents and their children stay for a maximum of 90 days.

All treatment follows an individualized treatment approach to ensure all residents receive a comprehensive recovery experience. Residents who require dual diagnosis support are seen by a psychiatrist for medication management as additional psychoanalysis. In the event that the child has additional mental health or physical health concerns, they are further assessed and treated by a specialist at HRDI.

On average, clients attend 25 to 30 hours per week of intensive substance abuse treatment. Group therapy is the primary method allowing residents to develop bonds and trust by interacting as a unit. Groups are facilitated by LCSWs, CASACs as well as LPCs. Topics include women empowerment, domestic violence, sexual trauma and relapse prevention. The residents also attend many parenting classes and psychoeducation courses to develop their parenting skills and general knowledge of addiction. Individual therapy is conducted as often as the client needs, typically once or twice per week. Therapy methods utilize 12-step concepts and evidence-based practices.


In addition to the wide variety of services available for women and their children, the staff at the facility offer vocational services and housing assistance for graduates. Most clients stay connected to the facility and return to attend groups and meetings to support new house members and their children. HRDI’s wide scope of treatment programs may be utilized if additional services are required.

In Summary

The Harriet Tubman Women’s and Children Treatment Facility offers a much needed service for mothers in need. In addition to providing the women with substance abuse assistance, the children are cared for and given support by staff. For three months, women can work towards their recovery while maintaining their connection and improving their relationships with their children. The staff work diligently with clients to set them up for success after completing the program with community resources and vocational assistance.

Harriet Tubman Women and Children’s Residential Home
11352 South State
Chicago, IL 60628

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