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Howard P. Goodman, Addiction Specialist


Howard P. Goodman, Addiction Specialist Review

Howard P. Goodman is a private practice psychotherapist and LMFT in Los Angeles who specializes in addiction. Since 2006 he has worked within inpatient and outpatient facilities to provide treatment for men and women who are struggling with chemical dependency, sex addiction and co-occurring disorders. He facilitates group therapy and also offers individual therapy through his Woodland Hills private office. Goodman also conducts services as a primary therapist at Prominence Treatment Center of Calabasas.

Treatment and Staff

Goodman brings his professional and personal experiences to his clients; in addition to working in the field of addiction for over 11 years, he is also sober and has been in recovery many years. In his practice, he uses evidence-based treatment models in combination with the 12 steps to help guide his clients into changing their thought patterns. These concepts are given to clients during in-person therapy sessions as well as his book, You Can Stay Sober, which offers a step by step guide starting with the early stages of recovery to maintenance.

Treatment approaches include CBT, relapse prevention, coping skills, DBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and some spiritual guidance. He emphasizes the importance of exercise and a healthy diet, and often helps clients figure out a good meal plan for the initial stages of sobriety. Additionally, Goodman addresses how to deal with cravings and identify triggers, as well as how to begin the process of change by eliminating negative elements from each client’s life.


Goodman works with clients’ loved ones and family members to help them deal with addiction and get them connected to a support community, like Al-Anon. Additionally, he offers couples individual therapy with a specialty in improving communication, working through the past, and working on the overall quality of their relationship.

Aftercare is an important aspect to Goodman’s treatment philosophy and over the years he has coached hundreds of his clients on how to remain sober. He passes on 24 of the most effective recovery tools, practices and activities and assists his clients in reorganizing their life schedule so as to avoid any temptation.

In Summary

Howard P. Goodman is an addiction specialist that brings his personal experience in recovery along with over 25 years as a working therapist. Clients can expect straightforward methods to getting and staying sober. Having made the treatment of addiction his life’s work, it’s clear Goodman is passionate about recovery, qualified to treat a variety of men and women struggling with substance abuse and a solid resource within the Southern California rehabilitation community.

Howard P. Goodman, Addiction Specialist Location

Howard P. Goodman
5525 Oakdale Ave, Ste # 410
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Howard P. Goodman, Addiction Specialist Cost

Call for details; accepts insurance. Reach Howard P. Goodman by phone at (818) 754-8644. Find Howard P. Goodman on Facebook

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