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house-of-prayerHouse of Prayer Review

Located in the small town of Jamestown, North Carolina, House of Prayer is a non-profit residential Christian facility which promotes a highly religious-oriented path to recovery. Unlike many drug and alcohol recovery facilities, House of Prayer relies almost exclusively on faith rather than evidence-based treatment to help residents find sobriety.

Accommodations and Food

Generally there are no more than 20 residents at a time at the House of Prayer program accommodated in a small one story housing unit next to the chapel. Clients share double-occupancy rooms with twin beds and basic furnishings. The facility has two shared bathrooms.

Residents have a series of weekly chore duties to complete during their stay, including laundry and cleaning the facility each day. Clients are not permitted to have cell phones, iPods or other MP3 players at House of Prayer. Furthermore, residents are expected to dress neatly; T-shirts with band or commercial logos on them are not permitted. Finally, clients with long hair or a beard may be asked to trim their locks or shave.

Residents at House of Prayer can expect three hot meals a day served in the dining room prepared by the in-house chef, a former restaurateur from New York.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at House of Prayer typically lasts a minimum of 90 days and revolves around establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ as a path to recovery. There is no 12-step component to the treatment at House of Prayer, nor is there CBT, DBT, dual-diagnosis support or other common staples of recovery facilities.

Days begin early with a 5:30 am wake up call and an hour of prayer before breakfast. Afterwards, they begin their first of three chapel sessions for the day. These sessions comprise the bulk of the treatment at House of Prayer, as preachers or religious teachers provide lectures or Bible study sessions. There is no group or individual therapy available. After dinner, there is a final chapel session.

Nights are quiet at the House of Prayer. After evening chapel, clients are not permitted to watch general TV, though occasionally spiritual videos are screened and occasional exceptions are made for Monday Night Football. On Sundays, families are allowed to visit with clients from 1 to 4 pm.

There is no medical detox at House of Prayer, nor is there a doctor on staff or medication management. The staff consists of several house managers and founder Tom Barron, a pastor who leads the daily chapel sessions. There is no aftercare program offered at House of Prayer.


There’s little in the way of extras at House of Prayer, though on weekends clients can participate in group basketball and volleyball games.

In Summary

Overall, the House of Prayer is a single-minded religious institution with a focus on Christianity. All modern methods and concepts of treatment are absent here and clients should be prepared for a very religious and ascetic approach to recovery. Although those looking for a more evidence-based approach might want to look elsewhere, those who are devout Christians may find House of Prayer a good fit.

House of Prayer Location

5884 Riverdale Rd
Jamestown, NC 27282

House of Prayer Cost

$400-$800 (30 days, income-based). Reach House of Prayer by phone at (336) 882-1026 or by email.

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