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In 2013, 12-step based Hope Rehab Center opened its doors the Si Racha District of Chon Buri, in Thailand. Ironically, the facility is based in the heart of southeast Asia near the Golden Triangle, a region historically for opium cultivation. Hope Rehab offers intensive residential substance abuse treatment, including detox. Founder Simon Mott is a recovering addict and certified addiction counselor from the UK who has been clean since 2004.  As an ex-pat, Mott wanted to create a rehab that blended all of what he thought to be the most effective approaches from both eastern philosophy and western addiction medicine to treat substance abuse. All services at Hope Rehab are offered in English.

Accommodations and Food

Hope Rehab Center houses its clients in a lovely open-air facility with a view of the sea and islands. All rooms are private and each has its own en-suite bathroom, offering 20 beds, overall. Hope Rehab Center grounds also include meditation gardens, a swimming pool, an outdoor area and deck that clients use for yoga and Thai boxing (better known as Muay Thai). There is also a semi-outdoor deck which is covered enough to protect clients in case of rains.

All food is provided to clients during their stay at Hope Rehab Center. Clients get three authentic, home-cooked Thai meals a day and have access to unlimited soft drinks and smoothies. They also get to go out to eat outside of the facility at local restaurants three or four times per week.

Treatment and Staff

Upon entering Hope Rehab Center treatment, clients can begin with a supervised detox that includes Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) if necessary. This phase typically lasts no more than a week. Moving into the inpatient program, clients undergo daily group therapy that mainly employs the CBT modality and also incorporates elements of the Minnesota Model. Clients also attend two to three individual sessions with their counselor per week. Residents get the benefit of psychoeducational and 12-step approaches, as well as relapse prevention classes and SMART recovery. AA/NA meetings are available both on and off-site throughout the day.

Hope Rehab Center employs four counselors, a psychologist, a senior therapist, an addiction nurse and mindfulness coach, a regular registered nurse, three administration staff members who help with visas and travel, a yoga, Pilates and mindfulness teacher, four peer counselors, two massage techs, as well as a cooking staff of three.


Hope Rehab Center runs mindfulness meetings and guided meditations in individual and group varieties. There is a focus on fitness as part of Hope Rehab Center’s program which includes cycling, swimming at the pool as well as nearby beaches, gym workouts, Pilates and jogging. Therapeutic massages and Tai Chi are included as part of the fitness regime as well. On Sundays clients get to go on island excursions.

Transfers to and from Bangkok airport are provided to clients on a complimentary basis.

In Summary

In its short life, the Hope Rehab Center has put together a fabulous inpatient treatment program, which could rival any around the world. At a little under $7,000 for 30 days of treatment, including detox, as well as a monthly cost that reduces the longer a client stays on ($6,000 for month two, $5,500 for month three), Hope Rehab Center may be one of the best treatment deals among our list of rehab center reviews. The only catch is that despite solid services, beautiful exotic surroundings and relatively low cost, Hope Rehab Center does not accept insurance. Still, this is a great option for those who are seeking to truly leave behind their regular lives, while enjoying the the benefits of a 12-step approach and an English-speaking staff.

Hope Rehab Center Location

Moo 9 Bang Phra, Si Racha District
Chon Buri 20110, Thailand

Hope Rehab Center Cost

$5,500-$6,900 (30 days, including detox). Reach Hope Rehab Center by phone at +66 (895) 291-297, or by email at [email protected]. Find Hope Rehab Center on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest

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  1. Review HOPE Rehab, Thailans from a Dutch Alcoholic, basd in Switzerland.

    For those of you in search of a high quality, very affordable Rehabilitation Program, I can sincerely recommend the Hope rehab clinic in Thailand, situated at the beach town of …, just 1 hour away from Bangkok.

    This is my second Rehab clinic, following my rock-bottom relapse after my (expensive USD 14,000 – 4 week program) first Rehab experience in a clinic just outside Chiang Muay, north of Thailand.

    During my 4 weeks at the HOPE clinic, I started my day with choosing from a rich choice of offered physical exercises, e.g. Muay Thai kickboxing, yoga, bicycling to walking or running at locations outside the clinic compound, followed by shower, breakfast and a meditation & gratitude session.

    The next part of the morning brings the group together in 2.5 hours Process Group sessions, under the rotating guidance of one of the counsellors.

    In comparison, I can say that the themes of the process Group are really interesting as well as the related group exercises, where fellow peers share very personal experiences and thoughts. And, yes, we surely laughed a lot!

    Following delicious lunch, the afternoon is for more personalized activities. Twice a week, there is one-on-one counselling sessions, a 1 weekly one-on-one Mindfulness session, twice a week a professional massage, organized outings, shopping & physical exercise opportunities. The afternoons also allow for doing counsellor recommended exercises, or just (very important in my opinion) digest the information passed over from counsellors, peers and interns.

    The end of the afternoon is ended by spiritual meditation sessions, group Mindfulness sessions or a chat amongst peers on the beach side terrace.

    I wish to end my short recap of 4 so important weeks of my addictive life, that the commitment, honesty and professionalism of counsellors in sobriety and team at large has given me the tools to start walking my path of sobriety and well-being with sufficient confidence. Now two week at home and at work, finding a very new routine, I am reminded that only my unreserved discipline to my recovery plan will be the key to success.

    However, when “my ass is on fire”, HOPE will always be there to support. And that’s no blabla, as I experienced such readiness from the HOPE team!

    So, thank you all of you, out there at HOPE!!

  2. I was very lucky; when my drinking became so bad and my family staged an intervention, they knew that a traditional 12 step rehab program in the U.S. would NOT work for me. My brother knew that my previous success in sobriety had revolved around my Buddhist interests and the practices of meditation, yoga and mindfulness. He found HOPE. From the first minute I was picked up I felt welcomed and cared for. I was sick and detoxing and they made me as comfortable as possible. In a few days I was up and around, off detox and able to start the program! The exercise is the first thing you do in the morning. What a great way to kick start your day! I became obsessed with yoga taught by co-founder Alon, she’s amazing. Then meditation, mindfulness and gratitude at 9 and a couple hours of group midday with focus on CBT and recovery strategies. After lunch there are individual sessions in the afternoon, either massage, therapy, homework, shopping or more exercise! My therapist Doug was a perfect fit for me and a great therapist. I was able to work through some important things while I was there. The food is fabulous and healthy. The entire staff is friendly and helpful. Becoming part of the community while at HOPE is a big part of the experience that should not be missed. We’re all going through a similar journey to recovery and are there to support each other. I made some wonderful, lifetime friends while I was there. The grounds and rooms are beautiful with daily maid service. On weekends HOPE takes clients to a nearby island for the day to play in the ocean eat lunch and relax. I can’t say enough good things about HOPE. I am so grateful for my experience there. Thank you all the staff! And by the way, I’m doing great in sobriety!!

  3. Rose Connelly on

    I was at Hope for 3 months last year from August until November.

    I had been in Rehab twice in Scotland for alcoholism but it didn’t work. I owe my life to Hope and all the wonderful people there as I haven’t touched a drop in 252 days and don’t want to.

    The counselling I got was second to none and I would recommend Hope to anyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are. I am a 65 year old female and made some great friends who were half my age and still keep in touch with them. I don’t know what happened there but something fantastic did as I haven’t even felt like a drink which is a miracle in itself. Hope taught me to believe in myself and realise my worth for which I will be eternally grateful.

    I have only praise for Hope and for what it did for me. it has everything i.e. fantastic Counsellors and support workers, beautiful place, Beautiful weather, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, Kick Boxing, Gym, Pool , excursions to temples, the beach etc. and also AA and NA meetings and half the price you pay in UK. What more could you ask for?

  4. Paul Churchill on

    I volunteered at Hope Rehab in January 2017 and hope to do the same again in January 2018. I just celebrated 1,000 days of sobriety, but if I were to drink again, it’s comforting to know an amazing rehab center like Hope Rehab exists. Drinking again of course is not the plan, but if things ever go down that pathway again, Hope Rehab is the first place I will be contacting. I’ve been doing the Recovery Elevator podcast for over two years now and I’ve learned there are both good and bad rehabs; Hope Rehab definitely falls into the good category.

    When I was volunteering, I found myself being a sponge as well and soaked up as much information as I could. The staff knew recovery. The majority of the staff had first hand knowledge of what it takes to recover from addiction. I can’t wait to return to Hope Rehab again in January 2018 to volunteer again.

  5. Hi guys, just wanted to say that Hope is a fantastic rehab. Most clients stay two or three months which is the same cost as one month in the US. The staff are very good and they have many different disciplines. I recommend you look at their website and speak to them and recommend you do not rely on questionable one-sentence reviews on referral websites that do not refer to Hope. Wherever you decide to go i wish you the best with your treatment. God bless.
    P.s: check out recovery elevators review of Hope

  6. I agree with the rehabreviews.com review regarding the „fabulous inpatient treatment program, which could rival any around the world“ part. It is indeed one of the best treatment deals out there – and I have done some research 😉 Hope has a great reputation as well as a high success rate. In addition to that and despite Thailand being one of my favorite places anyway, it really helps to get away from the toxic environment at home to start your life in recovery!

    Hope was actually recommended to me by two friends who both raved particularly about the staff and described the team as „highly professional and extremely personable“ as well as „outstanding“. I found that to be true. Therefore, I can’t follow your comment, Marcus! The program offered was excellent for my needs and provided me with a huge variety of tools. Therapy is done by skilled, experienced, well-trained and dedicated counselors and therapists. Some are recovering addicts themselves, some are not. They all have loads of experience in working with addicts though. CBT and the 12-step program play an important role at Hope but are by far not the only approaches (e.g. transpersonal psychology is another one). During my time there they also started offering TRE = Trauma/Tension Release Exercises which turned out to be extremely helpful for me.

    The program – which by the way costs $7400 for the 1st month (you get a discount if you book early though and the 2nd and 3rd month are only $6500 and $6000) – is built around therapy (group therapy and two one-on-one sessions per week), mindfulness (classes & one-on-one coaching once per week), and fitness. Detox is included in the price and usually takes one to two weeks depending on your drug of choice and severity of your addiction. In certain cases it can take longer, but each client gets assessed individually at the beginning of their stay…

    Hope Rehab is located about one hour by car from Suvarnabhumi Airport (the big international one) in Bangkok in Sri Racha, a town at the cost of the Golf of Thailand. I am quite well traveled in Thailand and the region referred to as the ’Golden Triangle’ is up north around Chiang Rai/Chiang Mai where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand share borders with each other. Anyway, the Hope team picked me up at the BKK airport. The ride to the rehab was pleasant and drinking water provided. Adam, the driver and support manager at Hope, was kind and reassuring which really helped me with my anxiety.

    All the staff at Hope – counselors, support workers, interns and even the Thai cooks (despite the language barrier) alike – were extremely welcoming. From the moment I arrived I felt that I was in good hands. As a new client they assign you a buddy, one of your peers, to help you find your way around and support you during your first days. If you have any questions or are a little insecure about things, you can always approach one of the staff, though. Day or night – there is always someone ’on duty‘ and around. Even Simon, who indeed founded the Hope Rehab in 2013 – together with his partner Alon – is around every day and always approachable if you want to chat with him or have a problem that you would like to discuss. He is a recovering heroin addict himself and has tons of experience (as well as many qualifications)…not only in helping addicts with their detox, but also in helping them build a strong foundation of tools and the right mindset to start a successful life in recovery – and maintain sober & clean for the rest of their lives. He managed ’The Cabin’, a well known rehab center up north in Chiang Mai, for three years and worked in the addiction/recovery sector in the UK before he decided to open his own rehab center.

    As mentioned above, Hope Rehab is based in Sri Racha, quite a sleepy costal town. Some of the 22 en-suite rooms have sea view (and quite nice balconies). Breakfast, lunch and dinner – which are extremely delicious and make a foodie’s heart skip a beat – get served buffet style on the terrace of the main house…which is overlooking the sea as well. The grounds are extensive and well laid out. I always found a quiet spot when I needed one, but was also always close enough to peers or staff when I was in desperate need of a chat. There is a well-equipped open-air gym, the mentioned outdoor deck is indeed used for one-on-one Muay Thai training, pilates and some other morning activities. Yoga takes place on another outdoor deck connected to an original Thai house – overlooking green hills and with an incredible sunrise view. Sport/fitness – as mentioned above – are an important part of the program at Hope. They also offer personal training sessions in the afternoon, ’bootcamps’ (high intensive interval training), basketball, soccer, pool volleyball (in their private salt water pool) and bike rides. I truly enjoyed all the sport activities as well as the other parts of the program!

    Bottom line is: I really can’t recommend Hope Rehab highly enough! You should take a look at their website (not sure if links are allowed in the comments, but just google “Hope Rehab Thailand”). It provides loads of information – not only about the treatment but also general info about addiction and recovery.

  7. I was amazed that most of the “Counselors” never graduated any college and some never went. Very low standards and it shows.

    • this is a fake review and every word untrue – we have only had one Marcus here and he did not post this – I will take action against this website if it is not removed

    • Paul Churchill on

      I would be willing to bet the farm this is a fake review as well. I volunteered at Hope Rehab for 3 weeks in January 2017 and I found the staff to be extremely educated and helpful. I’m not too sure why this would be a high criteria as well while searching for rehab’s. Sure you want an educated counseling team, but it seems weird that this is a review, which to me indicates a fake bogus review. Maybe spend time on improving your own rehab clinic Marcus, instead of dragging the “good” ones down.

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