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With residences in Atlanta, Charlotte, North Carolina and Nashville, Hope Homes offers  men and women a safe, supportive and peer-group focused sober living experience that emphasizes accountability and structure. Hope’s homes are in premier apartment complexes. But what distinguishes Hope from many sober living facilities is that it’s staffed 24/7 with professional counselors who live on-site and provide clinical services that aren’t typically available at a sober living house, such as 12-step meeting support, in-house group and individual sessions, employment guidance and even family counseling. Hope also developed its own system of “Recovery Tracks,” which address the needs of specific groups within their residences—adults (26-54), older adults (54+), young adults (18 to 26),  professionals, women with children and those who need dual diagnosis support.

Accommodations and Amenities

Hope Homes’ residences, which are gender-specific, are typically smallish apartment complexes in residential neighborhoods. The Atlanta facility—which opened in 1996 and is Hope Homes’ flagship—accommodates between 60 and 80 men, women and college students who are trying to lead a sober lifestyle in addition to the rigors of school. Residents live four to an apartment, which is meant to foster community and social interaction.

Hope Homes’ apartments are large, spacious and upscale, housing four people in double-occupancy rooms with twin beds and two full bathrooms. The kitchens of each complex are large, light-filled and well-equipped with modern appliances. Residents are encouraged to bring small decorative items with them, such as pictures, books and photos.

Amenities includes cable TV, high-speed Internet and laundry utilities. In the backyards are swimming pools and barbecues. The men’s residence has an indoor gym and tennis courts.

Rules and Regulations

Program counselors administer random drug testing. Anyone who relapses is referred to a facility that offers a more intense level of service.

Residents are required to attend 90 12-step meetings in the first 90 days of residence. After this, they have to attend at least five meetings a week. In addition, each resident is expected to obtain a sponsor with whom they maintain regular communication. Sexual abstinence is also required unless the resident was involved in a committed relationship before moving into a Hope Homes apartment.

All residents are asked to establish a productive schedule of 12-step meetings, sessions with outside therapists, job searches, classes, and volunteer work or jobs. With early wakeup, they should have their beds made and be up and ready for the day by 9 am. By 10 am, they are required to be out of the house and on their way to appointments. Residents are expected to be accountable for their daily whereabouts and to stay in contact with staff. Curfew for all residents is 11:30 pm during the week and 12:30 am on the weekends.

Residents who come to Hope Homes with a dual diagnosis may be required to continue individual or group therapy. If they were attending an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), they must continue to follow the aftercare plans provided to them by their referring treatment centers. As a a member of the National Association of Recovery Residences, Hope is licensed to provide Level II (monitored) and Level III (supervised) services to residents. Level Three provides a higher level of structured care, allowing the resident to take advantage of additional support groups, job and education support, family collaboration, and community and fellowship meetings.

Residents are expected to attend house meetings. If a scheduling conflict arises, they are required to alert a counselor beforehand.

Every resident is expected to pay their program fees on time, either once a week or once a month.


Residents make a $500 sobriety deposit that is refunded if they successfully complete the program.

In Summary

Hope Homes offers residents a higher level of services than most houses in addition to lovely, apartment-like settings. With counselors on-site 24/7, they have access to professionals who are there to support and guide them through the various challenges of this stage of recovery. The separate “recovery tracks” provide a supportive community of like-minded people. For a secure upscale sober living experience that incorporates extra clinical services, Hope Homes facilities may be a good option.

Hope Homes Location

Hope Homes
1741 Spring St
Smyrna, GA 30080

Hope Homes Cost

$1,600 (30 days, Level II); $2,100 (Level III). Reach Hope Homes by phone at (678) 556-0840. Find Hope Homes on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. I sent a close family member to Hope Homes (Nashville). The Company did not live up to any of the promises made and ended up discharging him prior to completion, even though he had not violated the agreement. This blow then resulted in a severe relapse. This entity is clearly only about the money and it is very expensive for what you get as compared to other such entities or half way houses. I have never reviewed a company, service or product before but I felt it necessary to warn others of this business before they make the same mistake I did.

  2. My experience at Hope Homes Charlotte, NC was extremely poor. I moved in to find the room and bathroom fility. For $2100.00 I got an apartment that had stains all over the carpet, the furniture was ripping in places, the bathroom was fility, so bad I was afraid to go to the bathroom, housemates personal items all over the bathroom, cigarette buts and old underwear under the bed, dressers with broken drawers. I was placed on buddy no one was at the apartment all day, curfew wasn’t checked, my housemate frequently missed curfew, I watch TV during the day, because no one was available to take me to meetings. There was no structure, no one checked on me most days, I had no one to take me to buy food, yet I was on buddy. The few groups that were available were a joke, often with other residents leading the group, Big Book AA meeting was conducted by a resident who didn’t even open the Big Book. I was harassed by another resident and nothing was done about it. Then a resident was admitted who blackmailed the owner into administratively discharging residents she didn’t like or think was appropriate. I saw several administrative discharges for residents who didn’t break any rules. Yet when census was down residents who consistently broke rules were allowed to stay. There was a counselor with more personal issues than the other residents and she talked to the residents about her personal problems. There were times Hope Homes functioned the way it was supposed to and other times things were very dysfunctional. The rules were not consistent and constantly changing. I didn’t know what to expect Day to day. The owner frequently broke her own rules. I would not take my love one to Hope Homes. Your love ones will be much better off in a different sober living and probably much cheaper. The lack of structure and inconsistency is crazy making. Rules changing day to day is terrible. The staff clearly have favorites and they have a different set of rules. Please don’t leave your love one at Hope Homes.

  3. Hope Homes Nashville is terrible. They do NOT care about residence. All they care about is the profits their making. They are making HUGE profits by kicking people out for no good reason and only hours notice. They kick out people they don’t want when they know they have new people with more money trying to get in. They should be ashamed of themselves. They don’t live up to ANY of their false promises. Stay far… far..far….away and save your money!

  4. Laura A. Hutchins on

    Hope Homes Atlanta. This Recovery Residence (Post Detox & Partial Hospitalization at Ridgeview Institute) Presented Hope that Quickly Turned to Despair. Expensive Even with What Hope Homes Considers Generous Discounts because Hope Home CARES about the Recovery of Your Young Adult Addict. Only Interested in Financial Profits. Promises of Structure & Support Simply Are Not Provided. Rules are Not Enforced. Recovery Is Not Supported at Hope Homes Atlanta. I want to paint a picture for you while you are deciding which Recovery Residence best fits your Young Adult Addict.

    My Son Choose Hope Homes as He was influenced positively by one of their Counselors during his stay at Ridgeview Institute. (NOTE: He Never Saw This Particular Counselor at Hope Homes) Obviously, as a parent, I did everything required to make sure my son got accepted to Hope Homes. I thought this was Exactly what he needed…Structure, Support, Life Skills, Individual & Group Counseling, 90 NA/AA Meetings in 90 Days, Earn your Car, Buddy System Until you Earn the Privilege to Navigate the Outside World on Your Own…Sounds Great & Appropriate. I just might be able to sleep knowing that my son is in a place that cares and will help him continue his recovery. Never Mind that I must take on an extra job to pay for this but I would have taken on 2 extra jobs because his Recovery is so Important and HOPE HOMES SOUNDED SO GREAT!


    My son attended Ridgeview Institutes IOP from 0900-1200 daily. Afternoons? My son sat in the apartment alone playing X-Box. Never Received Structure or Guidance or Life Skills Support & NEVER received one Counseling Session. No Buddy System Enforced and the Residents Come & Go as They Wish.

    Rule Regarding Cleanliness: The first apartment was disgusting when helping my son get moved in – there were Used Q-Tips & Tissues and Pills under the bed & in the drawers, the Trash Can was overflowing & had not been emptied for some time as the Odor of Rotten Food was incredible. None of the other Residents had made their beds. Dirty Laundry was scattered throughout the apartment. That was a Red Flag that I should of paid attention to but Mistakes & Oversights can happen & Hope Homes Cared & Promised so much. My son was moved to a different apartment after I complained. I visited my son multiple times to take him to get groceries etc. The Apartment was Filthy every time. Beds were never made. Dirty Laundry was Scattered Throughout Apartment. Overloaded Trash Cans. PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION Bottles Everywhere (on Beds, Kitchen & Bathroom Counters, Floor – NOT in Lock Box that you must purchase for medication safety)

    Earning the Right to Have your Car/Truck. My son’s roommate was admitted AFTER my son and got permission to have his car right away. This Resident also got to have his keys all the time (He Did Not sign out keys when leaving or return keys when coming back to residence – this rule did not apply to this resident)

    90 NA/AA Meetings in 90 Days. 3 Weekly Meetings are Held at the Hope Homes Property – Easy for Residents to Attend; HOWEVER, the Other 4 Days of REQUIRED Meetings are Off Location and the Resident MUST Find the Meetings and Find Transportation to the Meetings. Hope Home Counselors did NOT provide any assistance with the logistics or transportation to meetings. Even if a Young Adult Addict is Highly Motivated in Recovery this is a Challenge to Overcome and Creates Increased Stress & Anxiety. No One at Hope Home Ensured that my Young Adult Addict made it to those outside meetings. My Son did not attend one Off Site NA/AA Meeting. No One at Hope Homes even checked his Signature Sheet to Ensure that he was Attending as REQUIRED.

    My Son was Ultimately Discharged from Hope Homes Due to An Unfortunate Series of Events that would of NEVER happened if Hope Homes Abided by their Mission Statement and Enforced the Rules of Which They Market their Services.

    It is my opinion that Hope Homes is a Predator taking advantage of addicts and their families that are in crisis.

    I wish you the best in your and your addicts recovery journey. Please Interview Hope Homes Extensively before making your final decision of which Recovery Residence is Best for Your Addict.

  5. Hope homes in Nashville is a joke. You pay 3 times the monthly rent of an apartment, for nothing more than you would get at any other half way house. The counselors are the worst, most unorganized group of guys ive ever seen. They sell you a dream of how great the place is, and the structure of it, but at the end of the day, you are just overpaying for a nice apartment. They follow nothing that they tell you when you first get here. They just put that act on for the parents.

  6. I recently stayed at Hope Homes in Nashville and agree that the apartments were nice but not for the price of them. Three to four people live in each apartment and the price of the apartment by itself is only about $1400 a month. Yet each resident of the apartment pays double that for a months rent. The staff was very unprofessional from the Counselors all the way up to the administration. Hope Homes is more focused on the groups held at the apartments then they are you having a job and working on your recovery outside of the apartments. I missed two of the “Hope Homes” groups late in my third month there (only thing I ever missed) to meet and do step work with my sponsor and they told me I had 24 hours to move out with no place to go. Had very little contact with the “Professional Counselors” during my stay and they barely even bothered to check on me. They were not in the least bit worried about my recovery. My room mate and I left at around the same time for the same reasons… Lack of care and the cost of the stay was outrageous for so little help with recovery we received. The two Counselors there hurt the clients more than they helped them. (Talked down to clients, put on very poor groups, didn’t even bother to build a relationship with clients) Thank god for keeping me sober and giving me strength and will power to want to be sober and get my life back on track because Hope Homes was defineately not concerned with my recovery. More concerned with making money. (Example: they tried to charge me an additional $500 deposit and an extra $500 a month for my certified service dog). This place is a money trap that basically charges you a lot of money to stay in an apartment and give drug test. Very little support. Even the administration was very rude to my parents when they tried to discuss issues with the facility. Parents are very disappointed with lack of support from Hope homes and would not recommend. On a positive note…100 days sober and back living life on life’s terms:)

  7. My name is Collin and I am a grateful recovering addict. Hope Homes Nashville saved my life. I went to rehab scared and did not know how to get one day clean. When I left rehab I had the option of going to Hope Homes and took it without knowing what to expect at all. Right off the bat I was met with love and compassion because the staff there was in long term recovery as well. They knew what it was like to have 30 days clean and knew the fear I was feeling in such early recovery. I built a relationship with my counselor that still is standing today almost 2 years later. i stayed at HH for 13 months and it was the best decision I ever made in my young recovery. HH only strengthened the foundation of my recovery, with weekly group meetings, 1 on 1’s with my counselor and a bond I made with the other residents gave me hope that recovery is possible one day at a time and that you can have fun in recovery! If you HH is an option I definitely suggest going. I have 20 months clean and I owe so much of that to the staff and people at Hope Homes!!

  8. I’m currently in the Charlotte location since Sept. 18th and I can’t say enough positive things about the counselors and Hope Homes in general. My life is already changing. They’re teaching me structure which is something I haven’t had in years. I have a really good job for the first time since 2007. I’m meeting new amazing friends that I know some will last a lifetime. They’re teaching me new distress tolerance skills and relapse prevention that my rehab didn’t go over. I’m doing things like going to a Buddhist monks house to meditate and volunteering at the local soup kitchen. Those are things I would have never done before. Hope Homes will forever be in my heart.

  9. I am a current resident of hope homes nashville. The apartments that we live in are very nice, but thats about as far as it goes. The staff aka “counselors” consist of 2 25 year olds that are enrolled in college. The way these counselors enforce the rules is so inconsistent that the residents here never know what to expect. Groups are changed around a lot at the last minute, curfew is checked on a rare basis and nothing is ever accomplished that is expected and promised. Instead of fostering an environment that encourages recovery, residents are usually just called out on the small things like making beds. Residents are told that they will have one 1on1 a week with the counselors, but I have been here over 3 months and have had 4 1on1’s. There is nobody regulating the counselors, they pretty much make there own schedule up and come in to work when they want and leave when they want. Since the program director is located in another state these counselors have a staff meeting once a week via video conferencing. On a good day the counselors might do rounds to make sure everyone is awake arounf 9:30 and then go hang out in there office until 11:00-11:30 and then you wont see them again until the next day. This is not the place to come if you are expecting a minimally structured environment. You will be more confused after being here for a week with the lack of guidance and support then you would at a non structured sober living residence. try some place else!

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