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With residences in Atlanta, Charlotte, North Carolina and Nashville, Hope Homes offers  men and women a safe, supportive and peer-group focused sober living experience that emphasizes accountability and structure. Hope’s homes are in premier apartment complexes. But what distinguishes Hope from many sober living facilities is that it’s staffed 24/7 with professional counselors who live on-site and provide clinical services that aren’t typically available at a sober living house, such as 12-step meeting support, in-house group and individual sessions, employment guidance and even family counseling. Hope also developed its own system of “Recovery Tracks,” which address the needs of specific groups within their residences—adults (26-54), older adults (54+), young adults (18 to 26),  professionals, women with children and those who need dual diagnosis support.

Accommodations and Amenities

Hope Homes’ residences, which are gender-specific, are typically smallish apartment complexes in residential neighborhoods. The Atlanta facility—which opened in 1996 and is Hope Homes’ flagship—accommodates between 60 and 80 men, women and college students who are trying to lead a sober lifestyle in addition to the rigors of school. Residents live four to an apartment, which is meant to foster community and social interaction.

Hope Homes’ apartments are large, spacious and upscale, housing four people in double-occupancy rooms with twin beds and two full bathrooms. The kitchens of each complex are large, light-filled and well-equipped with modern appliances. Residents are encouraged to bring small decorative items with them, such as pictures, books and photos.

Amenities includes cable TV, high-speed Internet and laundry utilities. In the backyards are swimming pools and barbecues. The men’s residence has an indoor gym and tennis courts.

Rules and Regulations

Program counselors administer random drug testing. Anyone who relapses is referred to a facility that offers a more intense level of service.

Residents are required to attend 90 12-step meetings in the first 90 days of residence. After this, they have to attend at least five meetings a week. In addition, each resident is expected to obtain a sponsor with whom they maintain regular communication. Sexual abstinence is also required unless the resident was involved in a committed relationship before moving into a Hope Homes apartment.

All residents are asked to establish a productive schedule of 12-step meetings, sessions with outside therapists, job searches, classes, and volunteer work or jobs. With early wakeup, they should have their beds made and be up and ready for the day by 9 am. By 10 am, they are required to be out of the house and on their way to appointments. Residents are expected to be accountable for their daily whereabouts and to stay in contact with staff. Curfew for all residents is 11:30 pm during the week and 12:30 am on the weekends.

Residents who come to Hope Homes with a dual diagnosis may be required to continue individual or group therapy. If they were attending an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), they must continue to follow the aftercare plans provided to them by their referring treatment centers. As a a member of the National Association of Recovery Residences, Hope is licensed to provide Level II (monitored) and Level III (supervised) services to residents. Level Three provides a higher level of structured care, allowing the resident to take advantage of additional support groups, job and education support, family collaboration, and community and fellowship meetings.

Residents are expected to attend house meetings. If a scheduling conflict arises, they are required to alert a counselor beforehand.

Every resident is expected to pay their program fees on time, either once a week or once a month.


Residents make a $500 sobriety deposit that is refunded if they successfully complete the program.

In Summary

Hope Homes offers residents a higher level of services than most houses in addition to lovely, apartment-like settings. With counselors on-site 24/7, they have access to professionals who are there to support and guide them through the various challenges of this stage of recovery. The separate “recovery tracks” provide a supportive community of like-minded people. For a secure upscale sober living experience that incorporates extra clinical services, Hope Homes facilities may be a good option.

Hope Homes Location

Hope Homes
1741 Spring St
Smyrna, GA 30080

Hope Homes Cost

$1,600 (30 days, Level II); $2,100 (Level III). Reach Hope Homes by phone at (678) 556-0840. Find Hope Homes on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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