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Honey Lake Clinic Overview

About 45 minutes east of Tallahassee in the town of Greenville, Florida, is Honey Lake Clinic. It’s a residential treatment facility specializing in the care of adults between the ages of 18 and 80, struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. It also offers dual diagnosis support. Founded by a group of pastors and clinicians, Honey Lake Clinic provides affordable, Christ-centered treatment. It’s a mind-body-spirit model of care. Programming aims to heal the underlying cause of conditions.

Accommodations and Food

Honey Lake Clinic is situated in a gorgeous lakeside facility. It has several common rooms, as well as an an open floor plan and an industrial sized kitchen. Semi-private bedrooms are equipped with queen-sized beds and ensuite bathrooms. With room for 30 residents at a time, Honey Lake fosters a tight-knit community where clients get plenty of personal attention.

Residents enjoy a healthy menu low in sugar. The kitchen staff can accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences.

Treatment and Staff

During intake, clients undergo a comprehensive assessment. While Honey Lake requires a minimum commitment of 30 days, residents typically stay longer. Clients engage in 40 to 50 hours of therapy each week. They receive a lot of one on one attention. Therapists typically work with only six clients at a time.

While there is an integral Christian component to the programming, Honey Lake Clinic incorporates an array of supplemental therapies. These include evidence-based practices, psychiatric evaluation and care, relapse prevention, holistic methods and equine therapy. Clients participate in three individual sessions a week. Sessions are rooted in CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI), as well as emotion-focused and psychodynamic modalities. Group sessions combine Biblical themes with psychological principles. Psychoeducation classes focus on decision making and coping strategies. Neurofeedback teaches individuals how to regulate otherwise involuntary body functions like blood pressure and muscle tension.

The Honey Lake Clinic team is made up of Master’s- and PhD-level therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Residents with co-occurring disorders can receive medication management.


Clients exercise at the fitness center and enjoy the large swimming pool and billiard table. While residents are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy, the facility does offer housekeeping and laundry services.

Honey Lake Clinic permits residents to bring electronic devices for use during free time in their room. There are visiting hours on the weekends.

Honey Lake Clinic allows emotional support dogs up to 20 pounds.

In Summary

Honey Lake Clinic is a Joint Commission-accredited facility. Treatment effectively integrates Biblical themes with evidence-based therapy and holistic methods. For clients seeking a spiritual path to recovery, Honey Lake Clinic offers fine accommodations and an expert team of professionals. 

Hone Lake Clinic Location

Honey Lake Clinic
1290 NW Honey Lake Rd
Greenville, FL 32331

Honey Lake Clinic Cost

Call for details. Reach Honey Lake Clinic by phone at (850) 525-3180 or by email. Find Honey Lake Clinic on Facebook

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