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Holyoke Medical Center


Holyoke Medical CenterHolyoke Medical Center Review

With roots dating back to 1983, The Holyoke Medical Center in Holyoke, Massachusetts is an expansive hospital-style facility. Under this banner, the Behavioral Health Center offers a comprehensive Partial Hospitalization Program (IOP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for those suffering from co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues.

Accommodations and Food

The Holyoke Medical Center itself is a vast hospital facility, with a 198-bed capacity and a staggering 1,200 employees. All group activities are held on the premises in conference rooms devoted to the outpatient program. In all, Holyoke is what one would expect from a hospital, with a highly sterilized environment complete with institutional ambiance. Because this is an outpatient program, no food service is included in the price of the program; residents must either pack food with them or wait until treatment sessions have ended.

Treatment and Staff

Holyoke’s Behavioral Health Center programs are all outpatient, though clients can qualify for brief inpatient stays in the hospital during their admission period. During this time, they have access to the staff of trained and experienced psychiatrists, registered nurses, psychiatric clinicians, social workers and therapists who can aid them in developing a treatment plan.

Next begins the PHP and IOP. This program offers intensive group therapy, daily structure and support, which the Holyoke Center believes serves as a positive alternative to inpatient treatment. There are also several group sessions that offer dual diagnosis support. The typical program lasts four weeks, with an intensive level that tapers off throughout.

Clients attend group sessions four to five days during their first week, three to four during their second, two to three in their third and only one to two in their final week of care. These sessions are always in groups, but residents are also able to schedule private visits with the on staff psychiatrist. These visits occur, on average, about once a week during each four-week program. The group sessions are held from 9 am to 2:45 pm, Monday through Friday and clients are able to determine their own individual schedule at the onset of the program.

Holyoke Center makes sure to keep these groups as small as possible, with no more than 10 in a group at a time. Medication is prescribed and distributed when needed by the medical team. A medical detox is not offered as part of the treatment program at the Center and must be handled ahead of time, if necessary. There are 12-step meetings held on-site at the Medical Center, and residents are encouraged to work these into their program. There are no recreational activities offered as part of the outpatient programs at Holyoke, as days are spent with a packed schedule of group therapy and individual sessions.


For those who do not believe partial hospitalization to be the right fit for them, there is also a traditional outpatient program offered at the Center for Behavioral Health. Clients can select a program that includes individual, group and even couples counseling that meets less frequently throughout the week, tackling issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD and grief management. Residents participating in this program have the same access to the Holyoke Medical Center’s expansive resources.

In Summary

Clients can put their trust in an established institution with a well-earned reputation. However, by choosing such a large facility, there is always the risk of not receiving as much individualized care. Still, for those residing in nearby communities, the Center for Behavioral Health provides recovery at a reasonable cost, with access to the resources of a venerable Massachusetts institution.

The Behavioral Health Center at Holyoke Medical Center Location

575 Beech St
Holyoke, Massachusetts

The Behavioral Health Center at Holyoke Medical Center Cost

$5,000 (30 days, average cost). Reach the Behavioral Health Center at Holyoke Medical Center by phone at (413) 534-2627. Find Holyoke Medical Center on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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