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The Holistic Sanctuary Review

Those with open minds and 12-step disdain may well find both recovery and paradise at The Holistic Sanctuary in Baja, California. While many rehabs liberally refer their holistic treatment offerings, few can claim the sort of holism this place can. Located in a pristine beach locale (the facility is literally right on the coast with waves crashing all around it), The Holistic Sanctuary is more akin to a luxury spa than a traditional rehab.

History and Philosophy

Founder Johnny Tabaie, more commonly referred to as “Johnny the Healer,” claims a 90% success rate with his clients and also battled addiction himself for over 20 years. He created The Pouyan Method, an advanced brain reparation tactic he swears actually physiologically repairs a brain from any damage incurred from drug and alcohol abuse (though the center also treats sex addicts and those with eating disorders). So convinced is The Holistic Sanctuary that their method works, they conduct a brain scan at a client’s initial evaluation, during treatment and when they leave—providing visual evidence of the healing they say has taken place. Depending on the length of stay, clients are guided through The Pouyan Method, then offered a multitude of therapies as well as a full body cleanse.

Accommodations and Food

The amenities at The Holistic Sanctuary are on par with a five-star resort. No one there has a roommate and all bedrooms include private bathrooms (some of these rooms have waterfront views).

All the food served at The Holistic Sanctuary is 100% non-GMO and organic. Expect the freshest ingredients and nothing that’s processed or laden with chemical additives. Some clients are assigned raw diets and various types of flushing cleanses as part of treatment.

Treatment and Staff

With a two-to-one staff-client ratio, residents can expect to get the royal treatment. In this case, however, being a royal doesn’t mean getting meds: patients are assigned a team of doctors and nurses but this is one facility that’s wholly against the use of pharmaceuticals. Even if an addict is, say, dually diagnosed with alcoholism and bi-polar disorder, psychiatric medication isn’t an option. Ditto those opiate addicts hoping to rely on the popular “wean off” drug Suboxone. The Holistic Sanctuary maintains that when you begin treatment there, you are cleansing the body and mind of all chemicals and toxins, whether it’s cocaine or Prozac.

Clients who opt for an official drug detox before beginning 30-day inpatient treatment are given a full body flush, dubbed an “all natural detox,” and assigned a personal chef and masseuse. The Holistic Sanctuary then begins utilizing Ibogaine, an herbal product derived from the Iboga plant root. Originally used in its native locale of Africa as part of cultural rituals and ceremonies, Ibogaine has been embraced in some circles for its healing powers for depression, fatigue and substance dependency (studies show the plant reduces cravings and eases withdrawal symptoms). While Ibogaine is most commonly given to opiate addicts, The Holistic Sanctuary uses it on every client needing a full detox.

The treatment programs here are highly individualized but each client is guaranteed anywhere from 100 to 200 hours of individual therapy during a 30-to-90 day stay. A day at The Holistic Sanctuary is custom tailored for each patient, and to say they do not adhere to the principles of typical 12-step programs is putting it mildly; AA is completely excluded here, so residents shouldn’t expect multi-patient meetings or group therapy of any kind.

But THS’ most highly prioritized therapy is Motivation/Cognitive Therapy, which encompasses the philosophies that insist it’s futile to talk endlessly about one’s illness yet of upmost importance to accept and release it. They advocate taking power back, rather than succumbing to powerlessness.


Referring to their various threads of therapy as “holistic modalities,” The Holistic Sanctuary separates them by those designated for mind and thoughts, those for body and biochemistry and those for soul and spirit. Therapies for the mind include but are not limited to hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology, guided meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Bio-Neurofeedback. For body and biochemistry, they use The Pouyan Method, ozone therapy, super foods, ionic cleansing, raw diets and hydrotherapy. And to keep spirits fed, they provide yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture, spiritual counseling and Qi Gong, just to name a few. Some of their treatments, perhaps unsurprisingly, veer into the uncommon, and sometimes test customers’ skepticism (stranger options include quantum therapy and aqua sea salt therapy).

In Summary

The Holistic Sanctuary offers a seven-to-10 day detox, a 30-day package, a 90-day package and sober living. Health insurance coverage isn’t a possibility so incoming clients should expect to pay out of pocket should they choose to receive treatment here.

Formers clients of The Holistic Sanctuary claim true healing, relief at finding non-12 step recovery options and sincere gratitude to Johnny The Healer. For those who are disenchanted with meetings and prone to chronic relapse with traditional treatment methods, The Holistic Sanctuary is a luxurious option for healing mind, body and soul.

The Holistic Sanctuary Location

Mexicali, Baja California

Business address:
1212 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The Holistic Sanctuary Cost

$50,000 (30 days). Reach The Holistic Sanctuary by phone at (310) 601-7805. Find The Holistic Sanctuary on Facebook and Twitter 

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