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The Holistic Sanctuary Review

Those with open minds and 12-step disdain may well find both recovery and paradise at The Holistic Sanctuary in Baja, California. While many rehabs liberally refer their holistic treatment offerings, few can claim the sort of holism this place can. Located in a pristine beach locale (the facility is literally right on the coast with waves crashing all around it), The Holistic Sanctuary is more akin to a luxury spa than a traditional rehab.

History and Philosophy

Founder Johnny Tabaie, more commonly referred to as “Johnny the Healer,” claims a 90% success rate with his clients and also battled addiction himself for over 20 years. He created The Pouyan Method, an advanced brain reparation tactic he swears actually physiologically repairs a brain from any damage incurred from drug and alcohol abuse (though the center also treats sex addicts and those with eating disorders). So convinced is The Holistic Sanctuary that their method works, they conduct a brain scan at a client’s initial evaluation, during treatment and when they leave—providing visual evidence of the healing they say has taken place. Depending on the length of stay, clients are guided through The Pouyan Method, then offered a multitude of therapies as well as a full body cleanse.

Accommodations and Food

The amenities at The Holistic Sanctuary are on par with a five-star resort. No one there has a roommate and all bedrooms include private bathrooms (some of these rooms have waterfront views).

All the food served at The Holistic Sanctuary is 100% non-GMO and organic. Expect the freshest ingredients and nothing that’s processed or laden with chemical additives. Some clients are assigned raw diets and various types of flushing cleanses as part of treatment.

Treatment and Staff

With a two-to-one staff-client ratio, residents can expect to get the royal treatment. In this case, however, being a royal doesn’t mean getting meds: patients are assigned a team of doctors and nurses but this is one facility that’s wholly against the use of pharmaceuticals. Even if an addict is, say, dually diagnosed with alcoholism and bi-polar disorder, psychiatric medication isn’t an option. Ditto those opiate addicts hoping to rely on the popular “wean off” drug Suboxone. The Holistic Sanctuary maintains that when you begin treatment there, you are cleansing the body and mind of all chemicals and toxins, whether it’s cocaine or Prozac.

Clients who opt for an official drug detox before beginning 30-day inpatient treatment are given a full body flush, dubbed an “all natural detox,” and assigned a personal chef and masseuse. The Holistic Sanctuary then begins utilizing Ibogaine, an herbal product derived from the Iboga plant root. Originally used in its native locale of Africa as part of cultural rituals and ceremonies, Ibogaine has been embraced in some circles for its healing powers for depression, fatigue and substance dependency (studies show the plant reduces cravings and eases withdrawal symptoms). While Ibogaine is most commonly given to opiate addicts, The Holistic Sanctuary uses it on every client needing a full detox.

The treatment programs here are highly individualized but each client is guaranteed anywhere from 100 to 200 hours of individual therapy during a 30-to-90 day stay. A day at The Holistic Sanctuary is custom tailored for each patient, and to say they do not adhere to the principles of typical 12-step programs is putting it mildly; AA is completely excluded here, so residents shouldn’t expect multi-patient meetings or group therapy of any kind.

But THS’ most highly prioritized therapy is Motivation/Cognitive Therapy, which encompasses the philosophies that insist it’s futile to talk endlessly about one’s illness yet of upmost importance to accept and release it. They advocate taking power back, rather than succumbing to powerlessness.


Referring to their various threads of therapy as “holistic modalities,” The Holistic Sanctuary separates them by those designated for mind and thoughts, those for body and biochemistry and those for soul and spirit. Therapies for the mind include but are not limited to hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology, guided meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Bio-Neurofeedback. For body and biochemistry, they use The Pouyan Method, ozone therapy, super foods, ionic cleansing, raw diets and hydrotherapy. And to keep spirits fed, they provide yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture, spiritual counseling and Qi Gong, just to name a few. Some of their treatments, perhaps unsurprisingly, veer into the uncommon, and sometimes test customers’ skepticism (stranger options include quantum therapy and aqua sea salt therapy).

In Summary

The Holistic Sanctuary offers a seven-to-10 day detox, a 30-day package, a 90-day package and sober living. Health insurance coverage isn’t a possibility so incoming clients should expect to pay out of pocket should they choose to receive treatment here.

Formers clients of The Holistic Sanctuary claim true healing, relief at finding non-12 step recovery options and sincere gratitude to Johnny The Healer. For those who are disenchanted with meetings and prone to chronic relapse with traditional treatment methods, The Holistic Sanctuary is a luxurious option for healing mind, body and soul.

The Holistic Sanctuary Location

Mexicali, Baja California

Business address:
1212 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The Holistic Sanctuary Cost

$50,000 (30 days). Reach The Holistic Sanctuary by phone at (310) 601-7805. Find The Holistic Sanctuary on Facebook and Twitter 

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Photo provided by The Holistic Sanctuary. Used with permission.



  1. My life was transformed at this place Johnny tabaie and the most amazing staff on the planet will gently walk you through this process. They will make spiritual healing at the deepest and most profound level a reality for you, if this is what you truly desire. I could write an entire page on my addiction history, the pain, suffering, hopelessness, lostness, the bottom, but the story is the same. It was heroin primarily however anything I could get my hands on, had been the arbiter of my freedom and focus since I was a late teenager. It was a slow motion collapse until I turned myself over completely to addiction, having no fire or will left to fight. I had been to rehabs, I had been briefly sober many times, I had spent every last ounce of my being in open warfare against what I knew was destroying not just me, but all those who loved me as well. Eventually I gave up, I had no nothing left. You cannot fight this darkness, you will never succeed in this combat, addiction has a pile of souls far greater than yours or mine. You can however, with Johnny’s protocol, spark the candle that will bring the light, and after you become activated, you take that candle and build it into a star, and you can then share this wisdom of healing with others that suffer even beyond addiction.
    This shit is deep friends, words can only take you so far. This is something you can experience, if you want to. Text me if you want the truth about the Holistic Sanctuary and change your life forever, take your power back and use it to further the healing. The reason we provide our names and numbers is because all this is true. If you have questions, please text me: Spencer 970.227.5665

  2. I went to the Holistic Sanctuary in April of 2013 to receive treatment for severe addiction to opioids. The facility is 5 star with the most amazing amenities like infrared saunas, a massage therapist, coffee enemas, all organic non gmo food, amazing views, so much that you really feel you are at a resort. However, what left a lifelong lasting impression on me wasn’t the facility and amenities, but rather the knowledge that Johnny and his staff possess along with the heart that they had for me when I was there. You feel loved like you are with family when you are there and that is what makes the holistic sanctuary such a special place. When you go to the holistic sanctuary you receive a total treatment plan which is different from any other facility I’ve seen. When I hear of people that have overdosed it makes me so sad because I know that if they could of just given Johnny a call that they would still be alive. Traditional opioid treatments can only offer suboxone, methadone, and words! When you go to Johnny you get cured using methods that actually work! Johnnys protocol is unique and unlike anywhere else. I remember when I first got there, some of the patients that had just completed treatment and were about to leave were sooo happy! I could feel they were truly healed! They kept telling me…”just wait man, you aren’t going to believe how great you are going to feel!” and here I am, I’m drug free with absolutely no desire to use 4 years later! I have no doubt that I would be dead if not for Johnny and his staff. If you need help give Johnny a call. You will not find a more knowledgeable and caring person in this field.

    This is my honest review. I received no compensation in any form to write this review.

  3. I was a patient at the holistic sanctuary in 2012 and after 6 years Im here to tell you my long overdue experience. I want to be 100% upfront, I was a total skeptic about holistic treatments and rehabs in general, plus nothing the website made sense to me. Things like reiki healing, holistic thins or natural that? Really? Come On! To me it was a bunch of hocus-pocus.

    I thought it was a money grab another huckster trying to make $$$ off addicts and desperate folks. And to top it of who calls himself a healer? I’ll tell you who! All his patients call him The Healer! He doesn’t call himself that. In fact, he hates it when he’s referred to as johnny the healer. Well, I was not only wrong, but today I am one his success stories.

    Anyways after 6 years of waiting for the ibogaine buzz to leave and waiting for the honeymoon to be over, the obsession or cravings to return or come back, but it never came . Other ibogaine clinics and rehabs even my sponsor from AA told me I was on a 3 month pink cloud. Well they were wrong. If you listen to Johnny you will get to another level. He is truly a humble and kind soul that has spent a decade of his life saving others. This man is the real deal. Well it’s been 6 years years and I am still “Cured & Healed, or what ever you want to call it. But to me I am 1000% done and cured from my dependency to drugs and medications. This man is a real healer and I am living proof.

    The guy put together a world class facility together all on his own. I owe him my life. If you’re ready to get your life back, do not wait, you will regret it if you go to another US rehab, or one of the Sanctuary knock off clinics doing ibogaine. Call Johnny and get your life back and tell him Jason says hello. Be Blessed

    • Would you be willing to chat on the phone regarding this? My son would like to go here but I would like to speak with a client first,

    • William R Monahan on

      I can’t begin to tell you how jealous I am of your successful treatment. I have been addicted to methadone for 13 yrs now. I stopped my career to take care of my dad who had become disabled in a car accident. During the first year I was given Vicodin for a toothache I had and I became a slave to narcotics very quickly. I wanted help so I went to a methadone clinic. Now I feel I will be stuck as a slave to methadone the rest of my life. I have tried a few times to gradually wing myself off of them like the clinic recommends but it is impossible in my opinion. Then I see a video on Youtube about this amazing place I began to see hope for the first time in 13 years. Sadly, upon some investigating, I found out that someone has to be rich to be able to receive treatment like this. So now I am feeling more hopeless than I was before. Oh well, I do seek some pleasure knowing that there are some out there that are no longer suffering who were able to afford it. Anyways, I just wanted to say congrats on getting better and I wish you all the best in your new life 🙂

  4. Nathalie Gonzales on

    After EXTENSIVE digging for a treatment center for my son (who had battled depression his whole life and came into addiction with age) I finally found one that worked. I really wanted a holistic plan for him and this was the only center I found that was 100% all natural. All the way down to the food! I read the reviews and went with him to the center. Staff was friendly, facilities were clean and they could accommodate with financing. The best part was the actual results. My son is happier, and he is functioning through life without his addictions. I know the battle isn’t over for us but the changes we have seen are not reversible. The Holistic Sanctuary changed everything, we could not be more thankful. THANK YOU.

  5. My daughter had been struggling with drug addiction. We tried a couple different rehab centers in Ohio, but each time she completed the program, she would relapse. I can’t explain how much seeing her go through this broke my heart… One morning a few months ago, I saw this place on the news and so I did some research on it. I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical at first. But after a good amount of digging, I decided to sign my daughter up for the 4 week package. What really made me sign her up was the fact that it was more of a healing center — not a traditional rehab center. It was supposed to focus more on changing herself and her mindset more than the actual addiction. And on top of that, it’s a resort.

    I didn’t hear much from my daughter during the time she was there, but I was praying she would find a way to beat this battle. 4 weeks later, I pick her up from the airport and she is crying the whole ride back home about how sorry she was, how she really thinks she is healed, and her next steps to a fulfilling life (so naturally, I was crying too). Anyways, here we are, today marks her 3 MONTHS CLEAN! The longest she’s gone. This place changed her life and therefore changed mine. It’s been a long journey for me and I’m so thrilled that it seems to be a closing chapter. I would strongly recommend the Holistic Sanctuary to anyone struggling with a drug addiction.

  6. I have way too much to say about this place, but I’ll start with I HAVE BEEN CLEAN FOR 5 YEARS TODAY! All thanks to the Holistic Sanctuary. I moved to Arizona about 9 years ago, where I fell into heavy drinking. My wife left me and she took our kids away from me which initially pushed me to sign up for my first rehab center: the Gardens Rehab and Care Center. The experience was okay and I learned some things, but I quickly relapsed after graduating the program, which spun me down another dark drinking hole. In 2013 I found the Holistic Sanctuary. I was seeking a dramatically different type of treatment so that it would wake me up and make me want to get my life back on track. On a whim, I took a chance and signed up for the 4 week program. The whole experience was unlike anything I’ve ever imagined. From the moment I walked in, I never felt judged for my struggle. There were more staff than patients, which showed me that they really take the time to learn about you and make sure you are going through the right treatments for you. I also made some lifelong friends whom I took the program with. It DID wake me up. I now am able to see my kids often and have been able to maintain my job. Even after 5 years, I have continued a healthy lifestyle through a healthy diet and consistent exercise. I give my life to this place and I will continue to recommend the Holistic Sanctuary to anyone struggling with anything – whether it’s alcoholism, depression, drug addiction, or just need an enlightening experience.

  7. I really want to come to get help off suboxone I have weened off n got off a 3 year maintence program from oxy’s and I did it myself I got 40 days clean and went thru pure HELL AT HOME.. after that I waited for my body to feel normal again n day after day I got worse, I tried kratom n other things but I still was bed ridden with anxiety fear and the “void” of pure depression made me agoraphobic I could not leave the house, felt isolated & the fear of that never ending made me go back on suboxone. I feel guilt & shame, I cant afford to go right now I need to save up a couple yrs because I need at least 30 days. I do not know how much it will cost but from what I can tell its about 20k or so. I understand they have to make money, i cant believe the usa will have people suffer like this, its ridiculous at least there is a nice place ppl that can afford to go will get help. one day i will get looks amazing. so happy for all of u that got help.

  8. Its me again…kelsey johnson…
    my number has changed 425.305.7302… i use to be addicted to heroin, meth, cigarettes and anything else i could get my hands on… Addiction can be a life captivating process. For many of the people I have been around including myself who use, they seem so numb to it all.
    They never know why they use, or if they do they are unwilling to talk about it and they almost seem to think nothing of it. For a lot of people including myself… the best way to numb that pain is drugs … It becomes a normal day to day process and we live, sleep and breath our drug of choice.
    For many they do not know what their next move or step is going to be until unfortunately sometimes it is to late. My brother died from a heroin overdose … destroyed my family… addicts are functioning on a completely different scale than the people who do not use and you cannot and will not ever comprehend what it is that we are going through on a daily basis …
    when i looked at my future… i saw death … and it hurts that i was so accepting to my fate… Now i am almost 1 and 1/2 years sober …
    i feel so very proud of my accomplishments and I am so proud of what i have been able to achieve in such a short amount of time… i am so excited to see what lies ahead of me in the months and even years to come. I now have such a positive outlook on life and as Someone who used to use drugs for about 15 years thinking there was nothing else for myself then the pain I suffer every day … i am grateful that the holistic sanctuary was able to give me an even better life than i ever imagined…
    We as a family learned some valuable tools as well …
    This program has changed our whole families life in a way that we could have only hoped for and it has surpassed every expectation possible.To anyone seeking help for themselves or a loved one I think I speak for everyone in my family, don’t wait call them now.

  9. First I would like to offer my name and phone number so that any prospective patient may call and hear that I am a real person who had an absolutely miraculous transformation at the Holistic Sanctuary.My name is Robert, and my phone number is (951)575-9526.
    I know that there are comments floating around the internet pertaining to Johnny and/or the Holistic Sanctuary that are malicious lies. These comments almost deterred me from seeking treatment at the Holistic Sanctuary. Thank God they did not. The Holistic Sanctuary not only saved my life, but gave me a completely new one that is far better than anything I have had since childhood.
    I am not exaggerating when I say that. The negative comments that are spread out over the internet (such as Johnny using drugs or patient neglect) are all lies. Johnny is a gifted healer and entrepreneur who cares about nothing other than changing his patients’ lives. That is what he lives for.
    The man practices what he preaches. He lives the lifestyle that he prescribes to his patients, and his results speak for themselves. He is in better shape than most men half his age, pumps out 100+ hour work weeks all while hitting the gym and making time to spend with his patients–riding quads, going to movies, or just getting to know them. Johnny is an amazing person who is in the process of changing medicine as we know it.
    It was an honor to work with him. The staff at the Holistic Sanctuary never once neglected even the smallest of needs that I had. I was always looked after. If I needed special assistance I got it, no questions asked.
    There were 5 staff for each patient the entire time I was at the sanctuary, and they were always cheerful and encouraging. The staff truly make all the difference, because their attitude is contagious. They kept me going and put a smile on my face through many trials and tribulations. I formed bonds with them that are real.
    They never judged me for my past, because they all know that the person who leaves the Sanctuary is never the same person as the one arriving. That sounds cliche, but it is the absolute truth. When I got to the Sanctuary, I was a pretty hopeless case. I was physically dependent on three different medications–opiates, benzodiazepines, and Gabapentin, all of which have horrible withdrawals associated with them.
    I also dealt with horrible depression and anxiety. Along with all of these conditions, I was always exhausted and mentally foggy. I really had nothing to live for because my quality of life was so horrible. One of the medications that I was dependent on was Suboxone.
    This drug is incredibly difficult to get off of, and even when one makes it through withdrawal, the post-acute withdrawals are a nightmare for anywhere up to a year. This drug really is a prison sentence. I tried multiple times to free myself, but I always relapsed. Luckily the Holistic Sanctuary had a great taper regimen using a short-acting opiate to wean me off of Suboxone.
    Within my first week of arriving, I was receiving far less opiate spread out over a much longer period of time with absolutely no withdrawals. I want to repeat that: I never experienced withdrawals once while at the Holistic Sanctuary. What institution in the United States can claim to have gotten someone off of Suboxone with no withdrawals? Mind you that this was even before I took Ibogaine.
    Johnny’s system could easily work without Ibogaine; the plant medicine just makes things go more quickly and smoothly. After Ibogaine treatment, I was off of opiates for good. I have never looked back, and it’s been nearly a month since any opiate has been in my system. I have no post-acute withdrawals, and my mental and physical health are phenomenal.
    I was blessed enough to be able to stay for Ayahuasca. After the benefits I saw from Ibogaine, I felt like my time at the Sanctuary would not be complete without an equally beneficial plant medicine. I could have never imagined how transforming this sacred medicine would be for me. I was faced with all of my demons.
    At times the experience was incredibly uncomfortable, but the end result is that I am a new person. I am still in awe over 10 days after Ayahuasca treatment All of this being said, I would not recommend Ibogaine or Ayahuasca to anyone as stand-alone medicines. Taken by themselves, these are dangerous medications and can actually do more harm than good. The Holistic Sanctuary offers a complete system of healing wherein the plant medicines are merely one component.
    Treatment is individualized. No two cases are the same. Johnny and the staff at the Sanctuary have this down to a science. There is absolutely no one out there that can even come close to doing what Johnny does, either in the States or at other places that offer Ibogaine treatment.
    This is the real reason that Johnny has these detractors online. His competition know that they have absolutely no way of competing with him on an even playing field, so they resort to libel. Your run-of-the-mill Ibogaine clinics all know that their method (or lack thereof) is hit-or-miss. Your withdrawals might go away, but most likely not, and you might die in the process too.
    But hey, they got your money. Johnny will not treat anyone until he is sure they are physically ready for plant medicine, and he has an ER physician sitting with patients throughout their Ibogaine treatment. He also NEVER sends anyone home in withdrawal. That is a guarantee.
    Also, because of Johnny’s pretreatment protocol, his patients are not sick for days on end when he administers Ibogaine. Me and everyone else who took Ibogaine while I was there were up walking around just fine after about 10-15 hours, and I never even felt nauseated. Yet there are those who insist that nausea, dizziness, and severe diarrhea are just the price of admission for Ibogaine treatment. This is patently false as the Holistic Sanctuary has demonstrated countless times.
    And this is the miracle of Ibogaine: when it is taken as part of a holistic system (such as the Pouyan Method), it can be a life-changing medication. When it is given to the drug addict right off the street who has other drugs in his system and has been eating American food his whole life, however, it is potentially lethal. I don’t mean to keep beating this dead horse, but this cannot be stressed enough: the Holistic Sanctuary is NOT an Ibogaine clinic. It is a healing center that administers Ibogaine as only a small part of its overall regimen.
    The Holistic Sanctuary was not just a rehab or a hospital stay. It is a completely life-changing experience. I know that this sounds too good to be true. I thought so as well, but Johnny has tapped in to the body’s natural ability to heal itself and has learned to expedite the process.
    I am now the man I was always meant to be physically, mentally and spiritually. I will always have love and gratitude for Johnny, his staff, and the Holistic Sanctuary as a whole.
    I will definitely return for reboots and further Ayahuasca treatment.There is so much more I could say, but words do not do this place justice.

  10. I am not even sure where to start. The transformation in me is so amazing I can barely recognize myself. I am a 32-yr. old CURED addict. I was truly a HOPELESS DOPEFIEND, reborn to a DOPELESS HOPEFIEND. My drug of choice was always more, more, more…with a constant usage of Heroin for the past 10 yrs., accompanied with Meth for the last 4 yrs.

    I had wanted to stop for years but could not handle the painful withdrawal process… or if I could manage the 3-4 days of hell, I could not make it thru the next few weeks of no energy, no motivation, and no physical strength. Which always led back to the same thing: more Heroin and more Meth.

    I was an IV user for the last five years of my ten years of use, and I had literally destroyed every vein in my body. At my worst I was shooting 4+ grams Heroin daily, with a gram of meth or so with it. The only reason I am going into detail of my usage is that I want every person afflicted by this opiate pandemic to know, that you can be HEALED, and that you are never too far gone to be RESTORED and REBORN… to be the person God intended you to be.

    I was truly lost with no love, joy, happiness, or goals in my life. I was a lost boy in a man’s body. I tried to quit or stop many times, and went to many standard or conventional 12 step/AA/NA programs with no success. It allowed me to get a little bit of dry time, but it never helped me heal or fix my mind, body and soul.

    I would think I had FINALLY HIT BOTTOM, only to realize nope, come on Kaleb, you can go deeper even lower. LET’S REINVENT BOTTOM!!! Over and over, the ground hog’s day from hell…reliving the same horrible day over and over, welcoming death.

    I am blessed to have parents that never gave up on me, knowing that allowing me to finally hit the bottom I was hoping for, meant DEATH. My mother would NOT allow her only son to die, and tried everything and researched every option she could. And so, she prayed. She told me God led her to THE HOLISTIC SANCTUARY, and Johnny The Healer.

    Johnny and his wonderful, caring staff, and his Pouyan Method is nothing short of a miracle. I was able to work through my demons in my past, on my own and get closure where closure was no longer possible (I was able to give and receive forgiveness from people that are no longer with us). I would say Ibogaine not only broke me free from the chains of Heroin with ABSOLUTELY ZERO WITHDRAWAL AND ZERO CRAVINGS. It gave me closure and the ability to work thru my own demons that I knew about, as well as others I did not know were there. eg. The demons in our subconscious that lead us to use, or back to our old self destructive behaviors.

    The second part of the plant medicine is the Ayahuasca treatment protocol. This gave me the ability to love, and have happiness and joy in my life. So, after being set free, and I was set free – from drugs, demons, depression, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness etc. Ayahuasca gave me a purpose and reasons to live again. I literally felt reborn! It gave me so much joy and happiness the words I am typing will never do it justice. It was a million times greater than I can describe.

    So, if you are FINALLY ready to reclaim your life and be the person the universe intended you to be, The Holistic Sanctuary is where you need to go. They have a second to none facility and staff. Your days will be filled with healing, and restoration of mind, body and soul.

    There are numerous components to this program. It includes IV Treatments, a diet that is all organic consisting of fruit and vegetables, all natural juices, super food protein shakes, Yoga, Meditation/Prayer, Hyperbaric Chamber, Reiki, Gym, Full Body Massages…all daily treatments…and then the miraculous ibogaine and Ayahuasca treatments. All perfectly synchronized to heal your mind, body and soul. You will be healed from the inside out.

    If you would like to talk to me directly, my phone number is 952-666-8554 or you can email me at [email protected] . I will gladly speak to any person trying to be healed/helped or any struggling parent/spouse wondering if The Holistic Sanctuary can save their lost loved one. It can! It will! I am LIVING PROOF. Thank you, Johnny, and wonderful staff for giving me my life back.

    I would also like to add that this life saving/life changing treatment is not just for addiction. It can cure PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and other disorders/diseases.
    Where western medicine has failed, Johnny, his amazing staff, and his Pouyan Method has CURED!!! You are worth it!!

  11. Real Class Act, delivers his word, real deal. I went to see (him) Johnny the healer for a 300mg+ a day oxy addiction and wanted to do ibogaine treatment. My heart showed issues and it was too dangerous to do it. The cardiologist did not approve my treatment. Instead the miracle worker that owns this place created a concoction iv peptides and aminos and within 2 weeks my opiate addiction was gone, without ibogaine. I thought it was impossible, johnny made it happen. If you are serious call this place. Been to 5 rehabs, none of them can pull off what Johnny can. I’m living proof.

  12. My daughter’s life was saved by Johnny. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions. 425-773-0990

    My daughter, Kelsey has been a heroin addict for over a decade. If you are a parent on this site, searching for drug rehab, my heart goes out to you. We most likely know each other’s pain…and knowing what it is like not knowing if your child is dead or alive.

    We tried countless times to get Kelsey into treatment, but to no avail. The reason this time was different was because Kelsey came to us, seemingly hanging on by a thread, desperate to end her addiction, or her life. She had researched and came up with Ibogaine as the treatment that she wanted. She did not want to go through treatment in the US and she definitely wanted nothing to do with Methadone or suboxone. She did not want to substitute one addiction for another. She wanted to be clean.

    She sent me link after link, after link, of Ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico. As a mom, I spent countless hours researching treatment center after treatment center. The reviews were scary. Makes you wonder why so many treatment centers have operated under many different names, and owners. When something bad happens…you just change the name. What I can say is “buyer beware”. When Kelsey sent me the link for Holistic Sanctuary, I looked at the cost and felt that it was beyond my means. It also came highly recommended by a respected person with personal Ibogaine experience. I talked with a number of parents and also individuals who went for treatment at the Holistic Sanctuary. I got the highest reviews. They were all amazing. The decision was made. “Where there’s a will….there’s a way”. Our family together, made it happen for Kelsey to go to the Holistic Sanctuary.

    What I can tell you is that Johnny is a man of integrity. He has it figured out how to get the best results. He is straight forward and upfront with what his expectations are. He doesn’t take just anyone. You have to be willing to follow his plan and do the therapies. He truly cares about his clients who come to him for healing…not all are drug addicts.

    After 2 1/2 weeks my daughter left the Holistic Sanctuary and ended up at an aftercare/Ibobgaine clinic in Mexico. I can tell you, you pay for what you get. Buyer beware. I wish that I had followed my gut when I visited…

    My daughter ended up returning to the Holistic Sanctuary to continue her healing. She wanted to do Ayahuasca there at Johnny’s as her experience at the other clinic was less than desireable. She had the most profound and beautiful experience at Johnny’s.

    My daughter is loving life, clean and sober. I got my child back in a 28 year old’s body. It is so nice to have her back. She is on fire and sky is the limit. At Johnny’s you are fully immersed in a loving, healing, positive environment. She is so grateful to be alive and thanks God every day for her life.

    As for me, I can’t begin to express my gratitude. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have my daughter back, better than ever. I was hoping for clean and sober…I got far more. I have a daughter who is grateful to be alive, one who is overflowing with gratitude. She will openly tell you that Johnny saved her life. Yes, he did…but only because Kelsey was willing to do the work. Johnny, you are my angel, and Kelsey, you are my hero.

  13. The Holistic Sanctuary changed my life and I will forever be grateful to Johnny and his amazing team! This is truly a first class place run by real pros, it’s secure and safe with every natural therapy you can imagine; Yoga, Meditation, Massages, IV vitamin drips, Hyperbaric Chamber treatments and Reiki.

    The Doctors, Nurses and all the Alternative Health Practitioners were supportive, caring and compassionate. Johnny is so knowledgable about nutrition, diet, and healing the body and has Changed My Life and the way I eat and feel forever. Thank you!

  14. Today I am celebrating my !!!!1st year anniversary of doing my Pouyan Method with Ibogaine at The Holistic Sanctuary.
    I had been numbing myself out on opiates for over a decade while simultaneously continuing to live an otherwise holistic focused lifestyle (with regular counseling, all kinds of research, tons of various supplements, reiki, massage and a myriad of other modalities) in order to just co-exist with the insanity of the U.S. and try to address additional issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, heavy metal toxicity among other things….
    I had also tried many “treatments” offered in the U.S. to kick the physical and emotional addiction to opiates, but to no avail. I had a theory though, and I was in the process of putting together my plan when I found Johnny with The Holistic Sanctuary….very similar in theories, but Johnny had fine tuned his process down to science over the years by carefully monitoring it. Also, I was missing a very key component….Ibogaine! I had not even heard of it, …or if i did I didn’t think I needed it. Even if I did include it in my plan i could have never just went out and did that on my own! IT WAS A BLESSING TO FIND JOHNNY!!!! And The Holistic Sanctuary!!!!! I researched and had to find not only the best fit but the safest place to go. The Pouyan Method protocol felt like it was state of the art …and it was!
    I know now my plan would have still fallen short of being successful. I am absolutely and forever cured of my heroin addiction. It took me 3 weeks to cleanse and prepare my body for this powerful plant medicine …(I arrived malnourished and was fighting two infections I didn’t even know about) … and then just 24 hours on the Ibogaine preparation (from the plant “Iboga”) to have my nervous system completely RE-SET!!!!!!! Johnny the healers system is amazing!
    The medical care and ALL THE STAFF were of the highest integrity! EXCELLENT! I had never lived in such a REAL environment for such an extended period of time. There was no conflict, no elitist or other attitudes, no disrespect, no drama, no arrogance from the staff or otherwise. I was SO WELL TAKEN CARE OF! As a matter of fact, because of my age and condition Johnny took extra steps to assure me I was going to be safe, I am absolutely CERTAIN there was NO OTHER way but this experience, Nothing short of this MIRACLE! Johnny is extremely methodical and precise with his work, not to mention a VERY generous soul who has been so blessed to have the knowledge and wisdom to have such a fine top rate SANCTUARY! Please contact me if you want to talk more about my experience at Johnnys!

  15. I have suffered from depression, anxiety and PTSD since I was a teenager and at the age of 36, I finally decided to go to The Holistic Sanctuary for Ayahausca healing, in hopes to get over my underlying issues.
    Johnny’s way of preparing you for plant medicine made the Ayahausca 10x more powerful. When i finally did my ceremony I was not nauseous I was not purging, it was the most powerful experience of my life.. it was the most intense spiritual and beautiful experience of my life. Johnny’s Pouyan Method gave me my life back… the Cleanses, Juicing, Johnny’s IV formula , I was becoming healed before the Ayahausca Ceremonies even started.
    The Holistic Sanctuary completely cured me! It changed my whole perspective on life, and I’ve never felt happier! The system that Johnny has created is absolutely perfect in every way. Everything is top notch from the facilities to the location and the staff is incredible. I felt completely safe the entire time. My experience was worth every penny and I highly recommend the Holistic Sanctuary to anyone looking to get over past issues in their life. Oh and puffy the dog is awesome.

  16. JOHNNY SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE READ !!!!!!! “My journey back to HEALTH” in 2 quick weeks.
    If you try to save the $ by going to a wannabee Ibogaine clinic that has no clue, you will have a miserable experience!! I went to the best of the best- the so called first Ibogaine providers that claim to have started it all, WHAT A JOKE! They almost killed me! twice!
    Johnny’s system is down to a science and is designed to get you back to feeling 100% not 95%.. 100%!!!! If you go to a place for $3k-$5k $10k you’re going to feel like shit! Then you go home, relapse, waste $$$ on drugs and then spend another 10,000$ trying again. I wish I knew that because that’s what I did, I went to another place “better deal”-… Wasted the $$$$ and they almost killed me!!!!!
    If they claim to do iv drip therapy They stole that from Johnny, if they claim to do reiki, massage, saunas and juicing, THEY STOLE THAT FROM JOHNNY! Johnny is the pioneer!
    Pay the $ to go to the Holistic Sanctuary because it’s the ONLY PLACE GUARANTEED TO CURE YOU!! YES I said it, CURE YOU!! I was on more than you can handle and I woke up after Ibogaine feeling like a king!
    I have been home now and STILL, I feel like a KING! People who are close to me look at me in disbelief! They thought I was gonna die! .. (WHATS YOUR SECRET THEY ASK). I can’t explain the secret, find it yourself it’s located at Johnnys place ONLY !!! @ the HOLISTIC SANCTUARY WITH #JohnnyTheHealer !!
    You may think my rant is too long or too much, however when I walked into The Holistic Sanctuary 3 weeks ago I was on deaths doorstep and when I left 2 weeks later, I left on top of the world, so you would feel as empowered as I do too!! Thanks again to the amazing staff at the Holistic Sanctuary & most of all my man Johnny and his LIFE CHANGING system, knowledge and therapies!!
    The people who laughed at me now ENVY ME.. That’s a feeling words can’t describe. ONE LOVE & pick up the phone CALL JOHNNY AND GO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER ONCE AND FORALL!!!!!!! #OneLove !

  17. Wow… amazing place. I wish this information could get to all addicts who have been going in and out of traditional rehabs and failed. Finally someone is offering 100% Natural Healing for the whole body, mind and spirit.

  18. 858 334 3866 call me if you want to know more how the holistic sanctuary saved my life!!!! Johnny not only saved my life but cured me… and It is completely and utterly obvious that thanking someone for saving one’s life is impossible…it’s because the magnitude of a “thank you” can and will never equal the magnitude of having one’s life saved. Even trying to write an analogy is a sheer impossibility. Everything comes up short. The closest I can get is the Visa commercial, “priceless.”15 years of adiction… in and out of jail… ROCK BOTTOM… Though my story was not largely newsworthy, it remains newsworthy to me and, I would suspect my loved-ones… Johnny is the cure… The holistic santuary saved my life…

    • I am trying to find out how much the 7 -10 day detox because I don’t have the money I’m 36 & on disability & they don’t take insurance, I want my life back, I feel like I’m losing my soul , I’m scared & need healing. I know he’s the real deal . I’d sell my car and everything I own to get the chance to be free of this….. I’m so grateful that you were cured & for your testimony …. enjoy the ride your so blessed….thanks Sean Purdy

  19. It’s a challenge to express in one short review the extent of my special experience with Johnny The Healer and his Holistic Sanctuary healing center.

    To begin I just want to thank Johnny and his staff of superhero angels for providing a living space of healing and pushing a protocol that truly works on a scientific emotional and spiritual level. I was lost and needed help. I still had hope after scouring web pages and researching alternative healing modalities for addiction. I searched alternative healing at this point because my experience with traditional rehabs in America left a sour taste in my mouth. I didn’t want to be lead further down the rabbit hole of narcotic and prescription use. I came across information on Johnny’s sanctuary in Mexico that “healed” PTSD, depression, trauma and heroin users and promised healing from addiction. All I can say is it was breath of fresh air. Something different at last! The sanctuary offered more therapies and treatments under one roof than any other place I had heard of. Johnny delivers on his word and he is there to make sure everyone gets healed.
    He uses ancient technology like plant medicines Ibogaine and Ayahuasca. Although these are truly healing plants, their potency is not something to be taken lightly. Johnny has it down to a science and has mastered the safest way to administer them. The Sanctuary gives hope, a whole new perspective and deeper understanding of what it means to truly “heal” amidst a world of rehab scams and western pharmaceutical delusion. The Holistic Sanctuary healing center is a model for the new paradigm of healing that we must enter if we wish to get better.

    Enter the Holistic Sanctuary!
    Johnny The Healer is a gift to us on this planet. He has a very methodical way of creating a plan for each individual that walks into his facility. His heart is a shining beacon of light and love and he truly cares about helping us all realize our beautiful potential and gift of life we possess. He is knowledgeable source and passes on this information, helping his patients understand how we have all been victimized by the corruption that exists in the western healing world, and how to take back our individual power to heal ourselves. His expertise is unmatched by any in the field of healing addiction and his protocol is scientifically safe and sound. His administration plant medicines is done in such a way that eliminates all possibility of negative or adverse reaction. His respect for the plant medicine is key. This includes a strict protocol to ensure that patients receive the maximum healing potential from the plants in the safest way possible. This is what sets his healing center apart from any other clinics offering such plant medicine. The attention to an organic and non- GMO diet is essential to the healing process. Patients really do receive an incredible amount of attention and are also given a variety of holistic therapies on a daily basis. This individualized attention is unique and unheard of in any other rehabilitation facilities I have researched/experienced. Also, it is to be noted, but there are absolutely no pharmaceutical medications involved in this healing process. Johnny spends his own personal time with each patient and ensures that each individual is receiving proper medical attention and progressing properly. HE TRULY CARES, and he walks the path with his patients.

    I watched other patients who were worse off than me one come back to life! Not only did you help me but also others I seen first hand get healed. I witnessed a severe heroin addict meth user with a dangerous staph infection literally on the verge of death get healed before my eyes. He was with his mom who was 67 and on prescription drugs for 50 years, Johnny got her off 5 medications fentanyl, Oxy, xanax and couple of other medications I can’t pronounce. For the first time this woman was free from prescription medications. I saw a guy who was on his 20th rehab stint that was addicted to heroin and crack, before my eyes I saw the light return to their eyes and a new eagerness to “live a life of higher vibration” filled his soul leaving no room for “lower vibration substances enter his temple of a
    body again”.

    If you are even thinking about healing from substance use, substance abuse PTSD, trauma or anything for that matter give yourself a real chance and visit Johnny at the Holistic Sanctuary. There is hope for our world, there are angels and lightworkers here to help us all heal, there is an honest Safe way to heal your mind, body, heart and soul, and I assure you that you will experience it at the Holistic Sanctuary. Blessings to all of you looking to Heal.

  20. How do you put into words someone that saved your life.?. Johnny The Healer is a beautiful soul and I’m soooo grateful for what he did for me. I was a prisoner in my own body and empty shell of a man. Just another controlled robot lost with my head down. I couldn’t even smile or listen to music anymore. Big Pharma had me on lock down and I tried every single way imaginable to get off there poison (Opiates) (Suboxone) (Sugars)to just name a few and I failed every time. From the minute I talked with Johnny The Healer I felt his passion, his love to help save me and the humans. Johnny’s Pouyan Method gave me my rebirth, my new beautiful outlook on life with eyes WIDE open. And it has gone so far beyond just getting off of drugs. My diet, my relationships, my empathy and love for the planet, humans and animals feels so real. Since leaving The Holistic Sanctuary I have found my true passions in life, things that excite me and my mission to help others. Today I wake up smiling with my chin up, motivated to live and love life. I no longer have to put any Poison in my body to get out of bed or to “feel” normal. I never thought I would be where I am today. I was dead a long time ago in my mind and soul. I used to wake up and sit on the edge of my bed thinking of dying. I could not control my moods and felt this world would be better without me. And now it’s the complete opposite. I wish I could send this feeling to you if you are struggling. Please Please trust and follow Johnnys protocol and he will cure you , heal you and help you to find your way. You can contact me anytime to talk about my experience with Johnny The Healer. Much love to you You will get better , just trust…. and if you still have doubts call me 609-313-7166

  21. I was recently was a patient at The Holistic Sanctuary. It 100% saved my life. I was a little skeptical about it being in Mexico at 1st, I contacted numerous people and all I got back was nothing but positive feedback. Johnny Tabaie has the treatment down to a science. He is the REAL DEAL. From the IV drips compounded with vitamins, massage, hyperbaric chamber, yoga, reiki, salt baths. Positive energy is around you 24/7. He personalizes your diet from the juice to your food. Everything is 90% organic, raw and no Gmo’s. Also it’s delicious. I was never uncomfortable one time. Everything is one on one. I saw heroine addictics going to the gym the next day they got there. It’s amazing how much research Johnny has done to heal addicts for the rest of there lives. I am so happy just to have my life back and to be free of addiction.

  22. Samantha reid on

    Stop searching.. THS is the Only place for your loved ones addicted to heroin and crack and whatever demon has them in there grips….. Johnny the Healer has reached a whole new level of dealing and treating these human beings who struggle with addiction!! THE HOLISTIC SANCTUARY!!

  23. Grace Luongo on

    After 20 or so rehabs, in 23 years… My son is now drug free.
    The Holistic Sanctuary was the best decision he ever made.
    My family is whole again.

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