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North Miami Beach FloridaHolistic Recovery Centers Review

Since 2012, Holistic Recovery Centers has been offering substance abuse treatment services in North Miami Beach, Florida. HRC combines modern treatment modalities such as the 12-step philosophy with holistic treatment methods like yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic sessions. HRC’s services include detox, co-ed residential treatment, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and aftercare services, alongside an alumni program. Dual-diagnosis support is available and treatment is individualized.

Accommodations and Food

Each apartment-style housing unit at HRC has one bedroom and usually rooms are shared with one other person. However, private rooms may be available depending on how many people are in currently in the program. The total 30 bedrooms may accommodate up to 60 clients at maximum capacity but typically there are about 35 inpatient clients at a time. Rooms are furnished with queen-size beds and flat screen TVs, equipped with cable.

Each unit’s full kitchen provides microwaves and there are washers and dryers on the premises, as well. HRC clients are given $75 for groceries per week while in residential treatment and are responsible for buying their food and cooking their own meals.

Treatment and Staff

Programs at HRC cater to each clients’ needs. They may choose their own therapist and classes they would like to attend. HRC detox lasts seven days, during which time clients do not attend group and remain under a medical doctor’s supervision. During detox, clients get a massage every day and may also receive manicures and pedicures or a haircut, which is included in the cost of stay. All meals are cooked by a chef.

After detox, the residential phase lasts 30 to 45 days. Each client chooses where to put the weight in the three-pronged 12-step, holistic and lifestyle approach that HRC offers. Clients are bused from the apartments to the residential treatment center every day. Group sessions take place between 9 am and 12 pm. After an hour-long lunch break the day continues with more group from 1 to 3 pm. Group topics range from relapse prevention to nutrition and wellness.

Clients who take part in the HRC PHP/IOP are also provided with transportation to treatment if necessary. They can live in their own apartment or sober living which is not associated with HRC. Every weekday morning, Monday through Friday, group runs 9 am to 12 pm and clients must attend at least Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Evening groups will be provided between 5 and 8 pm, starting in early 2016. Optional AA/NA meetings are offered on-site at nighttime so that clients may have the option to attend while going to school or working. The HRC alumni meeting takes place on Thursday nights. A minimum of six hours of therapy is expected of residential clients weekly while IOP clients need to put in nine hours per week (three hours per day, three days per week).

HRC employs a clinical director, a resident clinician, four therapists, four nurses, a behavioral technician and a number of facility managers. Seven alumni also work there. A day technician is on-site 24/7.


HRC distinguishes between its young adult clients and those over 35 for whom it offers the Destination to Life Program—a residential program with more of a focus on professional recovery. Some extra therapeutic services provided at HRC include art and equine therapy and a family program. Resume writing workshops are also offered. HRC even provides clients with transportation to job interviews.

In Summary

Holistic Recovery Centers offers a variety of therapies, tools and strategies to help each individual find the healing and recovery they need in a comfortable environment. This is not a one size fits all treatment center, but a holistic treatment center that takes a unique approach to treating addiction. Programs are available that consider total wellness and result in recovery for the body, mind and spirit.

Holistic Recovery Centers Location

150 NW 168th St, Ste 200
North Miami Beach, FL 33169

Holistic Recovery Centers Cost

$19,000 (30 days, residential, includes detox); $8,500 (30 days, PHP/IOP). Reach Holistic Recovery Centers by phone at (877) 723-7117 or by email at [email protected]. Find Holistic Recovery Centers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 

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  1. Holistic Recovery has really made a positive impact on my life! Before coming into Holistic Recovery, I didn’t have any self confidence or hope for my life, but with the help of the staff here, I am not the same person that I was a couple months ago. They helped get clean and realize what my purpose in life is! Drew and the rest of the HRC staff consistently puts in their best effort to do whatever they can to help the clients out. HRC really has their clients best interest at Heart! They Are LIFE SAVERS!

  2. Marcella Ortiz on

    They saved my life & the staff made all of the difference. Today I am sober, clean (mind, body and spirit) and looking forward to giving back. As the saying goes, one day at a time & cherishing each moment of each day, everyday!!! From the bottom of my heart -Thank you HRC!

  3. Kevin Platnik on

    Finally completed something in my life, thanks to HRC. Ive failed at basically everything in my life from when I can remember back. Staff is cool. Techs are respectful and caring. Therapists and groups are solid. Place is really nice.

  4. Do not waste your money here. They’re a joke of a rehab. They don’t do anything holistic like they claim. The nurses and techs act like they hate their jobs. The group leaders are not therapists, just recovering addicts who have a year clean. They have a high employee turn over rate.

    • I have to take a moment to write and thank Holistic Recovery Center for the outstanding work they have ALL done to help my son. I cannot thank everyone of you enough for the genuine, loving care my son received from day one from everyone there.. AND, If It weren’t for you, Orlando Paz, I don’t know where my
      son would be today.. You NEVER gave up on him. You saw threw his pain. I thank you for the many phone calls you made to him all hours of the night to talk him into recovery. Making him see there was hope when he could not see it for himself. Thank you Orlando for your dedication to your job. You truly love what you do. You are the warmest, hardest working, calming, and such a wonderful person! Thank you!! Thank you!! & Thank you again the bottom of my heart.

    • Buyer beware. Insist on getting a treatment plan I writing. Does not offer the same level of service to all patients. Very money driven. Don’t be swept off your feet by the savvy call center as they are rewarded for each person recruited and will say what they feel the prospective client wants to hear. As a family member of a loved one sent there for specific treatment for an agreed upon length of time we were thoroughly disappointed. Seems very unorganized and never able to talk to who is in charge. Still scratching my head. From our experience it is all about the money and little compassion and care. Proceed with caution

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