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Hoffman HallHoffman Hall Sober Living Homes Review

Hoffman Hall Sober Living Homes provide affordable sober living for men in recovery at three locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  At Hoffman Hall, clients are required to be over 18 and willing to work on long-term and short-term goals, designed for their rebuilding better lives. The men are encouraged to attend 12-step programs and church services and become art of the community that exists between the houses.

Accommodations and Amenities

Hoffman Hall accommodates up to 32 men at three houses throughout Albuquerque. One location is an apartment complex with four apartments, housing three men each. The other locations are houses, where men share double-occupancy rooms with the belief that alcoholics and addicts are a lonely breed, and that having a roommate forces interaction with another human being and lessens feelings of isolation.

Since most of the men get food stamps, they purchase their own groceries and prepare their own meals in fully equipped kitchens. Amenities in all the houses include free utilities, Wi-Fi and flat screen TVs with cable. Each residence has a live-in house manager.

Rules and Regulations

Hoffman Hall accepts clients with various levels of sobriety, except for those requiring detox. Those individuals are provided with referrals to local hospitals or rehabs. Hoffman Hall also does not accept sex offenders or gang members into their homes. Residents have a 10:30 pm curfew from Sundays to Thursday, and a 12:30 am curfew on Fridays and Saturdays. They must attend at least three AA/NA meetings a week and get a sponsor. The staff administers random drug tests during the week and maintains a zero tolerance policy towards residents who test positive.

The clients, along with their case managers, focus on six core goals that include working on physical, spiritual and emotional health, helping the environment, having fun in the surrounding community and pursuing intellectual goals such as going to school or seeking employment. Besides working a 12-step program, the men are encouraged go to church or pursue other religious activities that enhance their spirituality.

Clients work on their emotional health by going to required outpatient counseling at Pathways Inc., a substance abuse treatment center which also provides dual diagnosis support. Treatment cost is based on a sliding scale fee for those without insurance and Pathways accepts Medicaid. This is in addition to the 30-day cost for a bed at Hoffman Hall, which is $400, not including a $50 processing fee.


Clients participate in a plethora of community events including barbeques, hikes, wild life adventures, fishing and other activities promoting a sense of family among the house members.

In Summary

At Hoffman Hall, men are allowed opportunities for growth and a chance to rebuild better lives while staying clean and sober. This may not be a good fit for those who just want a sober place to crash without a lot of structure. Hoffman Hall provides much more than affordable and safe sober living, they encourage men to work on all aspects of their lives, including their emotional health, which is vital for those new to recovery.

Hoffman Hall Sober Living Homes Location

Hoffman Hall Main Office
508 Tennessee St. NE
New Mexico 87108

Hoffman Hall Sober Living Homes Cost

$400 (30 days) Reach Hoffman Hall by phone at (505) 265-5122 or (505) 554-9098 or by email at [email protected]. Find Hoffman Hall at Google+

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  1. Hofmann Hall is definitely not the place to go if you’re serious about your recovery and should only be a short stay as a last resort, emergency. The program director Robert Villalobos was welcoming when I first met him but I quickly realized how unprofessional and a thieving cheat he was. This place would be hard to stay at if it were free and definitely not worth $110 month. The house I was in had a cockroach infestation throughout the kitchen and the kitchen cabinets, and Robert did nothing about it during the 2 months I was there. I did a super deep clean of the kitchen a couple of days after I arrived but the roaches continued. There was a big problem with theft in the house including food and personal belongings being looked through and stolen while I was at work. I had an idea that it was our house manager for multiple reasons and Robert couldn’t believe it so nothing was done at the time. I heard from someone else that the same house manager ended up getting kicked out for stealing. Aside from all that there were between 8 and 11 people in this small 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. Robert would fill the houses so much and didn’t mind putting up to 2 people on the living room sofas when the house was full. My room had 4 people living in there with 2 bunk beds. It was so laid back as far as the mandatory meetings, I just kept to myself and continued working my own program but noticed it really didn’t matter as long as rent was paid. More than programming or your recovery the most important thing was that rent was paid, after that everything else wasn’t tracked or enforced. After I found out how much better Oxford Houses were for the same price as Hofmann it was a no brainier to move out. After I moved out I owed Hofmann some rent and thought it was important for me to leave on good terms and pay what I owed regardless of my miserable and frustrated living experience. I ended up over paying by $95 due to that scoundrel, Robert and his mathematical error. After I explained the correct amount owed and the $95 discrepancy he finally agreed and wrote on the receipt “+$95”. Although when I tried to get that money back he made me go back and explain everything in detail with receipts for proof. Even after I did all that he continued to give me the run-around and won’t refund my money. I can assure you that you will not be satisfied at some point with Hofmann Hall and should look into an Oxford House so you don’t waste your time and money.

    • Trevor Hoffman on

      It is truly unfortunate that people need to make up lies and spread hurtful information to make another organization prosper. However, most people who get discharge for a positive UA will go to other places because drugs and alcohol are not permitted at Hoffman Hall. As far as cleanliness, Hoffman Hall has the cleanest homes out there with an on call exterminator. Accounting is extremely thorough and accurate. It is done weekly and invoices are updated every Wednesday. Each resident is a breast of balances or credits incurred. We are in the business of helping the sick and suffering alcoholic and drug addict. Our record speaks for itself.

  2. I spent a few months at the women’s house on Figueroa and it was a mold and drug infested crap hole of a house. Moldy bathroom left up to 14 women to use one bathroom. Organization has no leadership. No plan. No services offered than “you have to find them yourself.” The women stole my food. And if you try to talk about the issues, they just kick you out with no place to go. There is nobody working with you on a sober and/or transition plan. All they want is state/federal money to house people and allow them to continue to do what they did that got them jailed in the first place. No integrity.

    Luckily I have a lot of work experience and have been able to move on, but they kicked me out for disagreeing with a “house manager” who kept telling me to move my food from one fridge to another. Power trip. A friend put me up in a hotel until I could find a quick place to stay and then move out of town for a new job. No warning. I came home from work at 10:00 on a Sunday night and they wanted me to leave THAT NIGHT. It was absolute insanity. I had several interviews in the pipeline and they didn’t care. I was on the verge of getting out and their “house manager”, Robert and Trevor tried to sink me.

  3. During my stay at the Hoffman Hall Sober living house, I have found it to be a welcoming, safe, respectful and supportive environment. The residence is clean, well kept and in a safe neighborhood. The residents are encouraged to participate in the 12 step program. The staff and resident managers have been more than wonderful in their professionalism, understanding, and support. I have been treated more than fair and expectations are clearly communicated. When challenges do come up, as they will from time to time, and they are unable to be resolved personally, the resident managers and staff act quickly and decisively to resolve the issue to protect the other resident’s safety and their sobriety. Hoffman Hall is the safest place I have lived in over a year and has become a very important part of my own sobriety. I am very thankful for finding them. If you are serious about your sobriety, this is a safe place for you.
    Mark S

  4. “The men are encouraged to attend 12-step programs and church services and become art of the community that exists between the houses.” Trust me the Hoffman House is not a pillar of art for the ABQ community.

  5. overcrowded and concerning conditions. KRQE news recently reported on this business with several of the neighbors also expressing there concerns. I am not a neighbor but someone who was looking for sober living. The picture provided is likely not an actual location at this current time or not a house I toured. Picture an over crowded two story apartment shut in by barb wire fences literally with clients sprawled out in the house even during a walk through. That main location is in the ghetto area of ABQ called the “war zone”. The other home toured was in a slightly nicer house but was using a living room area sectioned off with blankets to house a total of 11 people including one other room. In general the larger house should not room any more then 6 or 7 people based on the head count for all the Oxford houses the exact same size in the entire ABQ area. There are over 10 Oxford Houses in that city. Who wrote this review as it is poorly written and riddled with errors? Not normal for most of the reviews I have read on this website.

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