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Nurse Jane Mazzarella opened Hitchcock Center for Women as a 10-bed rehabilitation facility in 1978. Since then it has served more than 12,000 women and their families in the Greater Cleveland area, expanding through the intervening decades to a facility housed on the 11-acre site of a former seminary. It has more than 200 rooms and common spaces, including a chapel, library, meeting rooms, dining area and courtyards to serve its inpatient and large outpatient community.

Accommodations and Food

Hitchcock’s inpatient service is a 20-bed facility with private rooms containing basic amenities. Clients use communal bathrooms and eat cafeteria-style in Hitchcock’s dining space which it shares with the outpatient program.

Treatment and Staff

HCFW provides on-site, walk-in assessments to women ready to begin recovery. Assessment services are also provided to men and women involved with the Department of Children and Family Services. As the only residential treatment provider in Ohio’s Cuyahoga County that specifically focuses on women, Hitchcock allows women to bring multiple children up to age 12 to treatment with them, offering a gender-specific and evidence-based course of treatment, including relapse prevention and aftercare services. Residents are required to participate in 30 hours of counseling and wrap-around services every week. Personal computers and cell phones are considered distractions to treatment and are not allowed.

As an alternative or follow-up to residential treatment, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is available. In this instance, participants engage in recovery therapies following residential treatment while living in their own homes. At this stage, clients are required to participate in 10 hours of treatment and 10 hours of case management per week.

Hitchcock offers housing support during intensive outpatient treatment when necessary. With this option, clients have the same treatment and case management obligations and live at Hitchcock, with children up to the age of 10.

Non-Intensive Outpatient Services can include counseling and case management tailored to meet the needs of each client’s recovery lifestyle and can be provided as both primary or continuing care, with a maximum of eight hours per week.

Detox is not available on-site.


Hitchcock owns a halfway house for women in transition. There is a requirement of 10 hours of counseling and supportive services per week. The alumni network holds events throughout the year where they provide opportunities for former clients to give back through volunteer work.

In Summary

Hitchcock Center for Women offers gender-specific services for recovery in a child-friendly atmosphere on a serene campus. While it has no bells and whistles, that is usually the case when a facility is donation and grant-funded and Ohio-based women in need of treatment could certainly do worse.

Hitchcock Center for Women Inc. Location

1227 Ansel Rd
Cleveland, OH 44108

Hitchcock Center for Women Cost

Sliding scale (donation and grant-funded). Reach Hitchcock Center for Women by phone at (216) 421-0662 or by email at [email protected]. Find Hitchcock Center for Women  on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. I love this place. It truly opened my eyes and helped me to begin a new life where I had amazing support and understanding. The staff is amazing and my counselor is an angel just as the trauma counselor is. I love this place and and they inspire me every day

  2. Margaret Lyons on

    Hi my name is Margaret Lyons,

    I came into treatment in 2006 , my stay was one in which I’m truly grateful for .
    When I got to Hitchcock I was a broken woman with an addiction called alcoholism.
    I was given the tools to put my life back on track, with an amazing staff willing.to help me in the process. I learned to finally get honest and stop blaming others for my own actions. Recovery is my way of life today.
    I took suggestions, got a sponsor and just became willing to change my life. Through my stay I was giving an awesome opportunity to move on the other side, called “transitional housing. This program gave me many opportunities to improve myself . For example” job readiness, relapse prevention, money management, I also had an awesome director of transitional housing who helped me on my journey into a personal relationship with God. Mrs Curry. I can honestly say I still wake up each morning and drop to my knees thanking God for Hitchcock Center for women. That is definitely were the healing began for me. I’m sober now 10 almost 11years . Hitchcock is a lifesaver for women who are tired of being tired. Thanks all staff members for playing a vital role in my recovery.

  3. I had horrible experiences at Hitchcock. the director is great but the staff is horrible. i was penalized for going to medical appointments, all necessary ones, that they either required, approved, or wanted me to go to. i had to leave because of it and had no ride so my counselor said i could get my belongings when i got a ride and not to worry. i called each day to set up a time to get them and was put on hold or ignored for 9 days, on day 9 i was told my stuff was “dumped” whatever that means. they threw away or let other girls raid everything i owned including things important to my 4 year old. i witnessed girls raid other girls rooms who had to leave so this is not a speculation. they even threw away my medicine! find a place that doesn’t penalize you for being kind, sharing socks with homeless residents, and that genuinely wants you sober, not to pick on everything you do so they can give you more time. and that last issue was the icing on the cake, there was much more that occurred while i was there that was just terrible, and not just to myself. it used to be a great place i heard, its just not somewhere i would ever choose again.

    • Hi Rachael,

      I apologize for not seeing your post to respond sooner! We’re very sorry to hear about your experience at Hitchcock and are working towards putting a better system in place. What you described is not how the program should run, and would appreciate it if you were willing to chat more about how we can improve.

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