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Pyramid Healthcare’s Hillside facility takes a holistic approach to treating addiction and mental health issues. Located in what was once a resort in the Poconos region of Pennsylvania, it uses evidence-based therapies while incorporating the 12 steps. From interventions to detox to intensive residential, Hillside a lot to offer those seeking recovery.

Accommodations and Food

With a maximum of 40 clients at a time, Hillside falls somewhere in the middle in terms of client load. While some rehabs split their living accommodations and main therapy facility, Hillside does everything under one roof. The bedrooms are spacious but resemble a motel room, including two full-sized beds, wooden dressers and a bathroom.

Hillside views recreation as an important part of the recovery process. While there is no gym or pool, they do offer a basketball court, tennis court and a space for guided yoga. Those who love the outdoors can participate in supervised hikes.

Meals are provided in the dining hall. A resident chef creates menus each week that focus on nutrition and fresh ingredients. Special arrangements for clients with food allergies or observing a vegetarian diet are possible. Both sugar and caffeine can be found in this facility.

Treatment and Staff

One of the maddening things about addiction can be the addict’s reluctance to enter treatment. If that is the case, an intervention is often needed. Hillside’s certified intervention specialists use highly effective techniques and resources to reach the addict. Friends and family members are present, sharing their concerns and support, as the specialist guides the process. A successful intervention ends with the addict agreeing to enter into treatment.

Hillside also provides on-site, medically monitored detox, typically lasting for five days.

Following an assessment with a counselor, clients are able to determine their needed length of stay, usually falling between 30 and 90 days. The treatment is highly structured, mixing a variety of therapies with life skills, recreation and on-site AA/NA meetings. In addition to treating substance abuse, Hillside addresses co-occurring issues such as PTSD, grief, anxiety and eating disorders. Clients can meet with an individual counselor on a weekly basis while group therapy runs for several hours each day. Group topics include relapse prevention and evidence-based modalities such as CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) are used.

The family program at Hillside invites family members in to participate in group therapy. Topics include addiction as a progressive disease, healthy communication, relapse prevention, codependency and an introduction to Alanon. Clients can also bring family members into individual therapy if they choose.

The staff at Hillside is a mix of medical and clinical, including a psychiatrist, medical doctor, nurses and counselors.

In Summary

Hillside combines traditional 12-step work and evidence-based therapies. With one-on-one attention and a highly structured schedule, clients can find serenity if they are willing to do the work.

Hillside Location

420 Supreme Court Dr
East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

Hillside Cost

Call for cost. Reach Hillside by phone at (855) 878-8554. Find Hillside on Facebook and LinkedIn

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  1. Hillside is one of the best opportunities to take advantage of rehabilitation if you can get past your own ego which landed any of us there in the first place.

    Don’t be so critical,it’s a free facility for substance abuse. God bless the USA.

    The detox opiate protocol is uncomfortable only offering small amounts of detox meds. You’re gonna be hurting going in there off the streets but the clinical stuff is okay, the staff is very helpful and insightful. Most the time.

  2. Run away as fast and as far as u can they put my daughter thru hell the only way she could get a hold of me was to run away I found her in a McDonald’s in 5degree weather covered in hives i crude when I saw the state she was in
    They are jerks if I had my way all of them would have spent the night in a hospital but my wife and daughter stopped me
    Please don’t leave anyone you love with these animals

  3. this place is terrible they run it like a jail the staff talks down to clients the lady at the front desk is so rude the counseler val is a big bully she walks around like she owns the place and is a horrible person she holds jail time over peoples heads to get them to do what she wants shes scum who claims to be a pastor…. lol and they kick you out for talking to the opposite sex so if you like to be treated like trash and bullied by this woman enjoy hillside its a step up from jail thats about all i can say

  4. Paul Godshall on

    This place is terrible my lady was there last year they deliberately over medicated her to cram there garbage down her throat we have been together 14 years I know what she looks like one counselor val with the bird on her shoulder is the most rude and obnoxious person she is right and every one else is wrong 40 people at a time there were 96 there last year all they do is rip-off insurance companies and get together with probation offices run away as fasthe as you can

  5. Jennifer Hourigan on

    my husband is bipolar with substance abuse issues and just left there they claim to be dual diagnosis but yet he never saw the psychiatrist had a appt. but they push it back insurance cut funding because he a functional a addicted ( holds a job ) so he never got meds for bipolar issue he did get approved for there intense outpatient program and promise to see a psychiatrist. he show up for the first meeting and the dr is not available to march to see him. in short the individual that go there are on government insurance so they can milk us tax payer dry. they are there because of probation or other legal matter per my husband and don’t even want to get help just three hot and a cot because they have nothing else and they don’t want to go to jail. and all the other patient there see the dr. with in a week of being admitted.

  6. Matt Rainear on

    I just dropped my girlfriend off at Hillside last night. She had a bad experience in detox at a different facility. Im sure that it was an isolated incident and that facility does not promote that kind of treatment. I think her visit to rehab mostly depends on her if it is going to be a positive experience. I hope she takes this time at Hillside to overcome her demons and the pain that caused those demons to remain in her life. She has been through alot. I love her so much and I would love to take part in her therapy if it is at all possible. BIf there’s anything that I can do to help her out of this hole she’s in, I want to do it.

  7. Gwyn borowski on

    Worst place staff don’t answer phones or return phone calls let me daughter check out when she asked to be transferred to another facility days before

  8. My best friend, the father of my children, just checked in today. I can say tonight will be the 1st night I will sleep in peace since he has been in jail. I’ve dreaded the phone call telling me he was dead.. and having to explain to my 2 yr old, 6 yr old, and my 3 step children, 16,19 and 24 that this disease has finally claimed thier dads life. I know tonight, I won’t get that call.
    We are not currently together, I had to back away, but I have his back and support him 100%, and I am so glad he is there. I can only pray that he takes this opportunity ato another chance of life.
    It’s 4 hours from our house and I’m relieved! The pictures look like it’s a lovely place.
    The complaints crack me up.
    Music therapy is a wonderful tool. Also, it’s against the law for treatment facilites to release information unless waivers are signed.
    I’m cautiously optimistic about this program giving my children their dad back.
    Our daughter will be 2 on Monday, and I couldn’t think of a better gift for her, then knowing her dad is in treatment.
    I told him… I’d much rather u miss one birthday (that she won’t remember) then miss the rest of her life.

    I’d like more info on the family program,
    And also… is it coEd.. or do they keep the males and females separate?

    God Bless you all on this page who have found recovery.. you are miracles!!! Keep it up one day at a time!

  9. Cathie Randall on

    We just drive our 34 year old son to Hillside on Friday. I wish the comments were more encouraging , but I’m hopeful, and praying that this, his 14th rehab experience will be his best and most positive one. Wishing ALL the very best of luck with this miserable disease!!! May you beat it, finally, once and for all!!!

  10. Worked there as a primary counselor in 2014..the ethical violations were many and widespread….the clinical director lied about being licenced…the dr at the facility told a patient it was her fault she had been raped as a kid…they kept client pn benzodiazepines throughout his treatment…gave him 2 blister packs of xanax when he left…he od’d on xanax 1 week later….run from this place

  11. My husband was told that I was funded for detox and rehab. Not clarified that I HAD to do both to be funded for the IOP in my town. Upon release, I was greeted by a very rude Patricia Fox, main clinician, counselor, transferer whom never alerted me or my husband, om 3 way, that it was mandated I stay. Needless to say IOP was 500 dollars a week due to this eoman. HOWEVER, I say thank you. AA and a strong support system beats out this IOP recovery revolution in bangor, pa. Who told me as well they didn’t know Patricia Fox evendors though she called them right in front of me, told me to call them, and has sent others there as well. So between a psycho, rude fox, and a bunch of liars, this woman says Thank you. Your incapacity to be empathetic to a very lucid woman at the time empowered me. I feel horrible to see hoW Fox treats those on horrible drugs. I was there for a single binge drinking episode.

    • If you are a D&A counselor, how did your kid wind up in rehab? If your child is over 18 it is her responsibility to notify you and likely against the HIPAA laws to notify you.

      • yes crystal, this guy has no idea what hes talking about, stupid ppl should not be able to speak, the program at hillside was great. they teach the 12 steps and have a very structured day and are very educated when it comes to teaching sobriety

    • Miss Deb and Rachael, got me through my 3rd rehab…they are beautiful women with extraordinary patience and empathy. Hillside should be proud to have such loyal, disciplined, caring, and honest counseors working with the patients… I will never forget them and wish I could have them in my life DAILY!!!!
      Thank you Rachael andMiss Deb, and Tina, the night tech, who was there for me when I had a horrible nightmare…I am 45 days sober today!!! 😘

  12. michelle steiner on

    Your rehab sucks and this is coming from someone with a D&A degree we sent our daughter there in feb. Of 2015 counslor Rick told her her mother and her had an unhealthy relationship to put her in a box a bury her. They listen to drug music in the morning I have the loris to the songs the gave her do you go over the 12 steps at all .you wait 3 days to tell me she left .way to go.

    • ok the 1st comment where you said they listen to “DRUG MUSIC” in the morning, you couldnt be more wrong… your daughter lied to you… one of the counselers have us listen to a set of 3 songs once a week and read the lyrics while we listen… they werent drug songs, thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard… they were songs like free falling tom petty, or bob dillan, some songs that have meaning, and if they pertained to narcotics it was about how the artist felt and how they overcome… your daughter lied to you and left after 3 days bc she couldnt hack it ive been to hillside twice. the staff is amazing and they have a very strict and very good program and if your serious about recovery than its a good program, but obv ur daughter couldnt hack it bc she didnt wanna get clean, dont mis inform ppl bc of your daughters lies sir. thanks, make a more educated comment next time before you spit out bullshit lies

      • My son just checked himself in to Hillside today and I am so glad I did not just stop at the first comment. Thank you!

      • Brandon, what did your addiction consist of? We are hoping for a staff our loved one can connect with that “gets” what this disease is like. Most people have no idea just how bad this is unless they have experienced it on some level to be able to relate and be empathetic. I know our loved one has to do their part as well but they want it so that is the first step towards recovery.

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