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High Watch Recovery CenterHigh Watch Recovery Center Review

Surrounded by apple orchards, humble schoolhouses and chapels, High Watch Recovery Center in Kent, Connecticut is an outstanding inpatient treatment facility for substance abuse. High Watch is on a campus of more than 300 acres, land granted to AA‘s co-founder Bill Wilson in 1940. Bill’s own benefactor was Sister Francis, a disciple of New Thought, the spiritual movement whose aims of self-betterment and spiritual harmony she believed were echoed in AA’s 12 steps—which remain the building blocks of the treatment program at High Watch.

Accommodations and Food

The town of Kent is in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills, two hours north of New York City; New Haven and Hartford are both an hour’s drive. Residents usually stay for 30 days at the High Watch compound, which rests of simple, cultivated grounds surrounded by lots of rolling hills, flowers and natural beauty. The campus buildings are colonial; the building referred to as the “Chapel” dates to the mid-18th century and another resembles a red and white schoolhouse. Clients sleep in houses. High Watch has a total of 78 beds.

Cell phones are permitted during certain hours. Laptops are prohibited but monitored computer use is sometimes approved.

If clients forget and/or desire a yoga mat or eye pillow, these can be purchased on campus. Residents should bring money for use at the laundry facilities but detergent and bleach are available for free.

Meals are served in the large dining room. B&B style breakfast is made to order. Proper nutrition is an important part of High Watch’s program of healthy living. There’s a full salad bar and vegetarian and gluten-free diets are accommodated. Bringing in outside food and drink is prohibited though—even bottled water. No hard candy or chocolate is available, but Jolly Ranchers and lollipops are sold. Clients can’t bring loose tobacco and rolling papers, but cigarettes and coffee are allowed.

Treatment and Staff

Clients must be 18 and over and must arrive sober and submit to a health screening prior to check in. There is no detox facility on-site, but direct transport from detox can be arranged.

Given its history, the 12-step model is, unsurprisingly, a central piece of the High Watch treatment program. There are no visiting hours during the week, but clients are kept busy. Breakfast opens at 8 am. At 9:15, men and women split up for 45 minutes of Daily Reflections, then there’s Big Book study and a non-denominational chapel service before lunch at noon. Men and women split up again for a 1 pm group—either Living Sober or Relapse Prevention. Afternoon schedules may vary, but clients typically have personal therapy appointments, meditation or yoga, and a Fourth Step Study before dinner at 5:45 pm. After dinner, clients attend AA meetings either on or off campus. Every client meets with his or her therapist twice a week individually and once a week in a group context.

Director of Addiction Medicine Ramneesh Trehan, MD forges a program that equally emphasizes education around the neurobiology of addiction and addressing co-occurring disorders like bi-polar disorder, depression, and anxiety. All members of the clinical team have Master’s degrees; other staff members are accredited nurses and nurse practitioners, and LCSWs that have years of experience treating psychiatric disorders with DBT.


Alanon meetings take place on campus every Saturday at 4 pm. Also on Saturdays, an open AA meeting is offered, giving non-addict guests the opportunity to attend. Family and friends are able to visit clients every Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 4 pm.

In addition to yoga and meditation, clients can work out in the fitness center, hike, play volleyball and make art. The facility also offers equine therapy. There’s also a Transition Support Program where clients attend six coaching sessions after completing the residential program.

Family therapy is also offered. Family services are at no additional cost to clients.

In Summary

High Watch Recovery Center accepts “out-of-network” insurance benefits and is also in-network with Anthem and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. There are also scholarships available for people with dire financial circumstances. The care is excellent, the treatment program well organized. Families have a lot to gain from sending their loved ones to High Watch; this experience may be transformational especially for those families who have struggled with acceptance of addiction, its gravity and the armor necessary to fight it.

High Watch Recovery Center Location

P.O. Box 607
Kent, CT 06757

High Watch Recovery Center Cost

High Watch Recovery Center Cost: $14,280 (30 days) or $476 (per day). Reach High Watch Recovery Center by phone at (860) 927-3772 or by email at [email protected]Find High Watch Recovery Center on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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  1. …sending all my love and prayers to the soldiers holding love and light for those who made it to Highwatch. I am so fortunate that my loved one has Chosen Highwatch.

  2. I cannot believe all of these negative reviews on High Watch! I attended High Watch and had a great experience. Payment was discussed in detail prior to my admittance. All of the Staff (Dr.’s, Therapists, Step Coaches, Nutritionist, Kitchen Staff etc.) were all very professional, accessible and helpful. Twice during my stay patients (guests as we were called) had engaged in unethical behavior and were abruptly dismissed from the Program. I had strict dietary needs that were met by the kitchen with delicious food catered to my diet. They definitely DO NOT generalize their diagnoses in regards to their patients. I had Kim as my therapist and she was amazing and very professional. All classes were run on time, beneficial and inspirational. The pharmacy in the nurses station that distributes medications runs like clock work. If I ever had a question with Admissions there was always someone at the desk to answer them. Not to mention the place is beautiful! I didn’t have a family member that attended High Watch, I attended High Watch and credit them for my sobriety. It’s a wonderful place!

  3. definitely about the $$$. $2k per day for insured residents? Insane!! Also, residents sign a contract that they agree not to discuss the terms of their costs/payments with anyone. What does that tell you? Shady business practices!

  4. BEWARE!!! Brought my son out of detox to High Watch. He was insured and I informed them on the phone of my concern that the insurance might not pay. Robbie assured me that they would work with the insurance as ‘this is what they do’. I questioned scholarships from donors and he told me not to worry about anything. We arrived after hours and they hurried us through to get my (adult) son into clinical intake. They presented me with a contract to pay the deductible of approx $7k. I said I was only able to pay $1k and couldn’t commit to this arrangement. The admissions rep said it was a formality and ‘not to worry about it’. They would only run through pharmaceutical expenses on my card. During the stay and our weekly visits, nobody discussed finances again. Four days after discharge I see an unapproved charge on my credit card. I called to dispute and ‘Rob’ kept talking over me saying ‘you signed the contract’. I explained over and over again that UPON ADMISSIONS I told them what I could afford to pay. They agreed to call me back the next day. After not hearing from them I checked my credit card and they processed the entire payment of $5,950 putting me over my limit. This was NOT APPROVED! This facility advertises about Respect, Integrity, and compassion. I’ve never dealt with such an unethical business and how sad that this is a recovery center for addicts……..

  5. Nora A Cotrone on

    I went there in April of 1987. I’m still going.thanks to the support and love from everyone. Going there was the key. I blame High Watch for three decades of being happy joyous and free.

  6. I was at high watch – the only person who’s an actual certified anything there is their psych and all he does is put you on seroquil. Jeanine is vanity at its finest and is banking BIG TIME by having ‘guests’ pay to be there for 2, sometimes 3 months and then get a job there, where THEY run the facility, THEY run group, THEY are in charge and THEY sometimes only have a few days more of being sober than some of the guests. It’s a huge money maker for Jeanine and NO ONE else. They don’t gaf about you, your family or your disease – it’s all about the buck and AA sucks. I was not an alcoholic before I started AA, but I almost became one after staying in that sh*thole. It’s like a camp with a 5 star restraunt with a buncha dry drunks attending AA meetings all day. Boring and expensive.

    • I heard that Janina has not worked there since 2015 and that all the therapists are LCSW’s. I attended High Watch in 2010 and have been sober ever since. I guess everyone’s experience is different. Also High Watch is a non profit so I would assume that it is not about making money since there is no “owner” . If you claim not be an alcoholic why would you be in a rehab in the first place?

      • I’m going to have to agree with Sue. The staff is not only inexperienced but completely unethical. A family member of mine went there and Kim who works there had an inappropriate relationship with this person. Not only that, the recent CEO was fired for the same thing. it’s all about $$$.

  7. HIgh Watch claims to be dual diagnosis. In fact, everyone gets the same diagnosis and the same medications. When our family member was there, inappropriate activities were occurring between patients – poor supervision. There is no follow up after High Watch. We also had to pay out of pocket for the entire 60 day stay. HIgh Watch does not work with insurance companies and they use one diagnose code – which is unacceptable to the insurance company. We were bitterly disappointed with High Watch and feel “ripped off.”

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