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Henderson Behavioral Health (HBH) is an award winning outpatient treatment facility focused on treatment for adults with co-occurring disorders with four locations in south Florida, including Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Tamarac and Davie. Since 1953, this CARF accredited program has served over 30,000 clients as one of the oldest and largest recovery organizations in the area.

Treatment and Staff

Detox is not offered through this facility, so clients requiring that service must go elsewhere prior to beginning the programs at HBH. Treatment placement is established during the intake assessment meeting with a counselor at the facility. The two programs offered generally entail about six months to a year and both are tailored for clients with dual-diagnosis issues. HBH is strictly therapy centered and does not utilize 12-step recovery in its curriculum.

HBH’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), which is referred to as the day program, is a five day a week, four to five hour a day pyschoeducational program that is more education than therapy-based. Starting each day around 9:30am, clients attend group therapy meetings (consisting of no more than ten clients and one therapist) that focus on the physical and emotional impact of addiction, defining their desired recovery outcomes and social rehabilitation.

The outpatient program is once a week for thee hours, afternoon and evening sessions are available. Utilizing CBT in group therapy sessions, the main goal is for clients that emerge with a strong sense of self, increased confidence and firmly established coping skills. Regular sessions of individual therapy are incorporated in both programs.

The staff at HBH is a variety of mental health care professionals with experience in addiction and dual-diagnosis, including caseworkers, LADCs, CSWs, psychiatrists and psychologists.


HBH’s family program offers resources in addition to education and therapy. Additionally, HBH offers a program called VICTORY (Veterans In Counseling To Obtain Recovery), designed to assist qualifying inactive military members with job search skills.

In Summary

Henderson Behavioral Health is an established and trusted health care facility that offers many resources to individuals dealing with both addiction and mental illness. By providing flexible services to the community and always seeking out innovative treatment models, HBH is a good option for those in south Florida who are in need of dual diagnosis outpatient care.

Henderson Behavioral Health Center Location

4740 North State Rd 7 Building C
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319

Henderson Behavioral Health Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Henderson Behavioral Health by phone at (954) 486-4005. Find Henderson Behavioral Health on Facebook and Twitter

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    Good Afternoon,
    Being outside looking in and as a liaison for a Patient of Henderson, Henderson Behavioral Health’s service to people who really need help falls very short of placing the personal mental health in perspective. I’ve been on a very long journey with the Patient and witnessed as HBH’s staff and Psychiatry dismiss the Patient’s needs- perhaps because the cognitive dissonance of the employed on-staff Psychiatrist incorporates the lack of Empathy; a very ubiquitous practice these days.
    Some very good people discord from such mental disorders and must rely on a reluctant survival method to commingle in society in order to maintain a normal psyche. Meanwhile, those good people must hold on to hope that someone in Henderson actually cares enough to grant an audience and attend to his or her needs and not live life on pins and needles and shed many tears.
    In conclusion, as a very disturbing theory I’ve detested, Henderson, along with several other facilities that “supposedly” specialize in Mental Health may very well be a ploy that are in opposition to the normalizing of society to grandeur a necessary chaos. I wanted to shy away from the normal complaint and directly approach the issue to hopefully provoke some long overdue reflection on how a Mental Health company should really operate in favor of their patients.



    I was also Baker Act and spent 3 days at University Hospital. From there I was instructed to go to Henderson. A therapist asked computer generated questions to evaluate me. Not a one personal conversation. The shrink evaluated my status from those results. I have never been suicidal or depressed. The doctor over medicated me whereby I was sleeping 18 hours a day. When I complained, she would double the dosage. At that time I stopped taking the meds and got my life back. Due to a series of deaths in my family plus other issues I snapped. The doctor said one thing that put my life back as a strong independent person that put my life back in order. It was to take charge of my own life. I researched getting an emotional rescue dog. The doctor said she would sign the documents and then reneged. The manager on the staff called with nasty comments and advised having insurance to see another shrink. I had no symtons of being bipolar but was drugged accordingly. My English Bulldog is better than any drug. With this said, I can totally understand why Nicholas Cruz did not get the help he needed. He was also a patient at Henderson.

  3. Back in March of this year after being baker acted I was revered to Henderson. I understand that this agency is providing service despite not having insurance at a low cost. I saw a Dr and the meds they put me on didn’t work only made me irritable so I went back. I know what meds work for me so I discussed thus with the Doctor. Mind you while discussing treatment my Doctor left our door open for all to hear. There were several people in the hall listening. So I requested to shut the door. The Doctor then stated that she was putting me on a different medication which I had to pick up at a different facility. I have no job, no car, no insurance, and am homeless living in hotel, so with my last few dollars caught a bus to the other facility. I took the prescription for 3 days. While at church on the 3rd day I passed out and an ambulance had to take me to the hospital. I was told it was due to the medication and to stop taking it. I have been fearful of going back to Henderson so I have been off medication since April. It has been unbearable so I called them last Friday and gave my name and number. Well it is now Tuesday and I still have not received a call.

  4. I had a similar experience recently. After having my first intake on September 23rd, I was finally scheduled to see a psychiatrist on November 16th at 830am. I arrived early and about 5 minutes after they sent me to the back waiting room where I waited for a half hour listening to two women talking about how rude a woman who was backeracted was. I go up front and they call the psychiatrist asking what happened because I was ready to leave. I go back again and the psychiatrist that was gossiping was mine. Guess gossiping is more important then a patient. Also, I overheard the woman’s name and i know I signed a privacy policy act. They don’t know how to keep an appointment, no respect for patient/doctor confidentiality, and a huge lack of professionalism. To top it all off, I called to file a complaint and the woman said sometimes the psychiatrists run late. WOW, I can understand an emergency or traffic, but gossiping in a hallway while your patient is waiting?????

  5. I brought my uncle to Henderson New Vistas on Prospect Rd and he was on time for his appointment. He was called in the back and over an hour later I asked how long it usually takes and was told by the receptionist he was seeing the Nurse for vitals. I advised her vitals do not take an hour to complete and she stated he is back there. He had not seen the doctor yet and had been in the back for at least an hour and 15 minutes. Then she says today they are behind. I dont think so. To take an hour to complete vitals I dont even think they had called him in for vitals until I checked on the status. I am sure this is not the first time, I worked in social services and clients complained about the wait many times at Henderson. I am highly disappointed and annoyed by the service received. This is not acceptable.

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