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Help from Him Review

With two locations in Santa Monica and Westlake Village, Help from Him is an outpatient treatment facility geared toward men and women who are grappling with mental conditions like depression, anxiety, OCD, substance abuse and eating disorders, as well as familial and personal stressful life events. Founded by Allison Hodge, a licensed family therapist, Help from Him offers a holistic treatment approach to counseling that integrates psychological and spiritual elements. Help from Him primarily facilitates outpatient faith-based psychotherapy and medication management. Twelve-step recovery is not a component of the programming.

Treatment and Staff

The mission of Help from Him is to identify the psychological and spiritual needs of clients and foster personal and spiritual health through the use of faith-based psychotherapy. Clients beginning treatment at Help from Him begin with an initial session over the phone or email where the client and therapist work together to form a plan of action. The length of treatment varies depending on the specific needs of the client. While 50 minute sessions held every week have found to be most effective for individual therapy, clients can opt for 75 or 100 minute sessions for group, family and couples counseling. Counseling is offered every weekday, evenings and Saturdays.

Help from Him offers treatment for mental illnesses and conditions including women’s issues, phobias, anger management, trauma and an array of personal, social and familial problems. In addition, the facility provides treatment for couples, families, children and teens. The facility employ a range of methods including individual and group therapy, couples therapy, play therapy for children as well as family therapy. Specialized group therapy sessions cover many topics including gender-specific groups, sexual abuse and integrity, codependency and couples.

Couples counseling covers a host of issues like sexual disatisfaction, financial problems, infidelity and lack of trust. Through practice and open dialogue, Help from Him therapists help to create healthy boundaries, open lines of communication and mutual respect. When a partner refuses counseling, the facility can tailor individual therapy to still be effective. For premarital couples, clients go through the Prepare-Enrich online program that reveals relationship strengths and weaknesses and teaches conflict resolution, financial decision-making and family planning.

With family therapy, the facility helps to improve relationships by creating boundaries and setting up a consistent style of discipline. In stressful cases of divorce, separation or the addition of an adopted or foster child, Help from Him therapists help family members process the change through open communication, defining roles and teaching children conflict resolution. Family therapy is also effective with a client struggling with addictive behaviors. The facility provides education on the disease of the cycle of addiction and connects families with support groups.

Help from Him specializes in child therapy, where clients counsel children too young to express themselves through art and play. Despite not having a conventional dialogue, children internalize the emotional support and see lifelong benefits. In addition, therapists can help adolescent and teenage clients navigate through bullying, alcohol and substance use and promiscuity by identifying triggers and underlying causal issues.

The Help from Him team is comprised of Allison Hodge, an MFT with over 19 years of experience with psychotherapy, and Starlene Markwalder. Markwalder is an MFT with a special focus on developmentally delayed children and their families.


While faith-based counseling is the cornerstone of Help from Him, the facility respects the beliefs of all clients and will only incorporate prayer if the individual desires.

In Summary

Help From Him is an outpatient treatment facility that specializes in biblical-based psychotherapy. Help From Him treats clients with a wide range of mental illnesses as well as personal, social and familial issues through an integrated approach combining psychological and spiritual methods. Methods include individual and group therapy, focus groups, couples counseling and family therapy. In addition, the team specializes in child play therapy. For clients seeking outpatient faith-based psychotherapy services, Help From Him offers a compassionate and experienced staff, a plethora of counseling options and a more than reasonable price. It is a great option.

Help from Him Location

Help From Him
3301 Ocean Park Blvd, Ste 102
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Help From Him Cost

$150-$250 (50-minute session); no insurance accepted. Reach Help From Him by phone at (310) 399-1617 or by email at [email protected].

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