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The Hector Reyes House


The Hector Reyes HouseThe Hector Reyes House Review

The Hector Reyes House of Worcester, Massachusetts opened in 2008. Named for a prominent Latino community role model who was an advocate for addiction treatment, the facility is the only one of its kind in the area. It provides a six-to-nine month residential program for Latino men, designed to educate and treat substance abuse and assist clients in getting back on their feet to rejoin the community successfully and with confidence.

Accommodations and Food

The Hector Reyes House is located in a large three story house that can accommodate up to 25 adult men at a time, with most rooms being double-occupancy. There are three shared restrooms fully equipped with showers, one on each floor. The first floor of the facility has the living room, offices and computer rooms where clients take classes on resume building and job search skills, the second floor holds the dining room and kitchen and the third floor is where clients sleep. Cell phones and personal devices are welcome on-site. The staff does request that clients only make phone calls and text while in the privacy of their rooms, or outside of the house itself. Smoking is only permitted outside the house.

Three meals a day are served, and snacks are readily available. Outside food can be brought in, depending on what stage of treatment the residents are currently in. Clients eat together, especially in the first month, when the program requires all residents to remain in-house to get used to the daily routines. Nutrition and health are a strong focus of the program, so meals are typically on the healthier side when served on-site.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment begins at the Hector Reyes House after clients have gone through detox or inpatient programs and are referred by a counselor or therapist. The program is designed to give clients therapy, resources and support to acclimate back into daily work and family lives. After an initial interview with an intake counselor, clients who are accepted are placed on a short waiting list and move into the facility as soon as the space is available.

Phase One of the program, which is the first 30 days, is strictly in-house, meaning clients attend a minimum of four group meetings a day, Mondays through Fridays and one individual session with a therapist a week. The facility offers evidence-based modalities, like CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI), as well as 12-step meetings. Frequent pyscho-educational classes like coping skills, parenting classes and relapse prevention are integrated into treatment. During the first phase, all meetings and classes are mandatory for all clients to attend.

Between 30 days and six months, clients have the opportunity to seek out employment and build new foundations and sober support systems outside of the facility. While still receiving regular therapy, residents are permitted to go to work, attend off-site meetings and participate in approved social activities. In the final two months, clients prepare for graduation and moving on to independent living. During this time, a continued program of CBT is still utilized with the addition of preparing clients for a future outside of the treatment facility.

Staff at the Hector Reyes House are licensed CADCs who have experienced treatment and are able to give peer support. There is a resident therapist on site 24 hours a day.


During the weekends, the facility issues passes to some residents to visit family and friends, as well as offering visitation at the residence itself. There is a childcare center at the facility where visiting children can play. Vocational training is available as well as GED and language skill classes.

In Summary

The Hector Reyes House offers an affordable, innovative treatment environment with the intent to provide a stable facility for men who are seeking to improve their lives. The success rate of the facility is high, and the therapy techniques and programs offered during treatment are solid.

The Hector Reyes House Location

27 Vernon St
Worcester, MA 01610

The Hector Reyes House Cost

$290 (30 days). Reach Hector Reyes House by phone at (508) 459-1801. Find The Hector Reyes House on Facebook

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