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Health Upwardly Mobile (HUM) Review

Health Upwardly Mobile is more commonly referred to as HUM, a deliberate acronym based on the Hindi definition of hum as “we” or “us.” HUM is a holistic, family-oriented health and wellness facility in Calgary, Alberta. Founded in 2009, it combines evidence-based practices with individualized treatment plans, collaborating with families to battle addiction, mental illness and chronic pain. Although they do not provide inpatient treatment, they do offer a solid, highly structured and affordable Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), as well as regular outpatient services, for people ready and willing to end the cycle of addiction.

Treatment and Staff

Designed for adults only, HUM’s IOP is a three-phase treatment plan spanning three months. The sole focus of this program is addiction, so IOP services do not necessarily provide dual diagnosis support. If this isn’t what someone needs, HUM refers that person out to a residential treatment facility or to a more appropriate outpatient clinic.

The IOP runs three times per year, almost always beginning in January, late spring/early summer and September. Phase one is basically the client’s full-time job for two weeks. They are expected to attend Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. The majority of treatment through all phases is conducted through group activities and group therapy. Some of the psycho-educational topics covered include how addiction manifests itself through drug and alcohol abuse and the correlation between mental health and addiction. There are two hours of group process therapy and daily homework assignments. Clients also receive an informal introduction to meditation and yoga.

The weekends in the first phase are dedicated to HUM’s extensive family program. On Fridays from 3:30 pm to 6 pm, the schedule is dedicated to joint therapy with program participants and their loved ones (HUM recommends at least two family members attend if possible); Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm is set aside for family of clients only. Families explore better communication skills with those suffering from addiction, defining reasonable boundaries and the importance of self-care, for addicts and non-addicts alike. Sundays from 1 pm to 4 pm, IOP patients and their families have more joint sessions.

Phase two of HUM’s IOP begins about one month after a client successfully completes Phase one. Only three days, this phase basically serves as something of a refresher course of phase one, but with a more intense discussion of group topics. They also reiterate the traits of addiction, highlight red flags for potential relapse, emphasize the importance of self-care and introduce personality typing. Clients can expect two-hour group process therapy and homework each night. This phase also incorporates yoga and meditation as well as art therapy.

The final phase of IOP, Phase three, is also scheduled one month after completion of the prior phase. It’s three days in length and in addition to covering topics already brought to the table in phases one and two, clients learn about tools for lifetime sobriety, living in faith rather than fear and shame versus serenity. HUM also conducts role-playing games to demonstrate challenges in recovery and doles out homework assignments. Clients have two hours of group therapy each day and receive a multitude of resources for aftercare, including referrals to peer support groups in the community. Although 12-step recovery isn’t necessarily part of the IOP program, participating in 12-step meetings or SMART Recovery is strongly encouraged throughout treatment and beyond.

The staff at HUM includes physicians, registered nurses and psychologists. They also have a consulting Reiki Master, a massage therapist and naturopathic doctor.


Yoga, meditation and art therapy are some of the holistic extras available with treatment through HUM. They also recently began offering hypnotherapy, at an added cost.

Upon graduation from the IOP, clients may continue outpatient counseling by combining group and individual therapy on their own schedules. Individual therapy is largely an extra service at HUM, beyond what is offered in the IOP family program. Therapists use CBT and EMDR to treat mental health issues beyond addiction. HUM also offers a treatment program for those suffering from debilitating chronic pain.

In Summary

HUM insists their IOP can address all issues of addiction, regardless of the substance or behavior, be it drugs and alcohol, gambling problems, sex addiction or eating disorders. Individualized treatment is available through homework assignments, role-play exercises, the intensive family program and the access to individual therapists with different specialties. This looks like a uniquely structured, well thought out outpatient program.

Health Upwardly Mobile (HUM) Location

#5316 7005 Fairmount Drive SE
Calgary, AB T2H 0K4

Health Upwardly Mobile (HUM) Cost

$4,500 CAD (IOP). Reach Health Upwardly Mobile by phone at (403) 536-2480 or by email at Find Health Upwardly Mobile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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